Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: How to Dream, Believe and Achieve whatever you want.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: How to Dream, Believe and Achieve whatever you want.

by Michael Winegarden


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Michael has a great ability to take complex information and make it simple for people to understand. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives is a good read that you will not want to put down. You will want to keep it close to you forever.
Michael shares some of his life experiences that will entertain and amaze you. His sense of humour and passion is evident in Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives. Michael does not let his disabilities stand in the way of his success. This is one of the reasons that Michael is such a powerful mentor for you.
In these pages you have all the information you need to make a difference in your life. It has been tried and tested. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives will teach you how to live with passion, achieve your dreams, and most importantly, live your life in a state of happiness and joy.
You can do this. It is not mysterious or complicated. You can make a difference in your life and be a wonderful example for others. Michael will teach you how to dream, believe, and achieve whatever you want.

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ISBN-13: 9781504344821
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/26/2016
Pages: 142
Sales rank: 1,210,396
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

How to Dream, Believe and Achieve Whatever You Want

By Michael Winegarden

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Michael Winegarden
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4482-1


Choose Success

The information that I am about to share with you has been around for a long time. In fact, it has been there since the beginning of time. After you have learned what I am teaching you, you will be able to see how famous people throughout time have used it to become the best in their field. Be it the rich and famous, brilliant musicians, sports stars, world leaders who have made amazing differences, leaders of industry, or those who have held monopolies. My research shows that people have known about this information for generations. 'They' have tried to keep this information to themselves; in fact some even believe that it is genetic and not learned behaviour. This is silly.

The wealthiest and most successful people know this information. Those who live in an ongoing state of bliss know this information, and they have learned it either directly from someone who shared this knowledge or, in some cases, figured it out by themselves.

Things have changed in the world since the internet was introduced. We can now share information more easily than before and secrets have been exposed. The world has opened up in ways that we could have never imagined. In some respects, we are all on a more equal playing field.

Just by clicking a few links on a screen, we can now access information that was not readily available before. We can read books that were written many years ago. In these books, we can find some of the information that has been explained here; information that previously may have been found in a library or only available to those who knew about it. If it wasn't for the internet, I would not have been able to discover this information and do all the amazing things that I have done.

I can and have coached people around the world right from my chair. I can hear their voice; I can share their successes, and I find this so wonderfully exciting.

The problem is this. If you weren't born in a wealthy family, if you didn't have the opportunity to be mentored by a leader or by chance came across this information, then you are probably just like many others. You are probably living a life of mediocrity at best and poverty at worst. You are probably just like I was.

Of course, the downside to the ease of information sharing is this. There is a lot of incorrect information out there. As simple as it is to share good information, it's just as easy to share bad information. There's also incomplete information. While it might sound good, it will keep you stuck right where you are.

One of these books I am referring to was released in the last few years. It was very successful in that it achieved a lot of sales. But while some people I know got some success from following its teachings, there was nothing really life changing. There are lots of reasons for this. In fairness to the book, some people simply didn't implement everything the book stated. They just didn't study everything in the book and apply what they learned.

I too read this book along with many others. I felt that it was missing information. Some of the key elements are simply not there no matter how hard you look. One of the things I insist that people must learn is the 4 Keys. Some of these I learned from a book, others I learned from people I have met over the years.

The 4 keys themselves will not change your life. However, if you learn and apply these 4 Keys consistently, you will change your life. The rest of the information will be useless if you do not apply the 4 Keys. I will teach you about these Keys in Chapter 4.

I want to share one more thing right now that will stop you dead in your tracks. Never ever put timelines on any of your dreams. You will learn more about this as you go through this book. If you have a dream and you feel that you have to achieve it by a certain date, you will be stressed. You never want to feel stress. I have read in several books that you should have a timeline or a due date for something to happen and I totally disagree.

There are other things that I am sure you have read in other books or programs that I know have stopped you from achieving your dreams. If this is the first book that you have read on how to dream, believe and achieve whatever you want, you are very fortunate. Because you won't have to unlearn some of the things you may have picked up so far. You will also be able to make a difference in your life so much easier and more quickly than you could have ever imagined.

Clearly for many, they are not living a life of their dreams. They just aren't happy in their day to day lives. They don't feel good. Lots of people I knew had a life that they felt was unsatisfactory, me included. In fact, especially me! I had a strong desire to learn how to make my life more enjoyable. I wanted to feel good all the time and to make my dreams come true.

Once I figured out how to do this, then it became my passion. I now want to teach everyone how to make their dreams come true. Yes, my driving purpose is to put together the best information I can so that you can make your dreams become a reality. So you also can dream, believe and achieve anything you want.

