by Robert Miles
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Organik 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Organik must stand on its own merit if it is to be truly enjoyed. First I will put out in the open my initial disappointments and or fears. There are no linear notes! For an album that is so differnet, so unique the listener needs an introduction of some type to know what he is trying to do artistically. I only know from looking at his web site that Organik is Robert's darker view of the world. Another disappointment is the new age label narada releasing Organik. Might be no casue for concern but I fear he will en up in the new age bargain bin. So with that I will now get onto what I liked.Organik gathers together several talented artists including the London Session Orchestra. The orchestra's involvement in such songs as Tsbol, Wrong and Pour Te Paler make them stand out as highlights of the album. The strings are chilling and shows the darker image that Robert is trying to portray. Paths is the only ''vocal'' song to be found on the album and even though the sound is very strange it does have potential to be a great dance hit if remixed properly. Overall I enjoyed Organik. I am happy Robert finally gets to create music that he enjoys. I will support him through the highs and lows. Robert Miles is incredibly talented and I think Organik overall might be ahead of its time. I hope his fans will continue their support even if at first this album doesn't suit them.