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Origami Charming Kusudama: Magic Spheres out of Paper

Origami Charming Kusudama: Magic Spheres out of Paper

by Yuri Shumakov, Katrin Shumakov


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Origami Charming Kusudama of the Origami Décor Series by the Oriland creators will show you how to make magic spheres out of paper, called Kusudama, traditional ones and the authors' original designs. Kusudama ('healing sphere' in Japanese) is a decorative paper ball usually made of several modules connected together to form an attractive sphere filled with harmony and beauty.

The sphere designs in this book use a common technique for making a kusudama where six modules, each folded from paper in the pure origami style, are glued together to shape a ball. The 6-module kusudama designs possess a certain charm when balancing the folding efforts and the elegance of the result. Some of these designs have a 10-module version in a form of an eye-catching lantern.

Do-It-Yourself - fold these charming kusudama models - the Jasmine Sphere, the traditional Kusudama 'Pendant', the Lantern-like Kusudama 'Pendant', the Kusudama 'Roses', the Lantern-like Kusudama 'Roses', the Kusudama 'Star', the Himalayan Poppy Sphere, the Tsuru Tama (or Crane Kusudama), the Lantern-like Tsuru Tama, the Fairy Wings Sphere and the Chinese Dogwood Sphere. Along with kusudama designs, there are also related decorative and floral models - the 2-Module Pendant, the Pendant 'Rose', 4- and 8-Pointed Stars, the Jasmine Flower, the Fairy Wings Flower and the Chinese Dogwood Flower, as well as Stalks and Oval Pointed Leaves for them.

180 detailed step-by-step colorful diagrams with written instructions and 50 photos of examples of completed projects will guide you through folding the 18 origami designs. For every project, there are recommendations on paper type and size including an indication of the size of the completed model. The designs are from simple to intermediate level of folding and are good for the novice and the expert alike. In addition, the authors' article "Magic of Kusudama" introduces the kusudama theme, shedding some light on how they were used in ancient Japan and how kusudama designs keep their charm in the present. A kusudama influences positively the mood of a person who made it or who receives it as a gift or even just looks at it.

Kusudama spheres are wonderful decorations able to bring a unique atmosphere into every home. They can be a terrific gift for your friends and family too. Creative, original and beautiful!

Have a wonderful and fun time with this book creating these magic spheres out of paper! Happy folding!

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ISBN-13: 9781522733362
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/20/2015
Series: Origami Decor , #1
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

Katrin and Yuri Shumakov - a stellar artist-duo, professional origami creators, who started their origami journey in France in 1989 and since then they unfold this art in a heretofore unseen way! They have created amazing paper world ORILAND with incredible fantasy Kingdoms that impress with rich detail of majestic castles, abundance of paper flora and busy life of little paper dwellers. Their newest kingdoms Toy-ronto and Albuquerque combine fantasy and reality together, presenting a whimsical artistic rendition of iconic sights of these cities. Another beautiful and elegant aspect of origami they brought to life is ORIBANA - a marriage of two Japanese arts: Origami and Ikebana. By combining these remarkable art-forms, in early 1990s Katrin and Yuri began to create paper flower arrangements in paper vases and thought up a distinctive name for it - Oribana. Since then they designed more than 50 charming oribana-compositions with a broad variety of origami flowers and vases. Being prolific origami authors they created more than a thousand of origami designs from simple forms and cute characters to complex dinosaurs' skeletons and architecture that all have a distinctive Oriland style. Psychologists by education, Katrin and Yuri have studied how origami helps children learn. Their Ph.D scientific work shows that by doing origami, children develop better use of both hands and that origami can improve creativity and intelligence in children ages 7 to 11. They believe that origami is "entertainment for the soul, gymnastics for the mind, and training for the hands." In 1999, Yuri and Katrin received the Silver Award in the ThinkQuest International Competition for their 'Travel to Oriland' website and it brought them and their team to Universal Studios Hollywood for the Award Ceremony! Their website became a winner of the Childnet Award that was given them in Paris, France. Both these projects were acknowledged as high quality creative, educational and fun websites for children and adults. Yuri and Katrin have written more than 30 origami books and instructional CDs, and their works have been exhibited in many countries including several venues in the United States, France, Spain and Canada. The Shumakovs also extend their artistic talents to the realm of photography and music. Katrin is a winner of the Toronto Photo Contest 2010. Yuri is enjoying music composing and sound design. They live in Toronto, Canada, love yoga and a healthy style of life.

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