Organizational Enablers for Project Governance

Organizational Enablers for Project Governance


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ISBN-13: 9781628250848
Publisher: Project Management Institute
Publication date: 01/01/2016
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 17.20(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

List of Tables vii

List of Figures ix

Executive Summary xi

Introduction 1

Study Background 3

Research Questions 4

Scope and Objectives of the Study 5

Institutional Theory 6

The Management Process 7

Milestones and Deliverables 8

Theoretical Perspective and Literature Review 11

Institutional Theory 11

Governance 13

Governance in the Realm of Projects 17

Governmentality 29

Organizational Enablers 32

Projectification 36

Research Design and Methodology 41

Research Design 42

Study 1 Methodology: Systematic Literature Review 47

Study 2 Methodology: Qualitative Cross-Sectional Study 49

Study 3 Methodology: The Quantitative Study 53

Study 4 Methodology: The Longitudinal Study 62

Case Companies and Narratives 65

Company A: Small, Sweden 65

Company B: Medium, Sweden 68

Company C: Large, Sweden 71

Company D: Small, China 75

Company E: Medium, China 77

Company F: Large, China 82

Conceptual and Qualitative Studies: Analysis and Results 89

Results from Study 1: Systematic Literature Review 89

Results from Study 2: The Qualitative Study 97

Results from Study 4: The Longitudinal Study 101

Quantitative Study: Analysis and Results 115

Part 1 Analyses at the Level of Project Governance, Governance of Projects, and Governmentality 118

Part 2 Mediation Analyses 141

The Relationship Between Organizational Enablers and Success 147

Discussion 157

Organizational Enablers 158

Contextual Influences 161

An Institutional Theory Perspective 162

Organizational Enablers: An Institutional Reflection 164

Conclusions 169

Research Question 1-Governance Practices 170

Research Question 2-Organizational Enablers 173

Research Question 3-Evolution of Governance and Governmentality 179

Appendix 185

Appendix A1 Case Study Protocol 185

Appendix A2 Enablers for Project Governance 192

Appendix A3 Interview Questions-Study 4 205

Appendix A4 Summary of Governance in the Small Swedish Company 207

Appendix A5 Summary of Governance in the Medium-Sized Swedish Company 209

Appendix A6 Summary of Governance in the Large Swedish Company 211

Appendix A7 Summary of Governance in the Small Chinese Company 213

Appendix A8 Summary of Governance in the Medium-Sized Chinese Company 215

Appendix A9 Summary of Governance in the Large Chinese Company 217

Appendix A10 Commonalities and Differences Among the Case Companies 219

Appendix A11 Descriptive Statistics 222

Appendix A12 Demographic Differences 223

Appendix A13 Differences by Governance and Corporate Success 224

Appendix A14 Governance Profiles by Success Type 225

References 226

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