Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Musculoskeletal Tumors 3

Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Musculoskeletal Tumors 3

by J. Sybil Biermann M.D. (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781975122492
Publisher: LWW
Publication date: 09/15/2018
Series: Orthopaedic Knowledge Update Series
Pages: 472
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 10.80(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Section 1: General Evaluation and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Tumors
Lor Randall, MD, Section Editor
1. Clinical Presentation and Staging of Bone Tumors
2. Imaging of Musculoskeletal Tumors
3. Biopsy
4. Molecular Biology and Growth of Musculoskeletal Neoplasia
5. Pseudotumors and Tumorlike Lesions
6. Chemotherapy
7. Targeted Therapy
8. Radiation

Section 2: Benign Bone Tumors
Albert Aboulafia, MD, Section Editor
9. Cystic Bone Lesions
10. Benign Cartilage Bone Tumors
11. Benign Bone-Forming Tumors
12. Benign Fibrous and Histiocytic Lesions
13. Giant Cell Tumor of Bone
14. Surgical Management of Benign Bone Tumors

Section 3: Malignant Primary Bone Tumors
Carol Morris, MD, Section Editor
15. Osteosarcoma of Bone
16. Ewing Sarcoma
17. Chondrosarcoma
18. Miscellaneous Malignant Primary Bone Tumors
19. Myeloma and Lymphoma
20. Surgical Management of Malignant Primary Bone Tumors

Section 4: Soft-Tissue Tumors
Patrick Lin, MD, Section Editor
21. Evaluation and Diagnosis of Soft-Tissue Masses
22. Benign Vascular Soft-Tissue Tumors
23. Benign Cystic Soft-Tissue Masses
24. Lipoma and Hibernoma
25. Benign Neural Tumors
26. Benign Fibrous Tumors
27. Synovial Tumors
28. Miscellaneous Benign Soft-Tissue Tumors
29. Soft-Tissue Sarcoma
30. Surgical Management of Soft-Tissue Sarcoma

Section 5: Metastatic Disease to Bone
Joseph Benevenia, MD, Section Editor
31. Pathophysiology of Bone Metastasis
32. Prediction of Impending Pathologic Fracture and Treatment Considerations in Patients with Metastatic Bone Disease
33. Surgical Management of Upper Extremity Metastatic Disease
34. Surgical Management of Lower Extremity Metastatic Disease
35. Evaluation and Treatment of Spine Metastases
36. Disease-Specific Considerations in Metastatic Bone Disease

Section 6: Special Considerations in Tumor Management
Ginger Holt, MD, Section Editor
37. Pelvic Sarcoma Resection and Reconstruction
38. Proximal Femur Resection and Reconstruction
39. Distal Femur Resection and Reconstruction
40. Proximal Tibia Resection and Reconstruction
41. Upper Extremity Resection and Reconstruction
42. Bone Grafting and Bone Graft Substitutes
43. Surgical Management of Skeletally Immature Patients
44. Amputations

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