Open My Eyes: Wonders of Torah

Open My Eyes: Wonders of Torah

by Julie Almanrode
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Open My Eyes: Wonders of Torah is a Bible study of the first five books of the Bible or Torah that reveal Yeshua throughout its written words, it's language and its shadows. When Yeshua became flesh and walked on earth, he only had the Hebrew Scriptures - the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings - for teaching about repentance and the Kingdom of God. The Torah contains the history and foundations of a Biblical faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Isra'el. Since the Torah is the most obvious place to begin learning about the Creator, His Kingdom, His family, His chosen nation, His plan of redemption through Yeshua and His restoration of Isra'el, many followers of the Jewish Messiah use the weekly Torah portions to delve deeper into Yeshua and his teachings, the Scriptures that testify to him, his ministry and his Father's plan of redemption. Each Torah commentary includes a section with the words or actions of Yeshua that correlate to the parashah and show his faithfulness to his Father's instructions and prove his divinity as the Son of God. Some of the commentaries come from questions my family asked, searched out and may even still have. Other commentary comes from rabbis and sages from the centuries until today. At the end of each parashah (portion), traditional readings from the prophets as well as the new testament are listed along with a springboard for a discussion or midrash. Because Biblical names and words have unique meanings different from English, Hebrew Word Pictures are included to illuminate those nuances. Selah, meaning 'pause and think about this,' are also found throughout the text.

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