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Open Borders Inc.: Who's Funding America's Destruction?

Open Borders Inc.: Who's Funding America's Destruction?

by Michelle Malkin


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"Michelle Malkin’s latest book is required reading for anyone wishing to understand the forces and interests behind the open borders and mass migration lobby." —Pawel Styrna,

Follow the money, find the truth. That’s Michelle Malkin’s journalistic mantra, and in her stunning new book, Open Borders Inc., she puts it to work with a shocking, comprehensive exposé of who’s behind our immigration crisis.

In the name of compassion—but driven by financial profit—globalist elites, Silicon Valley, and the radical Left are conspiring to undo the rule of law, subvert our homeland security, shut down free speech, and make gobs of money off the backs of illegal aliens, refugees, and low-wage guest workers.

Politicians want cheap votes or cheap labor. Church leaders want pew-fillers and collection plate donors. Social justice militants, working with corporate America, want to silence free speech they deem “hateful,” while raking in tens of millions of dollars promoting mass, uncontrolled immigration both legal and illegal.

Malkin names names—from Pope Francis to George Clooney, from George Soros to the Koch brothers, from Jack Dorsey to Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg. Enlightening as it is infuriating, Open Borders Inc. reveals the powerful forces working to erase America.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781621579717
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Pages: 468
Sales rank: 352,103
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.90(d)

About the Author

MICHELLE MALKIN is a mother, wife, blogger, conservative syndicated columnist, and bestselling author of six books. She founded Internet start-ups Hot Air and Twitchy. Malkin has received numerous awards for her investigative journalism, including the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL) national award for outstanding service for the cause of governmental ethics and leadership (1998), the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award for Investigative Journalism (2006), the Heritage Foundation and Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity’s Breitbart Award for Excellence in Journalism (2013), the Center for Immigration Studies’ Eugene Katz Award for Excellence in the Coverage of Immigration Award (2016), and the Manhattan Film Festival’s Film Heals Award (2018). She lives with her family in Colorado. Follow her at

Table of Contents

Preface xv

Introduction: The Make America Disappear Agenda (MADA) xix

Open Borders Inc: By the Numbers xli

Part 1 All Enemies Foreign

Chapter 1 Sin Fronteras: All Aboard the Caravan Cartel 1

Chapter 2 George Soros: The CEO of Open Borders Inc. 39

Chapter 3 Unholy Alliance: The Pope, Catholic Bishops, and Amnesty Profiteers 83

Chapter 4 Wretched Refuse: The Refugee Resettlement Racket 109

Part 2 All Enemies Domestic

Chapter 5 The A-Team: Abolish Ice, Antifa, and Sanctuary Anarchists 143

Chapter 6 Hate Machine: The Southern Poverty Law Center 183

Chapter 7 Hollywood or Hollywall? Inside the Fortress of Celebrity Hypocrisy 237

Chapter 8 Fact Check: True, the Liberal Media Hates America 273

Conclusion: Border Defenders' Action Plan 295

Appendix A Pueblo Sin Fronteras Press Release and Demand Letter 301

Appendix B Sorosworld: International Alphabet Soup of NGOs 305

Appendix C Soros's Alien Bar Association 313

Appendix D American SJWs, Sharia Enforcers, and Speech Police 317

Appendix E Corporate Handmaidens 319

Appendix F Catholic Campaign for Human Development's Amnesty Promoters 331

Appendix G 60 of the World's Finest Refujihadis 337

Appendix H Top 10 Refugee Destinations by State and Metro Area (2008-2017) 349

Appendix I Refugee Resettlement Hijackers 351

Appendix J Timeline of Antifa Violence and Abolish Ice Vigilantism 353

Map A 357

Map B 365

Acknowledgments 367

Notes 369

Index 463

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