Origins of Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words

Origins of Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words


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Origins of Naturopathic Medicine, the first of a twelve volume series entitled The Hevert Collection: In Their Own Words, returns to print prominent contributors to the journals published by Benedict Lust between 1900 and 1923. Topics in this first volume include the medical laws of Naturopathy, discussions of therapies, descriptions of health resorts and clinics founded, colleges and school needs, medical legislations of the time, legal issues faced, strategies to discredit Naturopathy, issues of medical freedom, Convention business, physical therapy, and much more. Many illustrations and an index are included. Benedict Lust (1872-1945) at the age of 29 had already founded North America's first School of Naturopathic Medicine in New York City (1901). From 1896 to his death, his journal, The Naturopath and Herald of Health, provided a sophisticated, widely utilized forum for the Naturopathic profession in the early 20th century and helped to establish the educational foundation and framework for the naturopathic profession. Organized and selected by Sussanna Czeranko, ND, The Hevert Collection gives readers access to the issues which were faced by the early Naturopaths and which shaped and coalesced the profession, preparing those who followed these extraordinary pioneers to endure many obstacles. Many valuable lessons from this restored literature guide and teach us a century later—when many of the same issues continue.

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ISBN-13: 9781945785009
Publisher: NUNM Press
Publication date: 09/11/2016
Series: In Their Own Words
Pages: 376
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.84(d)

About the Author

Sussanna Czeranko, ND, BBE, is a 1994 graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (Toronto) and a licensed ND in Oregon. In the last twenty-two years, she has developed an extensive armamentarium of traditional naturopathic therapies for her patients. Especially interested in balneotherapy, botanical medicine, breathing and nutrition, she is a frequent international presenter and workshop leader.
She is a monthly Contributing Editor (Nature Cure-Past Pearls) for NDNR and a Contributing Writer for the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project.
Dr. Czeranko founded The Breathing Academy and along with Dr. Karis Tressel The Nature-Cure Academy, both of which provide training and practicums for
Naturopathic doctors, the former in the scientific model of Buteyko breathing therapy, and the latter in traditional Naturopathic modalities. Dr. Czeranko also founded Manitou Waters Clinic, Spa and Health Education Centre in Saskatchewan, Canada, on the shores of a pristine, highly mineralized northern lake.

Table of Contents

A Brief History Of Natural Medicine • Benedict Lust
Allopathy • Friedrich Eduard Bilz
Christian Science And Naturopathy • Ludwig Staden
"Key" Or "How To Obtain Long Life" • John F. Morgan
A Happy New Year! • Benedict Lust
Editorial Drift • Benedict Lust
The Origin Of The Naturopathic Society • Benedict Lust
Why We Oppose Vivisection • J. M. Greene
Father Kneipp And His Methods • Benedict Lust
Who Are The Quacks? • (The Ophthalmologist)
The Medical "Fakir" • A. Justice Seeker
Our Medical Laws • Benedict Lust
Opinions Of Physicians Concerning Medical Science • Benedict Lust
A Plea For Physical Therapy • Otto Juettner
New York's Medical Confraternity Causes Arrest Of Eugene Christian • Benedict Lust
Naturopaths And Osteopaths In California (Los AngelesTimes)
The Defense Fund • C. I. White
Bernarr Macfadden • Benedict Lust
Another Medical Persecution • Benedict Lust
Removal Notice • Benedict Lust
A Family Chat Concerning Our Growth • Benedict Lust
Our New Naturopathic Hospital • Benedict Lust
Naturopathy Legalized In California • Benedict Lust
Naturopaths In Oregon • P. T. Ball
The Anti-Vaccine Crusade • Henry Lindlahr, M.D.
Something Far-reaching • J. T. Robinson
Better Education • J. P. Bean
Medical Persecution Of The Fasting Cure • Linda Burfield Hazzard, D.O.
A Physical Culture History • B. Macfadden
Naturopathic News • Benedict Lust
Friends Of Medical Freedom And Voters, Attention! • A. A. Erz
Benedict Lust's Health Resorts: "Yungborn," Butler, N. J., And "Qui-Si-Sana," Tangerine, FLA. • Benedict Lust
The Medical Trust Busy Again • R.E. Brandman
A Message Of Health • Benedict Lust
Naturopathic Legislation Series: Part One-Brief I, II and III • NY State Society of Naturopaths
Efficiency In Drugless Healing • Edward Earle Purinton
The History Of The Healing Arts In The Progress Of Drugless Therapy • Wallace Fritz
An Open Letter By B. Lust To The Drugless Profession Of The United States Of America • Benedict Lust
Medical Tyranny Defies The Constitution Of The United States • Benedict Lust
Extracts From Lecture By Dr. Wm. Havard At The N.Y. School Of Chiropractic During the 21st Annual Convention Of The A.N.A.
• W. F. Havard
What Does The A.N.A. Mean To You? • W. F. Havard
Great Pioneers • Benedict Lust
Editorial: Our Schools And Colleges • Benedict Lust
Social Health Insurance • Benedict Lust
Stenographic Report (22nd Annual Conference Of The American Naturopathic Association) • W. F. Havard
Editorial: Naturopathy And The Epidemic • Benedict Lust
Shall We Have Medical Freedom? • Bernarr Macfadden
Intolerance Of Official Medicine • Benedict Lust
The Event Of The Convention • Benedict Lust
Who Will Give The First Million To Promote Naturopathy? • Benedict Lust
Facing The Situation • Benedict Lust
Editorials: A New Use For The Injunction • Benedict Lust 314
Things For Consideration At The Convention • Benedict Lust
The Clanging Doors • Francesco Sanchelli
Editorials: "Diagnosis" • Benedict Lust
History Of The Naturopathic Movement • Benedict Lust
The Menace Of The American Medical Association • Benedict Lust
An Association Of Free People Against Medical Tyranny • Diana Belais
Patients!-Take It Straight Or Not At All • Benjamin Isreal
Naturopaths, Forward! • Herbert M. Shelton 350
Let Us Standardize The Practice Of Naturopathy • E. W. Cordingley

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