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Organizing for Whole Language by Yetta Goodman

Whole language is a dynamic and innovative grassroots movement in education. Because of whole language, power has shifted to teachers, and that means that many of the traditional ways of organizing classrooms and schools for instruction are being reexamined. This book reports some of the innovations in organization accomplished by empowered professionals. Classroom teachers, administrators, parents, and teacher educators who have been immersed in whole language settings share their experiences organizing time, space, materials, people, and ideas to turn the philosophy of whole language into classroom realities. Some of the authors in this book also appeared in it companion, The Whole Language Evaluation Book. In addition, Organizing for Whole Language includes new contributors such as a whole language parent support group, secondary educators from Great Britain, and a group of teachers involved in the transition of an inner city school to whole language. It covers the spectrum from early childhood through secondary school to teacher education. It includes discussion of special education, multilingual, multicultural, and alternative settings. The authors provide specific detailed descriptions but there are no blueprints in this book to be slavishly followed; their clear message is that there are better ways to organize than those that have become traditional and the whole language philosophy is a productive basis for change. Teachers in classrooms and in support roles will be inspired by ways the contributors have found to organize their classrooms and professional lives. Administrators will obtain insights for understanding their own innovative faculty members and for supporting those moving toward whole language. School and district committees charged with planning for whole language will find many practical and useful ideas in this book. Teacher educators will find this useful not only as a text for students but also for personal development to examine teacher education classes to assure that they are whole language settings in which future teachers will learn.

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ISBN-13: 9780435085414
Publisher: Heinemann
Publication date: 08/19/1991
Pages: 387
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