Organic Acids in Aquatic Ecosystems

Organic Acids in Aquatic Ecosystems



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ISBN-13: 9780471926313
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 06/14/1990
Series: Dahlem Workshop Reports-(LS) Life Sciences Series , #12
Pages: 360
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Characterization of Organic Acids in Freshwater: A Current Status and Limitations (F. Frimmel).

Compositional Indicators of Organic Acid Sources and Reactions in Natural Environments (J. Hedges).

Group Report: What Is the Composition of Organic Acids in Aquatic Systems and How Are They Characterized?

(W. Glaze, et al.).

Modeling the Acid-Base Chemistry of Organic Acids in Laboratory Experiments and in Freshwaters (E. Perdue).

Group Report: How Are Acid-Base Properties of ''DOC'' Measured and Modeled and How Do They Affect Aquatic Ecosystems?

(M. Shuman, et al.).

Alteration of Bioavailability and Toxicity by Phototransformation of Organic Acids (D. Francko).

Alteration of Organic Substances During Eutrophication and Effects of the Modified Organic Substances on Trophic Interactions (C. Steinberg).

Group Report: How Do Organic Acids Interact with Solutes, Surfaces, and Organisms?

(D. McKnight, et al.).

Patterns of Organic Acid Transport from Forested Watersheds to Aquatic Ecosystems (C. Cronan).

Production and Utilization of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Riverine Ecosystems (J. Meyer).

Group Reports: What Are the Temporal and Spatial Variations of Organic Acids at the Ecosystem Level?

(P. Mulholland, et al.).

List of Participants with Fields of Research.

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