Open Heart Sutra Surgery

Open Heart Sutra Surgery

by Stephen Roxborough


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About the author

Stephen Roxborough has been a backyard weedpuller, molybdenum mine mechanic's helper, two-time Canadian champion, tree surgeon assistant, librarian's aid, English major, art history minor, waterpolo goaltender, paper mill rollbucker, Eddie Silver & the Supersonics harp player, park attendant, photographer, skywatcher, adland copywriter, dishwasher, cross continent bicycle rider, marketing consultant, book reader, birdwatcher, bartender, art collector, stoveman, busboy, airline catering kitchen quality assurance, Las Vegas lifeguard, armchair philosopher, British champion, Buddhist monastery afternoon bellringer, movie house relief manager, right fielder, co-founder of a poetry festival, tree planter, house husband, food critic, frisbee tosser, book editor, photographer, bodysurfer, guitar noodler, ad agency creative director, vegetarian, dual citizen, Aladdin doorman, world traveler, meat cutter, artist, cook's helper, teacher, student, son, brother, father, lover, poet & hopeless romantic.

He was once fired for his too short haircut.


"Roxborough apostrophizes Desire in its every form and creates a document I wish had been written to me by all the lovers I've ever known. Roxborough speaks the universal languages of physics and philosophy; "mad with randomness and Einstein", in that place where "everything whirls at the speed of light" yet ultimately brings one to experience compassion for everyone and everything."
Donna Snyder, author, lawyer, editor, human rights advocate

"sum uv th most romantik poetree evr writtn shakespeare elizabeth barrett browning n rumi wud love as i dew open heart sutra surgery deels with zanee prsuayuns n hot physical needs delite in passyun yerning n finding th marvels uv langwage n desires satiaysyun betrayl distans ing loss is it all random what role duz our doomd intensyunalitee play whats goin on can we know mantra 4 opn life love lerning unlerning book a great book a great reed"
bill bissett, poet, painter, teacher, mystic

"Stephen Roxborough sparks a connection between the physical and spiritual as he beckons the reader to make the leap back and forth. Desire beseeched, romance explored and questioned, Open Heart Sutra Surgery gleans the wisdom and folly from love and passion while serving us a rare, delicious taste of juicy forbidden fruit."
Karl Blau, singer, songwriter, thinker, producer

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780989201803
Publisher: NeoPoiesis Press, LLC
Publication date: 09/29/2013
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.41(d)

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