Oral Torah from Sinai

Oral Torah from Sinai

by Michael Shelomo Bar Ron

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Oral Torah from Sinai by Michael Shelomo Bar Ron

This book is for those sincere questioners whose main obstacle is their struggle with the issue of the authenticity of the Oral Tradition and God-given authority of its torch bearers, the Talmudic Sages. It will show how, between the Orthodox Jewry and their critics, it is simple and uncomplicated for an objective person to identify whose historical and religious perspective is rooted in fact, and whose is not.

As “believers, descendants of believers” the Jews trusted their tradition and held fast to it.

However, as history progressed and knowledge advanced to the Enlightenment era, secular society and its ways of thinking became very attractive even to the poor and middle-classes of Jewry. Without a clue as to how advanced the Torah’s wisdom is — containing secrets that the scientific world is only beginning to discover— they dropped out of Torah observance in droves. It was no help that, in response to the challenge of the Enlightenment in Europe, the ultra-Orthodox world turned inwards, adopting an anti-scientific stance.

Thank God, that has changed. Scholars became highly proficient in Torah as well as science and mathematics— and dedicated outreach programs —prevented the assimilation of those within the fold, and also began to attract quality truth-seekers from the outside. They follow in the tradition of RaMBaM (Moses Maimonides, 1135-1204), who wrote the "Guide For the Perplexed" for those who struggled to maintain their faith in light of general scientific knowledge in their own day.

Bar-Ron presents more sophisticated and resilient points of evidence, including arguments that have never been published before regarding the Oral Tradition that has been passed down from the time of Sinai.

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About the Author

Mori Michael-Shelomo Bar-Ron is an ordained rabbi and publishing Torah scholar. His first work, "Guide For the Noahide" (Lightcatcher Books (c)2009,2010) has been hailed by rabbis and students as a groundbreaking primer in Noahide Law and outlook. He also has a BA in Anthropology from the University of California San Diego. His broad Torah journey ultimately brought him to formal rabbinical training at Shehebar Sephardic Center in Jerusalem, and under the tutelage of master halakhic decisors according to RaMBaM.
However far he has journeyed from his own beginnings as a young, truth-seeking college student, Mori Michael-Shelomo never lost his respect and sensitivity for serious, academically-trained truth-seekers, their valiant struggles, and their valid, critical questions. After years as an understudy of rabbis and scholars with opposing outlooks, all the while maintaining a critical, balanced mind, he has found compelling answers that have helped others not only to return to Torah observance, but to the practice of mitzvot according to authentic Talmudic tradition. The many he has helped were the inspiration for this book.
He is currently based out of his Torah center in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Ohel Moshe (torathmoshe.com), where he continues to study, teach and write. A father of six children, Mori Michael-Shelomo makes a living as an English instructor.

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