Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil: A Report on the Beguilings of Evil

Ordinary People and Extraordinary Evil: A Report on the Beguilings of Evil

by Fred Emil Katz



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ISBN-13: 9780791414415
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publication date: 07/01/1993
Pages: 168

About the Author

Fred Emil Katz is Professor of Sociology, and has taught at various universities in the United States and Israel, including the State University of New York at Buffalo and Tel Aviv University.

Table of Contents


Introduction: From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Evil Defined
Look at Evil Behaviorally
Is Evil Real?
Who Produces Extraordinary Evil?
Overview of the Book

1. Confronting Evil and its Paradoxes

Arendt's View of Eichmann
Is a Dispassionate Study of Evil Possible?
The Desire to Ignore Evil
People May Deliberately Engage in Evil Activities

2. Behavior Mechanisms at Work

Incremental Processes
Packages and Riders
The Question of Autonomy: The Cunning of Governments and the Contributions of Citizens

3. Some Faces of Evil

A Humane American Physician
An SS Physician
A Nazi Bureaucrat: Chief of the Auschwitz Extermination Camp
My Lai

4. Conclusion: Turning away from Evil

A Fable About the Two Research-Minded Physicians
Raoul Wallenberg and Rudolf Hoess Revisited
The Compelling Power of Immediacy and Extricating Oneself from Taking Part in Evil
Another Look at the Five Paradoxes: Some Answers, Some New Questions, Some Hope
The Larger Picture




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