Orbis Scientiae, Nineteen Seventy-Seven: Deeper Pathways in High-Energy Physics

Orbis Scientiae, Nineteen Seventy-Seven: Deeper Pathways in High-Energy Physics


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Orbis Scientiae, Nineteen Seventy-Seven: Deeper Pathways in High-Energy Physics by Stephan Mintz

These proceedings contain the papers presented during the 14th annual High Energy Physics meeting convened under the aegis of Orbis Scientiae 1977. The title "Deeper Pathways in High Energy Physics" was adopted to indicate either further penetration into the nature of the structure of the elementary particle or the deepening of the continuously trodden path that gets gradually deeper and deeper, evolving into a trench. In the latter instance, the visibility of the real nature of elementary particles may be getting dimmer and dimmer. It is hoped that some of the papers in these proceedings do, indeed, contain further revelations on the "deeper" nature of elementary particles. We must not be overly charmed with "charm" even if it may fit the data of the current generation of e+ and e­ experiments. It would be much less than prophetic to say that a complete and totally satisfactory theory com~ising the entire physical reality is yet to be discovered, and there is presumably no paper of that kind in these proceedings. Despite this short­ coming, the editors do not wish to hide their admiration for the caliber of the papers contributed by the participants of Orbis Scientiae 1977. Appreciation is extended to Mrs. Helga S. Billings, Mrs. Elva Brady, and Ms. Yvonne L. Leber for their skillful typing of the proceedings, which they have performed with great enthusiasm and dedication. Orbis Scientiae 1977 received some support from the Energy Research and Development Administration.

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ISBN-13: 9780306369124
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 08/01/1977
Series: Studies in the Natural Sciences , #12
Pages: 743
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Table of Contents

The Dynamics of Streams of Matter.- Origin of Spin.- Polarization Experiments — A Theoretical Review.- pp Scattering-Amplitude Measurements and a Possible Direct-Channel Resonance in pp System.- Large P— 2 Spin Dependence of p-p Elastic Scattering.- Elastic and Inelastic Polarization Effects Observed with the Argonne Effective Mass Spectrometer.- Inclusive Asymmetries.- Preliminary Polarization Results at Fermilab Energies.- Polarized Target Experiment at Fermilab.- Local Supersymmetry and Interactions.- Supergravity Field Theories and the Art of Constructing Them.- Renormalizability of Supergravity.- Topics in Supergravity and Supersymmetry.- Quantum Flavordynamics.- Production of New Particles in Electron-Positron Annihilation.- Recent Results on e+e- Annihilation from Pluto at Doris.- The Search for Heavy Particles.- Parity Violation in Atomic Physics and Neutral Currents.- Correlations in Hadron Collisions at High Transverse Momentum.- Final States in Charmed Particle Decays.- The Winner of the Vector-Model Look-Alike Contest.- The Alexander … Zweig Rules and What is Wrong with Pseudoscalar Mesons.- A Mechanism for Quark Confinement.- The Status of—-Scaling.- Muon Number Nonconservation in Gauge Theories.- Semiclassical Physics and Confinement.- Some Observations on Quantum Chromodynamics.

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