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Origin: Riddles of the Phoenix

Origin: Riddles of the Phoenix

by T. J. Marino


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After the genocide comitted against the Anasazi by the Angel of Fire, Uriel and Lord Tiamut, Magus, Reno, Livingston, and Dr. Walden are taken aboard the "Nibaru". Dr. Carlyle and the others flee into the wlderness where they meet up with Kisigari who teaches the travelers a new way to travel the Lay Lines and tells them to journey to the Planet of the Phoenix where Dr. Carlyle can awaken his true self. Dr. Carlyle goes through the riddles of the phoenix as Evan and the rest of the travelers try to defend against the lord of dark matter, Loki.

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ISBN-13: 9781477204528
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/05/2012
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Riddles of the Phoenix
By T.J. Marino


Copyright © 2012 T.J. Marino
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-0452-8

Chapter One

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void ...

Before Existence

No life, no time, no existence, no laws of physics, or hint of thought of being. Just darkness and emptiness existed. No one knows for how long or if it even existed at all. All that is known is that at some point nothingness and darkness got lonely and sparked the Source. It has no physical shape or manifestation. It just is and always has been there. The Source formulated and used its will to begin and create existence.

Before all else, matter was formed and began to centralize in one location. Swarms of newly born substances and forces began to combine and swirl forming a massive object. As the object took shape it formed mountains, trees, water, and other various things to help itself sustain and thrive. Energy begins to build at its center and then fires off in various directions forming the Lay Lines. As the object begins to rotate and stabilize a massive formation of rocks begin to pile up from its surface carving and molding itself into shape. Upon completion it formed into a massive stone temple towering several stories with various symbols etched into every stone. The temple begins to glow with a bright golden aura as it begins to shoot out hundreds of balls of flame. Each projection of flame begins to move and take shape. Thus the phoenix had been born and they began to formulate a singular consciousness with each other as they drew from the Source limitlessly, understanding and determining life and reality.

The phoenix all begin to gather as seven more break off and fly to the middle of the fiery swarm. Energy begins to emit from the seven birds of flame as they begin to change shape. Their bodies begin to solidify as they turn into separate stone tablets. The tornado of phoenix then begins to shoot separate streams of fire at the stone tablets etching ancient scriptures on their surfaces. Each tablet had now been indoctrinated with the rules and very essence of life and existence itself.

The tablets stop rotating and become stationary as they begin to glow an amber color. Suddenly, energy bursts from each tablet to the center of their formation. A figure begins to form and take shape. The light begins to fade from around the figure as it fully extends its arms and legs. At that moment the tablets fire off in all directions off of the planet. The new life form opens its eyes, as the fiery tornado of phoenix begin to merge into one giant one. The figure kneels before the massive fire bird as it begins to speak with multiple voices and languages at once.

"You shall be governor and creator of all the rest of existence. You can and will create what you will, but know that a balance must be kept. For without balance, existence would rip itself apart."

The figure rises to its feet slowly in understanding.

"What limitations do I have?"

The phoenix responds immediately.

"None, but you must create seven more worlds like this one to serve as mantles for the Tablets of Destiny. There are also other realms of existence to which you have access. You can still govern this realm and dwell in another, but know that your rule is not absolute. For should you not be favored by the other life forms you create they may, if they choose, challenge you for your position. If the balance is not kept then we will end your rule ourselves with our own chosen one."

The figure nods in agreement.

"I understand and will do as you have requested."

"Go now and create. Be fruitful in your endeavors."

The phoenix bursts into the separate smaller birds as they swiftly fly toward the massive temple. They all encircle above the center and quickly dive down into its central chamber. The figure turns and looks skyward as he then takes flight to begin the creation of the first universe.

8 Universes and 2,500,103'000 Years Later

The fierce battle on a lush planet rages on between Zeus and Ceries for the rule of the cosmos.

"Why do you wish to challenge the Creator? We finally have peace and order. Why would you take that from life?"

Zeus smiles as he takes up a defensive stance.

"Peace and order, you call a life of servitude and constant fear of destruction, peace and order? Ceries, you have long carried out the destruction of entire worlds on his behalf. Many of those worlds wished nothing more than to expand upon your true peace and tranquility. The Creator is out of control and has ruled the universe with utter chaos."

Ceries begins to laugh at Zeus' remarks as he lunges forward punching Zeus in the face. Zeus flies backwards from the impact as Ceries moves in to continue his assault. Ceries head butts Zeus in the chin and then quickly spins around him putting him in a choke hold.

"Zeus, you cannot possibly understand what the Creator has planned for all, and I will not grant you the chance of bringing any form of control to this universe of chaos."

Ceries knees Zeus in the back and then round house kicks him to the ground. As Zeus slowly recovers he notices a young man with six angelic wings begin to fly toward him.

"Are you alright?"

Zeus slowly gets up on his feet as he replies.

"You must leave here at once. You are going to get hurt if you stay. I am fine and I will bring you peace."

