Organo Gold: King of Coffee or International Business Sensation?: Turning beverages into a Health and Wellness Business Engine

Organo Gold: King of Coffee or International Business Sensation?: Turning beverages into a Health and Wellness Business Engine

by Brian Kelly


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Organo Gold: King of Coffee or International Business Sensation?: Turning beverages into a Health and Wellness Business Engine by Brian Kelly

Join Brian Kelly as he explores the brilliant combination of Wellness and the most popular beverages on Earth. The author investigates and delves into Organo Gold, its product line, the Wellness Industry and Network Marketing, to bring you a comprehensive framework as to what you need to know BEFORE you make any decision.

Who should read this book?
1. Every potential distributor considering Organo Gold
2. Any Organo Gold distributor - Read this book before your prospect does!

This book is your Organo Gold review or due diligence - Discover:

Truth or Fiction - Is the Ganoderma mushroom REALLY as powerful as is claimed? What's the truth behind all the bold promises?
The Wellness Industry - Have you missed the boat or is today just the beginning?
Why is the North American Market for Organo Gold growing so fast?
Newsflash: There is a New Wave of Networking Marketing where the 'old guru's' are no longer in charge, where average people are earning mega-dollars.
What is the New Wave of Network Marketing and why is Organo Gold leading the way?
What factors make the Wellness Industry so extremely profitable and how can you tap into them with Organo Gold?
Ganoderma: cure all - fact or fad?
Quick Quiz- Are these issues faced by an ageing population OR are they a description of what Ganoderma can do:
• Re-establish and increase immune function
• Increase stamina and endurance
• Maintain and increase memory and focus
• Establish and maintain a healthy digestive system
• Fix, maintain and protect liver function
• Increase our diet in fiber, minerals, and other nutrients
If you answered 'both' you are absolutely right, and that is the key reason why our aging population, where every 7 seconds an American turns 50, is seeking to reverse the negative consequences of aging WITHOUT changing their lifestyle. Hello, can you say 'Coffee'? Learn all about this win-win combination.
As you read this book, you'll learn consumers don't want to change long-held habits. Why buck the trend by selling vitamins, expensive juices, gels, bottles and bottles and bottles, when you can just let people drink what they like, coffee, tea or hot chocolate and fix their major complaints?
As you read the book, your realize this is why Organo Gold is set to not just dominate, but to flat out smash Network Marketing millionaire creation records.
There is a logic behind Organo Gold's success: They sell what people already like, and make them healthy in the process. How many samples of gel or juice do you have to give away to get a sale? Let alone find someone willing to try them. But make an offer of a free coffee or Latte, and within seconds a prospect is drinking your product.
What about all those claims made by Organo Gold consumers? Could they be real? What's the bottom line?
Clarity and Energy and the End of 'Mental fog' - without drug or jitters
Why do they say that Organo Gold is probably the only network marketing company where you really DON'T have to sell products?
As 90% of the population drinks coffee, tea or hot chocolate, this is the first network marketing company where even the 'person who HATES sales' wins!
Learn why Organo Gold has been one of the only Networking companies that has been built from the bottom up, i.e. from non-networkers who just exchange coffee with friends. This has resulted in non-networkers who have earned millions. It may be the first company in MLM history to reach its level of sales without the traditional MLM professionals promoting it. What does this mean for you?
Understanding the above concept by reading this book will allow you to build a very profitable team, worldwide, with Organo Gold now and into the future. The size of the coffee market, the tea market and the Wellness industry dwarf the network marketing industry. This book reveals why the usual rules don't apply to Organo Gold, and that is why they have not even scratched the surface.

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ISBN-13: 9781492104513
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/10/2013
Pages: 146
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