Open the Doorway to Your Soul

Open the Doorway to Your Soul

by Maggie Chula


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ISBN-13: 9781504333535
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/10/2015
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.44(d)

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Open the Doorway to Your Soul

By Maggie Chula

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Maggie Chula
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-3353-5



* * *

Connect to Your True Being

This message is the first time I opened up to use my abilities as a trance channel.

Maggie: This is a very special day for me. Today is my birthday, and I am going to open up and share with you my connection to the goddess Isis.

I learned during a life-between-life regression about my connection to Isis. In a life-between-life regression, you are first put into a mild hypnotic state and guided to visit the vibration of a past life. Then you move forward into the life to the moment of your death. From there, you go to the space where you actually exist between incarnations. That area has been coined as your "life between lives," but I like to call that space the Akasha. During that regression, my soul name was revealed to me as Isis.

I didn't know much about the goddess Isis, but I had many memories of being in the eye of a pyramid and going through initiations to become a winged pharaoh. I decided to look up Isis on the Internet after that regression, which was early into this new century. I found some information about all the people who were working with her energy and praying to her. I decided I was not going to pursue any further understanding about this connection. I wanted to focus on the other beings that I already connected to, such as the archangel Raphael — his energy is so warm and loving. His healing vibration is fantastic. I also loved to call on the archangel Gabriel. When I need clarity, when I need to focus my words and really make sure I am clearly understood, I call on Gabriel.

I understand now that Isis is the goddess energy for my soul. I was talking to Isis (because I do have conversations with these beautiful beings), and she helped me to understand that those of us born as females on planet Earth have a soul goddess energy.

She has shared with me the wisdom and knowledge of how to attune women to their goddess energies. According to Isis, the divine feminine energy is on the rise and the goddess energy is active on Earth right now. She wants to be connected to each and every one of her wise women so that we will wake up and access the beautiful, sacred wisdom available to help us heal our bodies, to help us heal our minds, to help us understand who we really are, and to help us heal our lives.

By doing all those things, we will create a ripple effect and help to hold the healing vibration for our loved ones and for our planet, in many ways helping us heal the hole that has been in existence within our shared human heart.

When I was driving to a class one day, I was told I would bring in the goddess attunement energy for a new level of course work within the Akashic Vibration. I had been working with a group of students for several months, connecting them to the Akashic Vibration and using the tools within the Akasha. We had already talked about many of the tools within the Akashic Vibration such as the Akashic Records, the Hallway of Lifetimes, the Emerald Mirror, the Flame of Transmutation, and many other valuable tools. We had even done work to learn several levels of healing within the Akasha. Most of that work was done through guided visualizations which I now realize were also vibrational healings. These portions of the classes I allowed to be channeled through me as a conscious channel.

On this particular day, the group I was working with was going to include just the women in the circle. For whatever reason, the men were not going to be there. That is when I heard in my mind that within this class, the goddess energy of Isis would come through. Now, I had already known about my connection to Isis, although I did not openly share it with many people. While I knew this connection existed, I did not pursue it, nor had I ever consciously asked to channel her wisdom. As I later reviewed the guided visualizations within the Akashic Vibration Process, I can now identify Isis, Mother Mary, White Tara, the archangel Raphael, as well as many other master teachers. But to my knowledge, this was the first time I had consciously known that I was prepared to open up and allow my connection to her wisdom to come through as I entered a trance state.

With that broad overview, I will allow Isis to come through to help me celebrate a brand new year of life on earth and my latest energetic connection to the vibrational energy that I know as the goddess Isis. Bear with me for a moment as I call upon her and ask her to send a message to all of us here on this lovely planet that will read or listen to this message.

Isis: Dear beautiful beings, both in physical and pure spirit form, I am so glad you are here to join me, for I know that the beautiful women of this planet are awakening to the power that they have as women.

My beautiful goddess friends, I wish to help you come and be a part of the healing energy that is taking place within the Akasha for the vibrational record of Gaia and humankind. My understanding of the vibrational essence of the Akasha tells me that we can access this vibration through our conscious understanding, and you can reach it deeper and deeper through the work and the channeled meditations that I shall bring to you.

I would like to start right now on that level and ask you to join me in a beautiful sacred circle. I call upon my brothers to come be with us also, for while this is an attunement for the goddess energy and the divine feminine to rise up and help the expanded healing of consciousness for mankind, this healing will have an effect on all life on planet earth.

We ask now that you allow yourself to breathe in the precious healing breath of life. As you inhale, allow yourself to know you are breathing in the white healing energy coming to you from God, from the source energy, from the very essence of the beginning of time. You are breathing in the breath of life.

