Open Up Your Heart: The Buck Owens & the Buckaroos Recordings 1965-1968

Open Up Your Heart: The Buck Owens & the Buckaroos Recordings 1965-1968

by Buck Owens


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Release Date: 03/11/2011
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127168559
catalogNumber: 16855
Rank: 280560


Disc 1

  1. Before You Go
  2. Getting Used to Loving You
  3. (I Want) No One But You
  4. Number One Heel
  5. Raz-Ma-Taz Polka
  6. I Betcha Didn't Know
  7. No Fool Like an Old Fool
  8. If You Want a Love
  9. Charlie Brown
  10. Steel Guitar Rag
  11. Gonna Roll Out the Red Carpet
  12. Only You (Can Break My Heart)
  13. Country Rag
  14. Bile 'Em Cabbage Down
  15. Hangin' On to What I Got
  16. Someone with No One to Love
  17. Buckaroo
  18. Faded Love
  19. Blue Christmas Tree
  20. Because It's Christmas Time
  21. All I Want for Christmas is You
  22. Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy (Daddy Looked a Lot Like Him)
  23. Christmas Ain't Christmas
  24. Christmas Time's A-Comin'
  25. It's Christmas Time for Everyone But Me
  26. Here Comes Santa Claus Again
  27. Blue Christmas Lights
  28. Santa's Gonna Come in a Stagecoach
  29. Christmas Morning
  30. Jingle Bells
  31. We Split the Blanket
  32. He Don't Deserve You Anymore
  33. Sam's Place
  34. Heart of Glass
  35. (I'll Love You) Forever and Ever
  36. I'm Layin' It on the Line

Disc 2

  1. Waitin' in Your Welfare Line
  2. That's What I'm Like Without You
  3. There Never Was a Fool
  4. In the Palm of Your Hand
  5. After You Leave Me
  6. A Devil Like Me (Needs an Angel Like You)
  7. Cinderella
  8. I'll Got to Church Again with Momma
  9. Pray Every Day
  10. Love's Gonna Live Here
  11. Together Again
  12. Act Naturally
  13. I've Got a Tiger by the Tail
  14. My Heart Skips a Beat
  15. I Don't Care (Just as Long as You Love Me)
  16. Foolin' Around
  17. Before You Go
  18. Second Fiddle
  19. Under Your Spell Again
  20. Don't Let Her Know
  21. Together Again
  22. Only You (Can Break My Heart)
  23. When Jesus Calls All His Children In
  24. It Was with Love
  25. Would You Be Ready
  26. Eternal Vacation
  27. Jesus Saved Me
  28. Where Would I Be Without Jesus
  29. Dust on Mother's Bible
  30. Satan's Gotta Get Along Without Me
  31. Tom Cattin'
  32. Cajun Fiddle
  33. You Made a Monkey Out of Me
  34. Congratulations, You're Absolutely Right
  35. You, You, Only You

Disc 3

  1. Where Does the Good Times Go
  2. Goodbye, Good Luck, God Bless You
  3. Cadillac Lane
  4. House of Memories
  5. Think of Me
  6. No More Me and You
  7. Where Does the Good Times Go
  8. Open Up Your Heart
  9. The Way That I Love You
  10. Rocks in My Head
  11. Only You and You Alone
  12. Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye
  13. What a Liar I Am
  14. Your Tender Loving Care
  15. Song and Dance
  16. If I Had You Back Again
  17. The Way That I Love You
  18. I'll Be Swingin' Too
  19. It Takes a Lot of Tenderness (It Takes a Lot of You for Me)
  20. Round Hole Guitar
  21. You'll Never Miss the Water (Till the Well Runs Dry)
  22. Something to Remember You By
  23. The Happy-Go-Lucky Guitar
  24. Tumwater Breakdown
  25. The Neosho Waltz
  26. Steel Guitar Polka
  27. Happy Son of a Gun
  28. Seven Come Eleven
  29. Out of My Mind
  30. I'm Gonna Live It Up
  31. If I Knew
  32. Everybody Needs Somebody
  33. I've Got It Bad for You
  34. You Left Her Lonely Too Long
  35. That's How I Measure My Love for You

