...Or For Worse: Loving Your Husband Through Hard Times

...Or For Worse: Loving Your Husband Through Hard Times

by Emma Chambers


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Emma promised “for better or for worse” on her wedding day, but when hard times came, it seemed impossible for her marriage to survive. Some around her advised divorce. But God spoke truth to her heart and helped her see her part in the crumbling of her marriage. She discovered she needed to let go of her demands to be loved in a prescribed way, and learn to love like Jesus—unconditionally. God helped her have compassion for her husband and see the sin in his life as the effects of traumas he suffered over the years.

The “love verses” in 1 Corinthians 13 guided Emma in how to love like the Lord. Over time, this caused her to love her husband more than she ever thought possible and brought healing to her heart and to her marriage. The trials in her marriage also created an intimacy with God, which she believes was unattainable any other way. Now she and her husband enjoy a marriage that’s better than it’s ever been and look forward to “the best is yet to come” as they soon celebrate 43 years of marriage.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692163191
Publisher: Elaine Creasman
Publication date: 10/01/2018
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

Emma Chambers is a pen name for an author, inspirational speaker, former radio show host, and blogger who lives in the southeast. She has written for numerous Christian magazines as well as for her town's daily and weekly newspapers. She writes of her personal experiences in articles and poems to show how God intervenes in her life. She also writes articles about spiritual growth and social issues. Because of her heart for the mentally ill and her own healing from clinical depression, for the past 16 years, Emma has worked as a mental health tech on the psychiatric ward at a local hospital.

Table of Contents

Part I: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Chapter 1: Lisa and Chris’s story

Chapter 2: Saying “yes” to Jesus

Chapter 3: A Change in Attitude

Part II: Embracing “As Long As We Both Shall Live”

Chapter 4: Letting Go of Other Vows

Chapter 5: The Purpose of Marriage

Part III: Winning “I Don’t Love Him Anymore” Attacks

Chapter 6: When Feelings Fade

Chapter 7: Lord, Show Me How To Love This Man

Part IV: Willing To Wait

Chapter 8: Weary of Waiting

Chapter 9: While I Am Waiting

Part V: A Passion for Compassion

Chapter 10: Lord, Help Me To Be Kind

Chapter 11: Dealing With Compassion Fatigue

Chapter 12: Compassion: A Gift From God

Part VI: Learning Contentment

Chapter 13: Let Go Of Marriage Envy

Chapter 14: Let Go of Complaining

Chapter 15: Letting Go of Discontent

Part VII: Humility—The Key to A Happily Ever After Marriage

Chapter 16: Letting Go of Pride

Chapter 17: Marriage: God’s Tool To Humble Me

Chapter 18: More Aspects of Humility

Part VIII: The ABCs of Respect

Chapter 19: Discovering My Disrespect

Chapter 20: Pink versus Blue

Chapter 21: More Aspects of Respect

Part IX: Submission; A Worthy Mission

Chapter 22: Learning to Submit

Chapter 23: The Battle to Submit

Chapter 24: The Benefits of Submission

Chapter 25: More Challenges in Regard to Submission

Part X: The Gift of a Gentle Wife

Chapter 26: Stop Focusing on His Anger

Chapter 27: Dealing With My Anger

Chapter 28: Gentle and Strong

Chapter 29: More About Anger and Gentleness

Part XI: Remove Roadblocks to Forgiveness

Chapter 30: Letting Go Of Myths About Forgiveness

Chapter 31: The Necessity of Forgiveness

Chapter 32: Willing To Forgive

Part XI: The Role of My Husband’s Cheerleader

Chapter 33: Learning To Encourage

Chapter 34: When My Husband Backslides

Chapter 35: Discovering Blocks to Encouragement

Part XIII: The Faithful, Faith-filled Wife

Chapter 36: Growing in Faith

Chapter 37: More About Dealing with Fear and Anxiety

Part XIV: A Test of Endurance

Chapter 38: Learning Endurance

Chapter 39: Never Give Up

Part XV: Holding On To Hope

Chapter 40: Putting My Hope in God

Chapter 41: Avenues of Hope

Part XVI: Remain in His Love

Chapter 42: Healing My Broken Heart

Chapter 43: Abandonment to God

Chapter 44: Keeping Love Alive

Appendix #1

Reasons To Stay Married

Appendix #2

Tough Love: Five Keys To Staying Married When You Feeling Like Calling It Quits

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