Release any fears, any troubles, and any feelings of lack or discomfort as you exhale so that you breathe in the full breath of life. And when you breathe out, let yourself relax. I want you to focus your mind on this beloved planet. I want you to send your mind down into the heart of the beloved Gaia. See yourself and sense yourself becoming one with this lovely earth.

If you have any crystalline structures around you, any stones, they will join in with this channel, for they are here to help stabilize the earth and to help us project the light of the universe into the planet now and in the past. Sadly, the knowledge of how to use these wonderful crystals has been lost over the years, and the knowledge of how to use the sheer energetic power of the mind has been clouded and allowed to go into the shadows of the human consciousness.

It never left. The ability of mankind to use crystals to help them focus their minds to heal their bodies or the earth, to focus their minds to create energy, never left the universal consciousness of mankind, but it was not honored. This ability within man to use crystals was no longer taught. It was lost through many earth changes and many shifts in mankind's conscious connection to the source of all that is.

Today many people are opening up and realizing that they have a greater connection to these wonderful structures than they ever knew. Many are opening up to the wisdom that seems greater than their own. Yes, you do have a crystalline structure. It is part of the multidimensional aspect of your true nature, of your source, of your soul.

Allow yourself to relax, to sense, and to feel the energy running all the way through your body, running from the top of your head all the way out of your hands and your feet. Let the energy of the earth come up through the bottoms of your feet and run all the way up your being, up into and out of the top of your head. Allow this energy to go into the light of the divine. Allow it into the light of your source, of your soul, so that you build a channel of energy from the light of your source, of your soul.

As you breathe in this light, it comes to you and it floods all the way through the body. You can sense your body beginning to tingle; the body begins to react, for your body is now in a state of vibrational frequency that will allow it to accept, to relax, and to heal.

Now, if this is your first time, it may take a little while for you to fully follow everything I share, but I promise you that this energetic feeling is natural. This is normal. Each and every one of you has the ability to tune in to this wonderful vibration of health and well-being. As my brother the archangel Raphael shares, the source of well-being flows like a river all the way through you.

Allow yourself to flow within that river of well-being and not push against the stream of what is happening but instead flow with the events that are taking place in your life, allow yourself to look for a greater level of understanding so that you might realize that everything that is happening to you is happening to help expand your soul's knowledge and to expand your connection to that part of you that is so much more than you have ever dreamed you were.

If you flow and allow that knowledge to come, it will come to you, but it is a language that needs interpretation. So we have worked with this beloved channel to create a course and a way of learning that can teach you how to listen to, how to work with, and how to request and receive information from the language of your soul in a way that you can interpret it yourself, in a way that you can know that you are receiving beautiful guidance of light and love, for there is so much love here.

All of the light beings that are here to help the earth through her transition are also equally here to help each and every person through the transition into that greater space of vibration that you are calling the fifth dimension, but it is unimportant to us what you call that vibration. It is only important that you understand there are changes taking place on a cellular level in your physical being, in your planetary being.

On every level of being, there is a great change taking place, and we are of the light to come help you through this. Now, it is of course free will if you choose to work with us, and it is not a judgment on our part if you choose not to work with us. We are here whether you believe in us or not, or work with us or not. It is our mission to be here and to support you in this growth and in this change.

As we have shared many times with the beloved channel, when you see things that are happening either to people or the planet itself, to anything that causes you to stress, that causes you to turn away from the harshness that is coming into your sensibilities, we ask you to understand that you are a strong beacon of light. You have within your power, each and every one of you, the ability to transmute darker, lower vibrational energy into light just by your desire to do that — your desire to be a part of our group, your desire to add your light to all the beautiful light beings who are here to help with this incredible ascension process.

Now, we do this out of love. We offer this message with much compassion, but we also need you to understand that it is because we are all connected in the vibration of the universal source energy that we are here. We are involved. For we have always been here. We are many different layers of beings, and we are all connected. The separation between you and your brother, or other people of different colors, or other people in other parts of the world, or other beings from other planets is all an illusion that you chose to participate in.

Yes, yes, there are levels of dimension and time, but they collapse into nothingness when you get into the right vibration. When you do that and you learn how to use the tools we offer from the Akashic Vibration, you can heal miraculously. You can create from a space of pure vibrational essence. It is a wonderful thing to learn, and we are here now to teach this and to help you stay in attunement with the light of your soul, the light of your goddess energy.