Disc 4

  1. Heartbreak Mountain
  2. It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me)
  3. Kern County Breakdown
  4. My Baby's Comin' Home
  5. Chicken Pickin'
  6. Free and Easy
  7. Tom's Waltz
  8. Buckersfield Breakdown
  9. Love's Gonna Come A-Knockin'
  10. I'm A-Comin' Back Home to You
  11. Apple Jack
  12. Foolish Notion
  13. Night Time Is Cry Time
  14. How Long Will My Baby Be Gone
  15. Swingin' Doors
  16. Long, Long Ago
  17. Sing a Happy Song
  18. Let the World Keep on a Turnin'
  19. The Girl on Sugar Pie Lane
  20. We Were Made for Each Other
  21. Happy Times Are Here Again
  22. Sweet Rosie Jones
  23. The Heartaches Have Just Started
  24. You Mother's Prayer
  25. That Sunday Feeling
  26. Hurtin' Like I've Never Hurt Before
  27. You'll Never Miss the Water (Till the Well Runs Dry)
  28. There's Gotta Be Some Changes Made
  29. If I Had Three Wishes
  30. Hello California
  31. Highway Man
  32. I Can't Stop My Loving You
  33. Chapparal
  34. You Bring Out the Best in Me

Disc 5

  1. I'm Coming Back Home to Stay
  2. The Waltz of the Roses
  3. Pedal Patter
  4. Down On the Bayou
  5. Pretty Girl
  6. Sad Is The Lonely
  7. Rattle Traps
  8. Leave Me Something to Remeber You By
  9. That's All Right with Me (If It's All Right with You)
  10. Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus
  11. Hello Happiness, Goodbye Loneliness
  12. Don't Let True Love Slip Away
  13. The Great Judgement Day
  14. Sally, Mary and Jerry
  15. In God I Trust
  16. Buckaroo Polka
  17. All I Want for Christmas Is My Daddy
  18. Christmas Shopping
  19. One of Everything You Got
  20. Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas
  21. The Jolly Christmas Polka
  22. Let the World Keep on a Turnin'
  23. I'll Love You Forever and Ever
  24. A Very Merry Christmas
  25. Christmas Time Is Near
  26. Tomorrow Is Christmas Day
  27. Christmas Schottische
  28. Home on Christmas Day
  29. Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours
  30. It's Not What You Give
  31. You Let Me Down
  32. Woman Truck Drivin' Fool
  33. I Got a Letter from Home
  34. Pitty Pitty Patter
  35. I'm Goin' Back Home Where I Belong

Disc 6

  1. Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
  2. Tracy's Waltz
  3. Runnin' Short
  4. Louisiana Waltz
  5. Saturday Night
  6. Spanish Moonlight
  7. Too Many Chiefs (Not Enough Indians)
  8. Guitar Fandango
  9. Things I Saw at the Fountain on the Plaza When I Was Visiting Rome or A
  10. The Gaucho Came Riding
  11. Mexican Jumping Bean
  12. Turkish Holiday
  13. I've Got You on My Mind Again
  14. I Wanna Be Wild and Free
  15. Where Has Our Love Gone?
  16. I Ain't a Gonna Be Treated This a Way
  17. Darlin' You Can Depend on Me
  18. Jesus, Jesus, Hold Me
  19. Sing That Kind of Song
  20. Love Is Me
  21. Hurry, Come Running Back to Me
  22. Alabama, Louisiana, or Maybe Tennessee
  23. Greensleeves
  24. Gathering Dust
  25. The Price I'll Have to Pay
  26. Aw Heck
  27. Keep On Your Keepin' On
  28. Bad Luck and Bad Weather
  29. Anywhere U.S.A.
  30. Tim-Buck-Too
  31. Georgia Peach
  32. Highland Fling
  33. Moonlight on the Desert
  34. March of the McGregor
  35. Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass
  36. We're Gonna Get Together

