Opening Our Spiritual Eyes: Karmic Clearing for Humanity and the Earth

Opening Our Spiritual Eyes: Karmic Clearing for Humanity and the Earth

by SRI'AMA QALA Phoenix

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Opening Our Spiritual Eyes: Karmic Clearing for Humanity and the Earth by SRI'AMA QALA Phoenix

Karma is generally understood as personal, and clearing karma is often considered an individual effort, with individual rewards. In Opening Our Spiritual Eyes, spiritual teacher Sri’ama Qala Phoenix shows how karmic clearing can also be used in collective healing. Karma is shared within families and communities, and clearing karma releases it from the etheric body of our children and future generations. The book was inspired by the ongoing “Celestial Project,” a four-year global endeavor of Australia’s Divine University that began in 2009. The project involves people gathering worldwide on specific dates to focus on the karmic cleaning of the etheric body of a major city.

Opening Our Spiritual Eyes draws on the author’s experiences of meeting the Enlightened Masters, those wise spirit guides who, through her, present new understandings of the collective karma held within the world’s primary cities and our etheric bodies—and how to free ourselves, our families, and our world from it with grace. Revealing what Sri’ama Qala Phoenix calls “the true nature of the divine plan for humanity and our Earth,” the book shares essential keys for how we can become empowered to live in alignment with our divine purpose.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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ISBN-13: 9781556439896
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 02/22/2011
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 432
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

During the past fourteen years, Sri’ama Qala Phoenix has received over 4,000 visitations from the Enlightened Masters. These divine interventions led her to become an international teacher and “founding mother” of the Divine University Project and Academy of Energy Science and Consciousness in Byron Bay, Australia. She lives in Byron Bay.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

Chapter 1 The New Paradigm Shift into the Fifth Dimension 1

Entering the Fifth Dimension-Your Journey with the Collective of Humanity as a Light Seed 5

Divine Intervention-My Story 10

A Message from Buddha-The Power of Your Incarnation 22

Chapter 2 Karmic Healing: The Journey of Reclaiming Ourselves 27

Discovering the Part of Your Consciousness That Carries Your Karma 30

The Purpose of Your Karma 34

A New View through Spiritual Eyes 40

Aspects of My Personal Journey with Karma 46

Surrender into the Light 54

Chapter 3 The Divine Plan, as Held by the Enlightened Masters 67

The Divine Plan and Humanity's Shift in Consciousness 72

What Is the Divine Plan? 74

The Three Soul Pods of Humanity's Collective Consciousness 76

Embracing the Four Forms of Earth Karma through the Divine Plan 79

Origins of Karma on Earth 83

A Journey to Sirius 87

Your Invitation to Consciously Shift with Gaia 93

The Three Primary Elements of Our Karmic Clearing 95

Anchoring the Divine Plan through Developing Your Trust 97

Encountering the Divine Plan for the First Time 100

Spiritual Keys for Your Quantum Shift 104

The Divine Plan for Our Earth 108

The Seven Worlds of the Earth 115

The Enlightened Masters' Promise to the Earth 124

Journeying into the Seven Worlds of Light 129

Chapter 4 Our Potential: The New Human Being-Our Evolutionary Path 137

Receiving Frequency Transmissions-Opening the Higher Centers of the Brain 152

The Brain's Energy Field and Consciousness 156

The Earth's Activation of Your Brain's Energy Field 165

The Human Brain and Our Dream State 169

Our Spirit Journey into the Fifth World 171

A Visitation from Hunab Ku-Our Dreaming Pathways of Creation 176

Receiving the Codes and Our Completions for the Release of Our Karma 182

Our True Reality 187

Chapter 5 Humanity's Call to Transformation and Illumination 193

Our Collective Responsibility and Our Spiritual Power to Absolve Our Karma through the Open Heart and Forgiveness 200

Our World Cities-Our Role as Representatives of Humanity 207

The Divine Presence of the Many, Waiting in the Wings to Assist on All Levels 218

The Grace That Wishes to Be Provided to the World-Visitations of the Enlightened Beings Who Are Guides for Our Process of World Peace 222

Awakening Your Super-consciousness and Wisdom through Releasing the Tape Loop from Your Mind 224

Chapter 6 Your Contribution to Your Family, Your Community, and Our World 233

The Difference You Make Can Change Many Lives as Well as Your Own 238

Accepting Your Personal Karma as a Representative for Humanity 239

Healing the Heart through Personal Karmic 242

Clearing Your family Karma 249

The Preciousness of Love Returning into the Deepest Level of Your Heart 253

Our Collective Consciousness as a Matrix of Golden Light 258

Understanding Collective Karma 260

The Five Most Common Forms of Collective Karma Experienced by Humanity 264

The Collective Karma of Love, Friendship, and Ownership-Collective Karma of Loss 265

The Collective Karma of Resource, Finance, and Greed-Collective Karma of Control 270

The Collective Karma of Union, Sexuality, and Abuse-Collective Karma of Violation 271

The Collective Karma of Power, Responsibility, and Righteousness-Collective Karma of War 272

The Collective Karma of the Energy Body, the Physical Body, and Disease-Collective Karma of Separation 273

Golden Phoenix's Journey 274

Your Relationships, Soul Family, and Collective Consciousness 280

The Control Mechanisms We Create within Our Consciousness to Falsely Protect Ourselves 282

Your Human Energy Field, Your Collective Consciousness, and the Earth 284

The Miracle Story of EASE (Energy Attunement Science of Enlightenment) 288

Chapter 7 Assisting the Clearing of Collective Karma or Humanity's Burdens 291

Becoming a Clear Representative for Humanity in Balancing Our Collective and Planetary Karma 296

The Etheric Structures of Our Collective and Our Planetary Service 303

Working in Super-consciousness Connection with the Divine Presences of Humanity and the Earth 309

The Old Etheric Grids of Our World 316

The Three Etheric Grids That Carry the Unresolved Karma of the Collective of Humanity 318

Activating Our Angelic Body and Grid of Light by Clearing the Human Grid of Duality 319

Activating Our Archangelic Body and Grid of Light by Clearing the Human Grid of Control 323

Activating Our Christ Body and Christ Grid of Light by Clearing the Human Grid of Authority 329

Accepting Your Power as a Soul to Transform the Old Akashic Records with the Assistance of Your Divine Presence 333

My Seer Journey into the Akasha of Union and Sexuality 336

Our Deepest Forms of Karma 343

Clearing Your Planetary Karma with Love and Acceptance 348

Chapter 8 Our World's New Cities of Light: The Celestial Project 2009-2013 353

Our World's New Cities of Light 359

In Loving Service to All of Humanity 365

The Celestial Project's Birth at the Grand Canyon, Arizona 366

CELESTIAL-Christ Energization, Love Expansion, Synergization, Transformation, Illumination, and Ascension of the Lightgrids 369

The Celestial Earth Portals Energizing the Celestial Project 371

The Ceremony and Master Activation of the Twelve Primary Celestial Portals: The Enlightened Masters' Preparation for the Celestial Project 373

The Planetary Portals, Light Cities, and Grids of the Earth 379

The Bridge between the Physical Realm and the Spiritual Realm 384

A Celestial Project Transcript: Worldwide Linkup for First Level Clearing of Guadalajara, Mexico-February 9, 2010 394

Your Journey 409

About the Author 414

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