We have chosen to come through to help support the divine goddess because for too long there has been an imbalance between the feminine and the masculine energies in the consciousness of the earth and of mankind. There is a rebalancing taking place. It is with love and compassion that we are sharing this light. There is nothing to be afraid of from us. We only offer love and light and clarity. It is your intentions that will determine how you accept this message. It is your intentions, your actions, and your desires that will determine how involved you are in helping with the expansion of the collective human consciousness.

What I am here to share with you today is that we — the many beings who form the collective Council of Light for this channel, the master teachers of the Akasha — love mankind. We are here to support you. We have great compassion for the many issues that are coming into your conscious awareness as you wake up and embrace your conscious connection to your soul, your source. There is nothing to fear from the multitude of heavens, from the many angels, from the many masters, from the beautiful beings who are not in physical form.

More and more of you can feel and sense us. We are here for love. We are here to lighten your load. We are here to help you connect to who you truly are, a beautiful divine being, and that is our message for you today.

Look to your dreams. Look to those signs and symbols you are learning to see and take note of them. Keep a journal. Write down the things that happen, the inspirations that come to you, and learn to work with them. Call it intuition. Call it psychic energy. Call it what you will. We do not care. We are only here to help. We will help, and when you are ready, you will notice how many teachers in the world today feel the same way we do.

It is through the voice of this channel that we can share this message and the course work of the Akashic Vibration Process, but we share with you now that there are many channels. There are many teachers, more than there have been on this planet at one time before, and that is because so many of you are here to help us in this journey and in this time of human conscious expansion.

We say thank you to all for being here with us and for listening to us. We know it is our knowingness that you will feel a greater sense of peace as you learn to flow within your life events and tune in and listen to your higher wisdom, your sacred knowledge of what is happening for you. Do not discount it but make a note and you will see over the course of time the truth of the words you are hearing today.

With love and light, we wish you well, we wish you happiness, and we share with you when you call on us, whoever it is you pray to or believe in, we are all here to help you — and we will. We share many blessings with you now.

Maggie: I am a trance channel for the master teachers of the Akasha. That means as I channel this information, I can recognize vibrational patterns and receive energetic impressions of the thoughts that have been said. I will get some impressions and information about the message while the channeling takes place, and as I get stronger working with the technical elements of this process, I will take questions for these master teachers and allow them to come through and provide answers.

I am very excited that we, my Council of Light and I, are moving forward and these beautiful light beings have chosen to be with me. These messages are originally shared verbally while in a group setting. The people, who are in the group listening, are helping me strengthen my energetic connection to the vibrational energy of my divine Council of Light, the master teachers of the Akasha. I thank you for helping me, for helping us.



* * *

Attune to Your Soul Goddess

Maggie: Welcome to today's message. This session contains a goddess attunement. The goddess energy is an archetype, which means it is a pattern of vibrations of energy with commonly understood attributes. When you think about a goddess, your mind automatically understands that you are talking about a divine feminine being. During a goddess attunement, each woman in the sacred circle will be connected to her goddess energy. The more you practice connecting to the goddess energy, the better you will be able to learn how to channel her sacred healing wisdom.


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Table of Contents


Introduction to Maggie, vii,
What it means to me to be called a psychic, ix,
Becoming a trance channel for the light, xi,
Course Work from the Master Teachers, xv,
Isis - Connect to Your True Being, 1,
Isis - Attune to Your Soul Goddess, 10,
A message from Mother Mary, 13,
A message from Diana, 15,
Isis - Embrace Your Light Vibration, 19,
Isis - Expand Your Understanding of Source Wisdom, 27,
Isis - Healing Your Inner Child, 31,
Ganesh - Say Yes to Life!, 40,
Archangel Raphael - Planting the Seed of Your Soul, 46,
Kuthumi - You are Surrounded and Protected by the Light, 53,
Isis - Release and let go of anxiety and stress, 59,
White Tara - The Darkness is Receding, 68,
Krishna - The Everyday Miracle of Life, 75,
Saint Germain - Become Attuned to the Universal Grid, 82,
Lakshmi - Flow in the River of Abundance, 89,
A Prayer from God, 97,
Jesus - Feel Safe and Supported by the Light of God, 99,
Apollo - Connecting to the Light of Your Soul, 108,
Mother Mary - Express the Divine in Your Unique Way, 111,
Apollo & Pythia - Align Your Goals with your Heart's Intent, 117,
Maggie's Source - Cleansing the Heart Energy, 126,
Merlin - The Mechanics of Vibrational Healing, 134,
Lord Melchizedek - Connecting through the Heart Energy, 144,
White Tara - How to Handle Negative Energy, 152,
Jesus and Mother Mary - Celebrations of Light, 155,
In Summary, 165,
Glossary of Terms, 167,

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