Open the Flood Gates: : Welcoming Grief into our Seasons of Loss

Open the Flood Gates: : Welcoming Grief into our Seasons of Loss

by Cheryl A. Cecil


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Who wouldn't agree that after the death of a loved one it's tough - really tough - to see the empty crib, the unmoved slippers by the back door, the coffee mug without fresh lipstick on it, or the computer no longer booted up?
Perhaps we're tempted to deny the jagged edges of emotion and just get back to what we were doing before death sorely interrupted us. And in a crazy crowded schedule it's easy to give grief a swift kick or, more politely, a cold shoulder. In other words, "Quit bugging us!"
But, wait! Not so fast! OPEN THE FLOOD GATES introduces you anew to grief, to see it as a friend to help you process your loss when death breaks into your family circle, community of faith, or connection of friends.
OPEN THE FLOOD GATES encourages you to invite grief to accompany you on the path of sorrow. Instead of getting stuck, grieving well helps you to move forward. No,the journey is not without its hairpin curves, narrow escapes, and startling discoveries, but at some point you'll dare to look back and realize that by God's grace your faltering step has broken into a new stride.

That's why it's time to OPEN THE FLOOD GATES and welcome grief into seasons of loss. Will you second that e-motion?

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