Optimal Information Modeling Techniques

Optimal Information Modeling Techniques

by van Slooten


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ISBN-13: 9781931777094
Publisher: IGI-Global
Publication date: 04/02/2002
Pages: 278
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.Evaluating an ISD Methodology for Software Packages1
Chapter 2.Modelling Molecular Biological Information: Ontologies and Ontological Design Patterns16
Chapter 3.Concept Acquisition Modeling for E-commerce Ontology30
Chapter 4.An Object-Oriented Approach to Conceptual Hypermedia Modeling41
Chapter 5.Conceptual Modeling of Large Web Sites55
Chapter 6.A Method to Ease Schema Evolution69
Chapter 7.A Three Layered Approach for General Image Retrieval78
Chapter 8.Is There A Life After Objects?84
Chapter 9.A Systemic Approach to Define Agents95
Chapter 10.Modeling of Coordinated Planning and Allocation of Resources108
Chapter 11.Tacit Knowledge Acquisition and Processing Within the Computing Domain: An Exploratory Study121
Chapter 12.Modelling Business Rules Using Defeasible Logic128
Chapter 13.EE-Cat: Extended Electronic Catalog for Dynamic and Flexible Electronic Commerce137
Chapter 14.Enforcing Modeling Guidelines in an ORDBMS-based UML-Repository150
Chapter 15.Simulation for Business Engineering of Electronic Markets163
Chapter 16.Representing and Reasoning with Scenarios within Information Systems Modeling170
Chapter 17.From Object-Oriented Modeling to Agent-Oriented Modeling: An Electronic Commerce Application176
Chapter 18.Web-Based Cooperative Information Systems Modeling193
Chapter 19.EMC--A Modeling Method for Developing Web-based Applications207
Chapter 20.A UML Representation of U.S. Mutual Fund Servicing as an Iconic Model for Servicing the New EU Equivalent--UCITS221
Chapter 21.Relationships Between Relationships: An Empirical Study229
Chapter 22.Informationbase--A New Information System Layer239
Chapter 23.A Comparison of Stochastic Models for the Interarrival Times of Packets in a Computer Network248
Chapter 24.A Methodology for Adaptive Workflows258
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