Oral Fixation, Vol. 2

Oral Fixation, Vol. 2

by ShakiraShakira


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Shakira delights in confounding expectations, and nowhere is that better seen than in how she secured a massive crossover audience on her own terms. She blended Latin pop and American mainstream pop, on both the dance and easy listening sides of the equation, on her 2001 breakthrough, Laundry Service, but it was no crass cash grab -- she eased herself into the transition, balancing songs in Spanish and English on the record while crafting tunes in both languages to appeal to both longtime fans and new listeners. That set the stage for her magnum opus of 2005, the two-part album Fijación Oral/Oral Fixation. Volume one was her first Spanish-language Latin pop album since 1998 and the second was her first ever all-English crossover album, and if anybody was expecting the latter to be a continuation of Laundry Service, consisting of nothing but sexy dance tunes and power ballads, Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 will be a bit of a surprise: it's a deadly serious, ambitious pop
ock album, most assuredly not frivolous dance-pop. Even when the album dives into pulsating neo-disco, it's in the form of a protest song in the closer, "Timor," which isn't exactly by-the-numbers pop. And that's a pretty good description of Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 in general -- it's pop, but it's unconventional. Even when she alludes to pop divas past, whether it's with the foreboding gospel choir on "How Do You Do" that brings to mind "Like a Prayer" or how she cribs from Alanis Morissette on "Illegal" ("You said you would love me until you died/And as far as I know you're still alive" is very close to "You Oughta Know"), Shakira twists these references to her own purposes, taking the music in unexpected directions. All these turns and detours lead to the same general destination: the sound is grandly theatrical, darkly sultry, and unapologetically lurid, a place where Madonna and U2 exist not as peers, but as collaborators. For if this album is anything, it's a global pop
ock album with each of those modifiers carrying equal weight: these are pop songs performed as arena rock, belonging not to a single country but to the world as a whole. As such, the album touches on everything from the expected Latin rhythms to glitzy Euro-disco, trashy American rock & roll, and stomping Britpop, all punctuated by some stark confessionals, as Shakira sings about everything from love to religion, stopping along the way to reveal that women with 24 inch waists may indeed be heartbroken. If some of these ideas don't necessarily gel, at least Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 is alive with ambition and, more often than not, Shakira winds up with music that is distinctive as both songs and recordings. And that means that Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 is not only a markedly different album from Fijación Oral, but from every other record in her catalog -- or, most importantly, from any other pop album in 2005. Other artists may be bigger than Shakira while others may make more fully realized albums, but as of 2005, no other pop artist attempts as much and achieves as much as Shakira, as this often enthralling album proves.

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Release Date: 03/28/2006
Label: Sbme Special Mkts.
UPC: 0886919859225
catalogNumber: 198592


  1. How Do You Do
  2. Illegal
  3. Hips Don't Lie
  4. Animal City
  5. Don't Bother
  6. The Day and the Time
  7. Dreams for Plans
  8. Hey You
  9. Your Embrace
  10. Costume Makes the Clown
  11. Something
  12. Timor
  13. La Tortura

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Shakira   Primary Artist,Percussion,Background Vocals,Chant
Rene Toledo   Guitar
Paul Bushnell   Bass Guitar
Matt Chamberlain   Drums
Luis Conte   Percussion
Pete Davis   Horn,Keyboards
Victor Indrizzo   Drums
Lester Mendez   Keyboards
Tim Mitchell   Guitar,Keyboards
Teddy Mulet   Horn
Shawn Pelton   Drums
Archie Pena   Percussion
Pro Arte Orchestra   Strings
Colin Sheen   Concert Master
Ramon Stagnaro   Guitar
Lyle Workman   Guitar
Carlos Santana   Guitar
Gustavo Cerati   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Wyclef Jean   Guitar,Background Vocals
Tony Reyes   Guitar
Richard Bravo   Percussion
Roberto Cuao   Percussion
Luis Fernando Ochoa   Guitar,Keyboards
Mike Weiss   Chant
Brendan Buckley   Guitar,Percussion,Drums
Chris Chaney   Bass Guitar
Pedro Alfonso   Strings
Fadi Hardan   Chant
David Levita   Guitar
Leandro Fresco   Keyboards
David Sinclair Whitaker   Conductor
Emmanuel Cauvet   Drums
Patrick Dupré Quigley   Choir Director
Daniel Ferrer   Percussion
Mario Inchausti   Background Vocals
Morist Jiménez   Percussion
Albert Menéndez   Keyboards
Seraphic Fire   Choir, Chorus
Hermídez Benítez   Percussion
Henry March   Horn
Frank Morocco   Accordion
Church of the Epiphony Chamber Choir   Choir, Chorus
Umberto Judex   Accordion

Technical Credits

Pedro Aznar   Composer
Pete Davis   Programming
Jim Gaines   Engineer
Rob Jacobs   Engineer
Kevin Killen   Engineer
Lester Mendez   Composer,Programming,Producer
Tim Mitchell   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Jonathan Mover   Engineer
Rick Rubin   Executive Producer
Trina Shoemaker   Engineer
Shakira   Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,Horn Arrangements,Art Direction
Gustavo Cerati   Composer,Programming,Producer,Additional Production
Wyclef Jean   Composer,Programming,Lyricist,Producer
Tweety González   Engineer
Javier Garza   Engineer
Luis Fernando Ochoa   Composer,Programming,Producer
Gustavo Celis   Programming,Engineer
Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis   Composer,Programming,Producer
Nick Wollage   Engineer
Eduardo Bergallo   Engineer
Brendan Buckley   Composer
Ben Kaplan   Engineer
Joe Wohlmuth   Engineer
Tim LeBlanc   Engineer
David Sinclair Whitaker   String Arrangements
Sergio "Sergical" Tsai   Engineer
Jim Bean   Programming
Olgui Chirino   Vocal Arrangements
Maria P. Marulanda   Art Direction
Juan Santana   Programming
G. Edwards   Composer
Iker Gastaminsa   Engineer
L. Christy   Composer
L. Hailey   Composer
Felipe Alvarez   Programming,Engineer
S. Spock   Composer
José "Gocho" Torres   Additional Production
Oedri Aznar   Lyricist
Chris Brown   Engineer

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