It is now the crunch time. It is decision time. Are you going to choose to continue reading this book and dream, believe and achieve what you want? If you take action now and learn all I have to teach, you can do just that.

Many people buy a book or program and never read it once. These are the people who will never make a difference in their lives, much less have a positive impact on other people's lives. Please don't be one of those people. So many have good intentions but just don't follow through. Again, I ask you, don't be one of these people.

I can't say I like the term winners and losers. I think it's really quite rude to think of people in that context but I will use it here to illustrate my point.

A loser is one who buys information and doesn't even learn what they paid for. Also one who has a great idea and doesn't take action. The loser is one who finds excuses for everything in their life. Oh I don't have time to read a book. I don't have time to go to the gym. I am too tired. I'd rather watch TV than spend that very same time learning information to change my life. These people will always be a loser. They will never change a thing. They will be one of the 98% who never achieve their dreams.

A winner takes charge of their life. They decide that they will do what it takes to learn what they need to know. A winner will ignore their TV, shut off their emails, stop texting, and posting on Facebook. They will block out uninterrupted time every day to sit and learn this information. Winners prioritize the important things in their lives. This is not time management. I call it priority management. This is when you decide what is a priority and do it no matter what it takes. It is the most important item on your list of things to do that day.

Winners are the ones who will give up something they enjoy to change their lives. They are the ones who will succeed and make their dreams a reality. Winners are those who WILL dream, believe and achieve exactly what they want.

I really want you to be a winner but I can only give you the information. You need to take it and follow through. I ask you to please, be a winner.

Read my information. You must not just read it but master it. Read this book a hundred times. I am not exaggerating, 100 times. Apply it. Get the results that you deserve. I know you deserve it.

One more thing I want to encourage you to do. Perhaps more correctly, here is what I don't want you to do. Do not read a bunch of programs or books. Focus on everything in this book first. Really master this information. Then you can read other books. I will let you know about some really good books when you are ready. Just make sure you learn this information first. I have worked with people previously who made this mistake and they are just going around in circles.

They begin to learn from one person. They get a bit of information but don't master it. Then they jump to another person. They may get some other information but they don't get any closer to their dreams because they are jumping from one to another and not mastering anything. I have told my students that I won't work with them if they study someone else at the same time. The reason is simple. I don't want to have to undo the bad information that they pick up from someone else to get them back on the right track. It's a waste of time, their time and mine.

Here is more about how I figured it out.

Around 2006 I started learning about Law of Attraction. It was a totally new concept to me. My skeptic mind screamed that this was just weird. The larger part of me knew I had to look into this more.

I bought an expensive program and studied it but somehow I wasn't getting it. I knew this would help me be the person I wanted to be but yet it just wasn't working for me. So I left it alone for a while then I bought another program. It had a different spin on it. Ok, I started to get the concepts but still had no real results. This went on for some years. Then it hit me.

The problem is that the full recipe wasn't being given. I needed to go through my information and pull it together. This is when I finally got it. I dropped some things because I didn't see how it would be helpful. I included other things because I knew it would be helpful. I kept putting the various pieces of the puzzle together until I had what I believed is the complete solution.

I began applying what I thought was the correct method and things started happening. I refined the way I was doing things and got even better results. I went back to my library of materials and read through some new books and re-read other books. I listened to interviews that I had on my computer collecting digital dust. I started to realize that there was a theme coming out. I was finally getting it.

I then joined a private group on Facebook that included people with the same passion. I did this because I knew I needed to talk to people who shared my interest because no-one I knew locally was interested. I ended up being more of a facilitator than just a participant. I made some good friends and we keep in touch today. It was these folks who started calling me Magic Michael. I will always love these people for they gave me a chance to start teaching what I knew. They gave me the opportunity to share my information. Some of them have reviewed this book, and the ones closest to me are so proud of all the things I have achieved in such a short time. I will say it here, "I love you my friends from that group."

Now I have the recipe that works and more importantly, I have proof that it works. So I can teach it and make another dream of mine come true. That dream is to get this book in your hands, have an online presence, travel the world and give seminars to as many people as possible. I will make a huge difference. I will love, laugh and enjoy every bit of it. I hope you decide to be one of the 2% of people who will dream, believe and achieve whatever you want.

Dream, believe and achieve whatever you want.


Overcoming Obstacles

I start my day the same way. I wake in the morning feeling good. It doesn't matter where I am. I have love in my heart and a smile on my face. I occasionally enjoy a morning cup of tea and a little workout in my gym. A shower and I am ready for whatever joys the day will give me.

I enjoy my mornings very much. At least I do now. No, it wasn't always like this. Not by a long shot.

