Original Papers of John Hopkinson: Volume 2, Scientific Papers

Original Papers of John Hopkinson: Volume 2, Scientific Papers


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ISBN-13: 9781107455993
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 07/24/2014
Pages: 402
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.91(d)

Table of Contents

18. The residual charge of the Leyden jar; 19. Residual charge of the Leyden jar; dielectric properties of different glasses; 20. Refractive indices of glass; 21. Electrostatic capacity of glass and of liquids; 23. On the refractive index and specific inductive capacity of transparent insulating media; 24. On the quadrant electrometer; 25. Note on specific inductive capacity; 26. Specific inductive capacity; 27. On the capacity and residual charge of dielectrics as affected by temperature and time; 28. On the magnetisation of iron; 29. Magnetic properties of an impure nickel; 30. Magnetic and other physical properties of iron at a high temperature; 31. Magnetism and recalescence; 32. Magnetic properties of nickel and iron; 33. Note on the density of alloys of nickel and iron; 34. Magnetic properties of pure iron Francis Lydall and Alfred W. S. Pocklington; 35. Magnetic viscosity J. Hopkinson and B. Hopkinson; 36. Magnetic viscosity J. Hopkinson, E. Wilson and F. Lydall; 37. Propagation of magnetisation of iron as affected by the electric currents in the iron J. Hopkinson and E. Wilson; 38. On the rupture of iron wire by a blow; 39. Further experiments on the rupture of iron wire; 40. The mathematical theory of Tartini's beats; 41. On the stresses produced in an elastic disc by rapid rotation; 42. On the effect of internal friction on resonance; 43. On the optical properties of a titano-silicic glass Professor Stokes and J. Hopkinson; 44. Certain cases of electromotive force sustained by the action of electrolytes on electrolytes; 45. On the quasi-rigidity of a rapidly moving chain; 46. On the torsional strain which remains in a glass fibre after release from twisting stress; 47. On the stresses caused in an elastic solid by inequalities of temperature; 48. On the thermo-elastic properties of solids; 49. On high electrical resistances; 50. Note on Mr E. H. Hall's experiments on the 'action of magnetism on a permanent electric current'; 51. Notes on the seat of the electromotive forces in a voltaic cell; 52. Alternate current electrolysis J. Hopkinson, E. Wilson and F. Lydall.

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