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Springer New York
Open Geometry: OpenGL® + Advanced Geometry / Edition 1

Open Geometry: OpenGL® + Advanced Geometry / Edition 1

by Georg Glaeser, Hellmuth Stachel


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At once a programming course that emphasises object-oriented thinking as well as a well-documented, versatile, and robust geometry library.All of the relevant geometry is covered in depth to provide a good understanding of the background to this topic. Many of the most common intersection problems and measuring tasks are covered, with the authors discussing the creation of arbitrary geometric objects and the use of Boolean operations to create more general solid objects. As a result, all those looking for an in-depth introduction to graphics programming will find this a solid, hands-on text.

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ISBN-13: 9780387985992
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 12/21/1998
Edition description: 1999
Pages: 377
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

1 Graphics Programming.- 1.1 Think Geometrically!.- 1.2 OPENGL.- 1.3 The Programming Language C++.- 1.4 How to Develop Solid Code.- 1.5 The Implementation of a Vector.- 1.6 Classes That Contain Dynamic Memory.- 2 Getting Started.- 2.1 A Simple 2D Program.- 2.2 A Simple 3D Program.- 2.3 Simple Animations.- 2.4 What to Do with Existing OPENGL Code.- 3 Basic Objects.- 3.1 Some Useful Routines.- 3.2 Vectors and Points.- 3.3 Straight Lines.- 3.4 Planes.- 3.5 Geometrical “Objects”.- 3.6 Circles.- 4 Curved Lines and Polygons.- 4.1 Polylines, Path Curves, Parameterized Curves.- 4.2 Spline Curves.- 4.3 Closed Polygons.- 4.4 Texture Mapping.- 4.5 Complex Polygons, Tesselation.- 4.6 Conics.- 5 Primitive Elements in Space.- 5.1 Boxes.- 5.2 Prisms and Pyramids.- 5.3 Spheres.- 5.4 Groups of 3D Objects.- 5.5 The Virtual Camera.- 6 Complex Surfaces.- 6.1 Parameterized Surfaces.- 6.2 Swept Surfaces.- 6.3 Surfaces of Revolution.- 6.4 Helical Surfaces.- 6.5 Tubular Surfaces.- 6.6 Function Graphs.- 7 Solids.- 7.1 What Is a Solid?.- 7.2 How to Represent Solids.- 7.3 Boundary Representation of Polyhedral Models.- 7.4 Polyhedra in OPEN GEOMETRY.- 7.5 Consistency Conditions for Polyhedra.- 8 Boolean Operations.- 8.1 Types of Boolean Operations.- 8.2 Three Main Steps.- 8.3 Intersection of Faces, Generic Case.- 8.4 The Geometry of Particular Cases.- 8.5 Intersection of Faces, Particular Cases.- 8.6 Steps Two and Three.- 8.7 Practical Applications.- 9 Kinematics—Geometry of Motion.- 9.1 Basic Concepts of Planar Kinematics.- 9.2 Theory of Curvature.- 9.3 The Elliptic Motion.- 9.4 The Trochoid Motion.- 9.5 The Coupler Motion.- 9.6 Special Four-Bar Linkages.- 9.7 Sample Kinematics Programs.- 9.8 Geometry of Gearing.- 10 Interesting Classes of Surfaces.- 10.1 Spiral Surfaces.- 10.2 Helispiral Surfaces.- 10.3 DUPIN-Cyclides.- 10.4 Rotoid Surfaces.- 11 Data Exchange, Printouts.- 11.1 DXF File Output.- 11.2 How to Import 3D Objects from 3D STUDIO.- 11.3 How to Add Textures to Your Objects.- 11.4 Export as BMP File, Animated GIF Files.- 11.5 How to Make Proper Printouts.- 12 More Classes and Examples.- 12.1 Sample 2D Programs.- 12.2 Sample 3D-Programs.- References.

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