Sometimes I look back on my previous life and am forced to ask some questions. Did I make a difference? Did I matter? Would anything have changed if I wasn't there? I'm not so sure. For the most part, I would say I did my best. That at least was always my intention. What was I? Was I ever really happy? Did I feel like jumping out of bed in the morning to take on and explore the wonders of this new day? If I didn't change my life how would it have ended? When I was getting to the point of being an old man and looking back on my life would I have done so with pride or excuses? In my mind, I have no doubt what the answer would have been and it would have been an unsatisfactory response.

I was born with an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa that took some of my hearing as well. I never had full sight but I could see well enough to ride my beloved bicycle until around age nine.

I only had tunnel vision, meaning I never had side vision. It would be the same as looking through a narrow tube. I was always night blind but could see well enough when there was a lot of light. I guess, looking back, perhaps this was helpful in adapting to being blind in a few years.

I couldn't see well enough to play sports although I was reasonably athletic. In those days, I had big thick glasses that were quite heavy. I suppose I must have looked dorky. Come to think of it, I probably was dorky too. I didn't have a lot of friends in my first few years of school and I am sure I was called a lot of names because I couldn't join in all the reindeer games.

Some teachers in the public schools would get frustrated with me. They would drag my desk up to the blackboard and make me sit there just because I couldn't see when there was only a few lights on in the room. I would just clam up and say to heck with that! I will say that other teachers did all they could to work with me and I have never forgotten those wonderful people.

I lost a year or two of schooling because of all these issues, bearing in mind that this was way before computers. Accessibility probably wasn't even a word used back then.

As I was a pretty easy target, I was bullied. My big brother took care of a lot of that for me. I believe he used to give them a thumping and say you can't pick on Michael, he's my punching bag. My brother always did have a good sense of humour!

When I was in grade 1 or 2, I remember one winter evening when it was totally dark. I must have been kept after school for some reason and had quite a long walk home. By the time I was a few blocks away I couldn't see anything in the dark between the street lights. I was pretty scared. Probably the first time I remember feeling totally blind.

Mom sent my brother out to find me and when he came along I was stomping my boots so I could hear the sound of my feet on the sidewalk. I guess I was thinking that as long as I was on the sidewalk then I would be fine. I can't remember if I was crying but I was sure happy to hear my brother's voice. He is a few years older than I am. He said, "pretty smart kid, stomping your feet like that." Well that's all I could think of to do.

We didn't know why I wasn't able to see well until I was around 9 years old. I remember spending a whole day in a hospital having various eye tests. That was an awful day. But sometime after that the eye doctor told my folks that not only was there nothing they could do but that, in all likelihood, I was going to go blind.

The day that Dad decided it was time to take my bike away was hard on him. The doctor told him a couple of years previously to take it away. I loved my bike. That thing was my motorcycle and horse all rolled into one. Dad told the doctor that he wouldn't take it away until he had to. One day when I was around 9 or 10, Dad and I were racing. I didn't see the school wall ... crash! Yep, it was time.

May I also apologise to all the little old ladies I ran into during those days. Sunlight played hell with my limited vision.

By the time I was in grade 2 or 3, I was too blind to see the blackboard and was having trouble reading books. Near the beginning of grade 5, I was placed at a school for the blind. This was a boarding school. I hated that part of it.

I really do believe that most of the staff did their best to make it enjoyable but I didn't do very well there. To say I hated it all the time is foolish. But there were many times when I would have preferred to be home in my own bed.

I was lucky though because I got to go home every weekend. Some of the kids lived too far away from the school and only got to go home during longer vacations. Dad was great too. He would drive me to school Monday mornings so I could sleep one more night at home. The other students were bussed back on Sunday evenings.


Excerpted from Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives by Michael Winegarden. Copyright © 2016 Michael Winegarden. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments, vii,
Introduction, ix,
Chapter 1 Choose Success, 1,
Chapter 2 Overcoming Obstacles, 7,
Chapter 3 Our Beliefs, 17,
Chapter 4 The 4 Keys, 27,
Chapter 5 Fears Defeat and Action, 36,
Chapter 6 Law of Attraction, 45,
Chapter 7 Feeling Good, 52,
Chapter 8 Gratitude, 63,
Chapter 9 Power of Belief, 67,
Chapter 10 3 Methods to Attract, 75,
Chapter 11 Visualization & Intention, 82,
Chapter 12 The Simple Procedure, 88,
Chapter 13 Playing with this Information, 92,
Chapter 14 More Things to Do, 96,
Chapter 15 Further Information and Answers, 104,
Chapter 16 More on Thoughts, 111,
Chapter 17 Money, 114,
Chapter 18 EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique, 121,
Chapter 19 Closing Words, 125,
Authors Note, 129,

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