Disc 7

  1. White Satin Bed
  2. In the Middle of a Teardrop
  3. You Can't Make Notin' Out of That But Love
  4. I Would Do Anything for You
  5. Maybe If I Close My Eyes (It Will Go Away)
  6. Across This Town and Gone
  7. Where Does the Good Times Go
  8. Where Does the Good Times Go
  9. How Long Will My Baby Be Gone
  10. How Long Will My Baby Be Gone
  11. That's All Right with Me (If It's All Right with You) [Alterna
  12. Darlin' You Can Depend on Me
  13. Cadillac Lane
  14. Cadillac Lane
  15. Cadillac Lane
  16. Cadillac Lane
  17. Cadillac Lane
  18. Cadillac Lane
  19. Cadillac Lane
  20. Cadillac Lane
  21. Cadillac Lane
  22. Happy Son of a Gun
  23. Happy Son of a Gun
  24. Happy Son of a Gun
  25. Happy Son of a Gun
  26. Happy Son of a Gun
  27. Happy Son of a Gun
  28. Happy Son of a Gun
  29. Happy Son of a Gun
  30. Happy Son of a Gun
  31. Happy Son of a Gun
  32. Happy Son of a Gun
  33. Happy Son of a Gun
  34. Happy Son of a Gun
  35. Happy Son of a Gun
  36. Happy Son of a Gun
  37. Toys for Tots
  38. Toys for Tots

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Buck Owens   Primary Artist,Guitar,Electric Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Jordanaires   Choir, Chorus
James Burton   Electric Guitar
David Gates   Leader
Anita Kerr   Choir, Chorus
Susan Raye   Vocals
Red Simpson   Guitar
Murray Adler   Violin
Billy Armstrong   Violin,Leader
Israel Baker   Violin
Earl Poole Ball   Piano,Celeste,Harpsichord
Arnold Belnick   Violin
Tom Brumley   Steel Guitar
Glen D. Hardin   Piano
Assa Drori   Violin
Donald Frost   Percussion
James Getzoff   Violin
Lou Klass   Violin
Henry Roth   Violin
Albert Steinberg   Violin
Jerry Wiggins   Drums,Tambourine,Bells
Lawrence "Red" Wooten   Bass
Billy Wright   Violin
Walter Rower   Cello
Willie Cantu   Drums,Tambourine
Jelly Sanders   Fiddle,Guitar
Bert Dodson   Bass,Guitar
Fiddlin' Kate Warren   Violin
Sidney Sharp   Violin
Ivy J. "Jimmy" Bryant   Guitar
Billy Sampson   Guitar
Albert "Al Bruno" Bruneau   Guitar,national steel guitar
Jeffrey Solow   Cello
William Kurasch   Violin
Doyle Floyd Hendricks   Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Buddy Alan Owens   Vocals
Jacky Wayne Wilson   Guitar
Donald "Don Rich" Eugen Ulrich   Acoustic Guitar,Fiddle,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Gut String Guitar,national steel guitar,Fuzz Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Jimmy Eugene Seals   Guitar
Hixon Boranian   Violin
Chuck Andell   Violin

Technical Credits

Merle Haggard   Composer
Buck Owens   Composer,Producer,Illustrations
Merle Travis   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Leon McAuliffe   Composer
Tommy Collins   Composer
Cliffie Stone   Composer
Susan Raye   Duet
Red Simpson   Composer
Earl Ball   Composer
Tom Brumley   Composer
Dixie Dean   Composer
Harlan Howard   Composer
Ed King   Composer
Bob Morris   Composer
Ken Nelson   Producer
Bonnie Owens   Composer
Don Rich   Arranger,Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Jerry Wiggins   Composer
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys   Composer
Rich Kienzle   Biographical Notes
Doyle Holly   Composer
Gene Price   Composer
Nat Stuckey   Composer
Patrick Milligan   Tape Comparison
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Tape Research
Jurgen Koop   Photo Scanning
Jack Rhodes   Composer
Don Sessions   Composer
Rollie Weber   Composer
Gary Wallington   Illustrations
Jimmy Snyder   Composer
Public Domain   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Voni Morrison   Composer
Hazel Houser   Composer
Jerry Huffman   Composer
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Buddy Mize   Composer
Bill C. Graham   Composer
Artie Lange   Composer
Jerry Wiggens   Composer
Kent Harrison   Composer
LeeAnn Ennis   Photo Scanning
Daniel Gersdorf   Photo Restoration,Sleeve Restoration
Mychael Gerstenberger   Artwork
Harlow Wilcox   Composer
Lester Morris   Composer
Art Holly   Composer
Buddy Alan Owens   Duet
James Pierpont   Composer
Maicie Owens   Composer
Don Holiman   Composer
Rolene Brumley   Illustrations
Loudilla Johnson   Composer
Estrella Olson   Composer
Marjorie Cooper   Composer
Hugh Raley   Composer
Faye Butler   Composer
Billy Spears   Composer

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