Oriental Foods and Herbs: Chemistry and Health Benefits

Oriental Foods and Herbs: Chemistry and Health Benefits

by Chi-Tang Ho
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American Chemical Society

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Oriental Foods and Herbs: Chemistry and Health Benefits

This book discusses the modern chemical research on Oriental functional foods and herbal products. Emphasis is placed on the application of modern scientific technology to assure the efficacy and safety of functional foods and nutraceutical supplements.

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ISBN-13: 9780841238411
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication date: 09/28/2003
Series: ACS Symposium Series , #859
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.00(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

1. Oriental Herbal Products: The Basis for Development of Dietary Supplements and New Medicines in the 21st Century, Kuo-Hsiung Lee, Hideji Itokawa, and Mutsuo Kosuka
2. Standardization of the Traditional Functional Foods from Medicine Herbs, Yuh-Chiang Shen, Wen-Fei Chiou, Guei-Jane Wang, Cheng-Jen Chou and Chieh-Fu Chen
3. Targeting of Inflammation Using Nutraceuticals, Mohamed M. Rafi and Perm Narayan Yadav
Biological Activity
4. Carnosol from Rosemary Suppresses Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Through Down-regulating NF κB in Murine Macrophages, Jen-Kun Lin, Ai-Hsiang Lo, Chi-Tang Ho and Shoei-Yn Lin-Shiau
5. Hypolipidemic Effect and Antiatherogenic Potential of Pu-Erh Tea, Lucy Sun Hwang, Lan-Chi Lin, Nien-Tsu Chen, Huei-Chiuan Liuchang and Ming-Shi Shiao
6. Protective Effects of Baicalein and Wogonin Against Mutagen-induced Genotoxicities, Yune-Fang Ueng, Chi-Chuo Shyu, Tsung-Yun Liu, Yoshimitsu Oda, Sang Shin Park, Yun-Lian Lin and Chieh-Fu Chen
7. Biological Activities of Flavonoids Isolated from Chinese Herb Huang Qui: Inhibition of NO and PGE2 Production by Flavonoids, Yen-Chou Chen, Sheng-Chuan Shen and Foun-Lin Hsu
8. Induction of Apoptosis by Rosemary Polyphenols in HL-60 Cells, Shoei-Yn Lin-Shiau, Ai-Hsiang Lo, Chi-Tang Ho and Jen-Kun Lin
9. Anticaries Effect of Wasabi Components, Hideki Masuda, Toshio Inoue, and Yoko Kobayashi
10. Bioactivity of Lycopene-Rich Carotenoid Concentrate Extracted from Tomato, John Shi
11. Antioxidants in Herbs of Okinawa Islands, Nobuji Nakatani
12. Antioxidants from Some Tropical Spices, Hiroe Kikuzaki
13. Antioxidant Capacity of Berry Crops and Herbs, Shiow Y. Wang
14. Antioxidant Properties of Hsian-tsao (Mesona procumbens Hemsl.), Gow-Chin Yen, Chien-Ya Hung and Yen-Ju Chen
15. Effect of Different Heating Processes on Cytotoxic and Free Radical Scavenging Properties of Onion Powder, Hui-Yin Fu and Tzou-Chi Huang
16. Identification of Antioxidants from Du-Zhong (Eucommia ulmoides Oliver) Directed by DPPH Free Radical-Scavenging Activity, Yong Chen, Nanqun Zhu and Chi-Tang Ho
17. Schisandra chinensis: Chemistry and Analysis, Mingfu Wang, Qing-Li Wu, Yaakov Tadmor, James E. Simon, Shengmin Sang and Chi-Tang Ho
18. Phytochemical and Biological Studies on Evodia lepta, Guolin Li, Dayuan Zhu and Ravindra K. Pandey
19. Unique Chemistry of Aged Garlic Extract, Kenjiro Ryu and Robert T. Rosen
20. Three New Sesquiterpene Lactones from Inula Britannica, Nai-Sheng Bai, Bing-Nan Zhou, Li Zhang, Shengmin Sang, Kan He and Qun Yi Zheng
21. Chemistry and Bioactivity of the Seeds of Vaccaria segetalis, Shengmin Sang, Aina Lao, Zhongliang Chen, Jun Uzawa, and Yasuo Fujimoto
22. Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Loquat Leaves (Eriobotrya japonica), Qing-Li Wu, Mingfu Wang, James E. Simon, Shi-Chun Yu, Pei-Gen Xiao and Chi-Tang Ho
23. Changes in Some Components of Tea Fungus Fermented Black Tea, Hui-Yin Fu
24. Chemistry and Bioactivity of Allium tubersom Seeds, Shengmin Sang, Aina Lao and Zhongliang Chen

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