Organic Gardening: Beginners Guide to Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables

Organic Gardening: Beginners Guide to Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables

by Northern Border eBook Store

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Organic Gardening: Beginners Guide to Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables by Northern Border eBook Store

For many years home gardening has taken a back seat to other hobbies and outdoor past times. The most recent generations have considered gardening at home to be old fashioned and a waste of time, after all, vegetables and produce can be purchased at any local grocery store. However, as the economy has changed younger people have become interested in rural lifestyle and healthier diets. With this interest more attention has been given to home gardening and organic gardening. Grocery stores have started carrying organic vegetables to meet with demands and health concerns but many shoppers have noticed that organic vegetables are often far more expensive than the non-organic counterpart. This discourages shoppers on a tight budget from buying and eating organically. There is an alternative to spending large amounts of money on organic vegetables. Now individuals can grow their own organic vegetables instead of buying them regardless of their individual living situation or available gardening space. Many great organic vegetables can be grown on a small balcony so you do not need a house and a garden to start growing your own organic vegetables. This e-book has been created specifically for those who have become interested in growing organic vegetables in their home but do not know where or how to begin. This e-book is perfect for beginners who have never even thought about gardening before. It will walk you through the process of setting up your own garden easily and affordably. Now you will be able to start our own organic vegetable garden faster than you expected with a detailed, easy to understand, guide that has been created to help you get started. If you are a bit apprehensive about starting your very own organic vegetable garden or apprehensive about gardening in general don’t be! Starting a home garden is much easier than many people realize even if you have never set foot on a farm before or seen a home or backyard garden before. Organic gardening is just as easy since it is only a more natural approach to the gardening that many people and farmers do today. You can start your garden out small to get comfortable with growing organic vegetables and then add to it as time goes on. Once you get your organic vegetable garden started with the help of this e-book you will be amazed at how easy it is and will wonder why you didn’t start your own garden years ago. With the help of this e-book you will be able to grow healthy vegetables for yourself, friends, and family members. You will learn how to harvest the vegetables you grow organically and how to store them once they have been harvested. By starting an organic garden you will be giving yourself an excuse to spend a few minutes outdoors everyday monitoring your growing garden and enjoying the weather. Organic gardening can even become a family pastime. People of all ages can enjoy and benefit from growing organic vegetables.
Chapter 2 – Why Grow Organically?
Some first time gardeners might wonder why they should bother growing their vegetables organically. They wonder if it even makes any difference in the long run. Before that question can be answered a person must first understand what organic gardening really is. Organic gardening is gardening without using any chemically created fertilizers, weed killers, or pesticides. In most gardens store bought fertilizers that are crammed with chemicals are used to treat the soil the vegetables are planted in. Later, more store bought pesticides and weed killers are sprayed among the vegetables while they are growing to kill the insects and weeds that are part of any garden. For many using store bought fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides seems like the best choice. It is often considered easier to run to the market, purchase a bottle of “weed killer” and spray your garden whenever you notice weeds growing. The process is later repeated when any pests appear or the vegetables do not seem to be growing well. The problem with using these store bought, chemically enhanced items is that you rarely know exactly what you are exposing your vegetables to. There are some people who do take the time to check the ingredients on their products before buying them but most of us don’t. In fact, many of us only look for the cheapest products available. After buying based on price we are then exposing ourselves to potentially harmful chemicals by using them on food we plan to later eat. Yes most vegetables are washed before being eaten but how thoroughly and how will washing help when the food has been grown using fertilizer loaded with unknown chemicals. The following are two common pesticides used for gardening with their known possible side effects: Malathion- Abdominal pain, stomach cramps, anxiety, unsteadiness, confusion, depression, diarrhea, labored breathing, dizziness, sweating, loss of bowel or bladder control, eyelid, face, and neck twitching, unusual...

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