"Ah, trying to find help with the locals are we? You won't find it here Zeus. The creatures of this planet are well indoctrinated in the ways of the Creator and serve him loyally."

Zeus quickly spins and fires an energy blast at Ceries. As Ceries blocks the attack aside he is then uppercut in the jaw sending him flying skyward. The young man watches as the juggernauts continue their battle until finally, Ceries gains the upper hand. Ceries punches Zeus in the stomach as he keels over from the blow. Ceries then clasps his hands together and hammers Zeus on top of his head sending him smashing into the ground once more. Ceries begins to form a lance made of pure energy as he looms over Zeus' body.

"Now, you will die mighty Zeus. And the Creator shall continue to rule over all of existence unchallenged."

Ceries charges at Zeus who is still struggling to get back on his feet. Ceries rears back his lance to deliver the final blow when suddenly his eyes widen as he hears a crunching sound rip through his chest. He looks down to see a long spear running completely through his body and looks up to see the six winged young man was the one who had ended his existence.

"But, why ... when he has favored your kind most of all?"

The young man smiles as he replies.

"In a world of chaos and utter destruction none are truly safe, not even the Creator who made it so."

Ceries spits out a pool of blood as the young man watches the life fade from his eyes. He then kicks Ceries off of his spear and then turns to Zeus who is struggling to get on his feet.

"Are you okay?"

"I thought I told you to leave."

The young man smiles as he begins into his leather pouch.

"Well that's one hell of a thank you. Anyway I thought you might need this in order to complete your task."

The young man pulls out a stone tablet and hands it to Zeus.

"A Tablet of Destiny? Why would you help me?"

"I'm a firm believer in chaos, but even with chaos some order and balance must be kept."

Zeus smiles as he places his hand on the young man's shoulders.

"What is your name?"

"My name is Tiamut of the Annunaki."

Suddenly blood sprays across Tiamut's face as he sees a hand rip through Zeus' chest. The hand quickly retracts as his body hits the ground hard like an anvil. Tiamut sees the Creator himself standing before him.

"Lord Nero!"

Tiamut exclaims as Nero tosses Zeus' heart to the side.

"Hello Tiamut of the Annunaki. I'll be taking back what's mine now."

Nero reaches for the Tablet of Destiny laying next to Zeus' lifeless body. Nero quickly jumps back as he dodges a thrust from Tiamut's spear.

"No you won't my lord."

"Are you insane?"

Nero scoffs as Tiamut stands firm.

"No, I am not. Your time of chaotic unbalanced rule is over. I won't let your reign of terror continue."

Nero begins to laugh at Tiamut's gesture.

"Well you truly are brave indeed. What makes you think you are worthy enough or strong enough to challenge me for my throne?"

"It has nothing to do with it. But I will die trying at any rate."

Nero smiles with confidence and pride at his creation's bravery.

"It matters not, I will take it from you anyway and kill you for your insolence. There will be no challenge. Not for you or for anyone else."

Nero charges at Tiamut, but they are both knocked off of their feet as a beam of fire hits Zeus' body breathing life back into it. Zeus' body is set ablaze and as the fire begins to subside, his eyes begin to burn with fire. Nero gets up and stares at Zeus' raw power emanating from his body.

"What are you?"

Zeus begins to speak in various languages all at one time.

"Has it been so long that you have forgotten us? I am the Phoenix Warrior, the Source's chosen one. You have upset the balance and neglected the duties of your position. Every being has a right to challenge for the throne. From the most powerful species to the most insignificant, all are worthy to challenge."

Nero stands in silence for a moment, coming to grips with what the Phoenix Warrior has stated.

"I have done no such thing. Besides, I was just about to accept the Annunaki's challenge and end his life until you interrupted me."

"Silence Nero! You know that the challenge is not fought until all of the Tablets of Destiny are on the altars and it is held outside of space and time. You cannot deny free will and vanquish those who set out to challenge you. It has upset the balance thus negating the laws of the Source. It is by its will that we are forced to end your rule as Creator."

Anger builds from deep inside Nero at the mere thought of losing his position.

"NOOOO!" Nero shouts as he begins to assault the Phoenix Warrior.

Nero ferociously punches, kicks, and fires energy blast after energy blast. The Phoenix warrior continues to effortlessly dodge every attack, continuing to make Nero angrier and angrier. Tiamut picks himself up off of the ground as he watches Nero's painstaking efforts to fight the Phoenix Warrior. Finally, fed up with Nero's meaningless efforts, the Phoenix Warrior thrusts his hand forward binding Nero in flaming energy. Nero struggles to break free but to no avail.

"What is this madness? I am the Creator of this universe, no one can match my power."

"True, you did become this universe's Creator, but your power is nothing compared to the Source and I am created from it directly and act as its mediator."

Nero screams out in pain as he feels his very life essence leave his body.

"I strip you of your power and your position. You are now mortal again."

"You can't ..."

"Silence, or would you rather I end your life?"

The Phoenix Warrior's words silence Nero quickly.

