Organic Cooperation: The Guidebook for the Road to Paradise and Your True Self

Organic Cooperation: The Guidebook for the Road to Paradise and Your True Self

by Frans Baars



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Organic Cooperation: The Guidebook for the Road to Paradise and Your True Self by Frans Baars

Life on Earth seems to be a vicious circle of action/reaction, endlessly frustrating and disempowering, breaking the world up into “Us” and “Them.” The path of Organic Cooperation allows you to break through that cycle, finding your own way, following your own drummer and the Voice of your True Self, while still allowing the power and Voice of others to shine. Written in clear, understandable language, concepts such as the “Life Simulator” and the “Quantum Mirror” provide deep insights about the true meaning of life on Earth. Starting in the familiar world of physical experience, this book takes you on a step-by-step journey to your “Real Life in Paradise.” You can put these concepts into action in your own life immediately and nearly effortlessly. Organic Cooperation is the natural result of being what you truly are, and life in Paradise is where you truly belong.

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ISBN-13: 9780979441059
Publisher: Positively Success
Publication date: 02/24/2017
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Frans Baars, a native of The Netherlands, was self-employed as a business consultant until 2003. His work was based on his vision that companies and organizations are ORGANS in Human Society and Mother Earth. In 2003, his life changed completely. He travelled to the rainforest in Brazil and experienced a deep, deep cleansing on all levels during numerous ayahuasca ceremonies. The next year, he met his wife, the author and channeler Marilyn Zschau Baars in Hawaii. They live in California and, as representatives of the Archangels, they dedicate their life to healing and spreading Love and Light.

Table of Contents

Paradise Lemuria
Duality And Fear
The Life Simulator
Real Life
From Abundance To Scarcity
From Scarcity to Greed and Abuse of Power
Organizations and Societies in the Life Simulator
Do We Really Write Our Own Scripts?
The Bridge to Real Life
Part II: From Density to Light
From Density Back to Light
Accepting Our Divine Nature
Love and Fear
More Students Are Waking Up
Our Body as a Blueprint for Organic Communities
Being What We Are: Our True Self
The Path to Our Heart: Our Free Will as the Mode-Selector
Switching Our Mode Selector to Real Life
The Quantum Mirror: Part 1
Feeling with the Heart
The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven
Part III: The Road to Paradise
The Time for the Light Generation Has Arrived
The Transition into Organic Communities
Organic Communities, Organic Cooperation
Organic Communities in Our Society
The Quantum Mirror: Part 2
New Leadership
Big National or Multinational Corporations
Religious Organizations
Earth as a Body and as an Organ in All There Is
The Mist of Veiled Consciousness
The Power of Sending Love
Transition to the New Earth

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