"According to the Tablets of Destiny, a new Creator must be chosen due to my actions here today."

The Phoenix Warrior turns and looks at a still shocked and amazed Tiamut.

"You shall be his successor."

"What? Why me? What do I know of being a Creator?"

The Phoenix Warrior smiles as he continues.

"The Source has found you worthy and full of potential. You shall go before the phoenix at the Temple of Existence, and they will indoctrinate you with what must transpire for you to become the creator of the next universe. The Phoenix Warrior teleports himself and Tiamut to the Planet of the Phoenix as Nero wallows in his mortal form waiting for his universe's end.

Chapter Two

Temple of Existence/ Planet of the Phoenix 1,000,300,300 Years Later

Malik sits on the steps of the Temple of Existence waiting impatiently.

"Damn, where is he? He should have been here by now."

Malik's attention is turned skyward as he sees the figure of a half breed, like himself, descend upon him.

"It's about time Loki. I was just about to leave."

Loki quickly rushes at Malik and grabs him by the throat pulling him in close.

"Tell me why I shouldn't kill you where you stand deserter?" Malik smiles as he swings his legs up and wraps them around his arm. He then rolls backwards, flipping Loki into the stone steps of the ancient temple.

"Because if you kill me you will never find out what I have been up to or why I have chosen to abandon my post."

Loki picks himself up off of the ground and crosses his arms, continuing to stare at Malik in anger.

"Go on then, share your epiphany."

Malik smiles as he begins to explain.

"I have learned a great many things in my studies as I have traveled the universe. When I was instructed to hide three of the Tablets of Destiny, I ventured to Earth and discovered an interesting species."

Loki grows a look of annoyance as he begins to grow impatient.

"The Anasazi have long been in touch with the Source, so much so that if they chose, they could even match our power. In spite of that they choose to live in peace and use that power as a tool for knowledge. Thousands of years ago one of their tribe leaders traveled the Lay Lines and used it to take him anywhere in the universe that he wanted. Can you guess where he traveled to?"

Loki looks around and replies sternly.

"I take it to this planet, thus the reason why you summoned me here."

Malik smiles as he continues while looking at the Temple of Existence.

"That's right, here at the dawning of everything even the Creator himself. The tribal leader went into the temple and was granted an audience with the phoenix. The phoenix saw the tribe's noble and peaceful existence and granted the tribal leader great knowledge of the ways things are and why we even exist."

"We exist to serve God, what more is there to know. You bare me with your meaningless babble and I am growing very impatient."

Malik holds up his hands motioning for Loki to calm down.

"I understand Loki, but just hear me out. Why out of everything that is created by each new Creator, does this place never change? Think about it, the Phoenix are mediators. They keep the balance of things in order, so that existence can be. Even God must adhere to their law. After spending several days with the Anasazi elder, I learned some valuable information."

"And what is that?"

Malik smiles as he motions for Loki to enter the Temple of Existence.

"Enter and see for yourself Loki, I have already set things in motion that will aid us in the future. Just here me out and when you understand as I do you will help me change things."

Loki hesitates for a moment as he then slowly follows Malik into the temple. The two of them fade inside as they begin to walk the dark corridors.

* * *

Eastern Siberia/ Planet Earth 100,000 Years Later

The snow falls heavy in the Siberian Tundra as the sunlight barely passes through the clouds of the snow storm. Suddenly, a figure slams hard into the deep trench of snow as the white powder kicks up everywhere and blends back into the frigid falling snow. The figure jumps up out of the crater he created from the sheer force of his impact. Malik pulls a stone tablet out of his pouch and he lets it go as it begins to levitate in place.

"Now to ensure that all I have worked for falls into place. I will use you to create the ultimate life form."

Malik makes symbolic movements with his hands as the Tablet of Destiny begins to glow a golden color. As the bright aura envelops, it begins to mold and form into a human figure curled up into a ball. As the light fades, a young boy remains with black markings on his body and bright fiery red hair. The boy stretches his arms and legs and as he opens his eyes they are completely black with no pupils or a hint of white. Malik smiles as he marvels at his creation.

"Welcome to Earth Evan. You have a great task ahead of you. Protect and serve your God and protect the humans at all costs."

Malik turns and looks skyward as he readies himself to leave. Suddenly a sharp pain enters his head.

"Where am I and how do I do these things you ask?"

Malik smiles as he turns to face him.

"Adapt, improvise, and overcome. That's one of the joys of life is figuring things out on your own and walking your own path."

Malik spreads his wings wide and then takes off out of sight. The blizzard grows stronger as Evan looks to the East and begins wandering through the endless Siberian snow.

* * *

Ancient Anasazi Ruins/ Planet Ishtar 9:30 P.M. / Earth Time

Kisigari gathers everyone at the center of the ancient Anasazi ruins around a campfire.

"Long ago it all began with the Source. The Source is the living essence of existence, and like most living things it has a protector, a defense mechanism if you will."

Clarice nods off as Evan punches her arm to keep her awake. Kisigari continues on with his tale.


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