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Orthopaedics / Edition 1

Orthopaedics / Edition 1

by Robert H. Fitzgerald, Herbert Kaufer, Arthur L. Malkani

ISBN-10: 032301318X

ISBN-13: 9780323013185

Pub. Date: 01/22/2002

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

A must-have resource for orthopaedists and orthopaedists in training, this comprehensive reference covers the entire field of orthopaedics in one easy-to-use volume. Drs. Fitzgerald, Kaufer, and Malkani, along with a world-reknowned cast of section editors, have created the new standard in orthopaedics in a clinically relevant, off-the-shelf resource. A broad use


A must-have resource for orthopaedists and orthopaedists in training, this comprehensive reference covers the entire field of orthopaedics in one easy-to-use volume. Drs. Fitzgerald, Kaufer, and Malkani, along with a world-reknowned cast of section editors, have created the new standard in orthopaedics in a clinically relevant, off-the-shelf resource. A broad use of new artwork, along with organized, consistent presentations make this the authoritative work for the entire field of orthopaedics. It's a great addition to any orthopaedist's library.

• Includes well-organized sections, each edited by a world-reknowned authority in the field.
• Provides both trainees and practitioners with a comprehensive and easily understood single-source reference covering the entire field of orthopaedics, including the latest advancements.
• Incorporates a second color within the design to highlight important points, making information available at a glance, and creating the perfect office reference book for anyone in the field.
• Contains relatively brief chapters that correspond to distinct clinical situations, making reading both convenient and clinically relevant.

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Elsevier Health Sciences
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New Edition
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8.90(w) x 11.20(h) x 2.70(d)

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Table of Contents

Section 1 - General Orthopaedics
1. Clinical History and Physical Examination
2. Pediatric Patient
3. Anesthetic and Perioperative Management of the Geriatric Patient
4. Patient Management
5. Orthoradiology, Arthroradiology, Xeroradiology
6. Computer Assisted Tomography
7. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
8. Musculoskeletal Sonography
9. Nuclear Medicine
10. Basic Concepts of Rehabilitation
11. Normal and Altered Gait
12. Lower Extremity Orthotics and Prosthetics
13. Basic Concepts of Biomechanics
14. Orthopaedic Biomaterials

Section 2 - Structure and Function of the Musculoskeletal System
15. Embryology of Bone
16. Bone: Stucture, Function, Growth and Remodeling
17. Articular Cartilage: Structure, Function and Physiology
18. Muscle, Tendon and Ligament: Structure, Function and Physiology
19. Peripheral Nerve Structure: Function and Physiology
20. Bone Graft and Bone Substitution
21. Normal Calcium Metabolism
22. Osteoporosis: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment
23. Neoplastic Conditions: Fibrous Displasia and Padget's Disease

Section 3 – Trauma
24. Prioritization and Management of the Polytrauma Patient
25. Principles of Operative Fracture Stabilization and Fixation
26. Complications of Fractures: Acute
27. Complications of Fractures: Chronic
28. Shoulder
29. Humoral Shaft Fractures
30. Elbow
31. Forearm
32. Wrist Fractures
33. Hand Fractures
34. Pelvis and Sacrum
35. Acetabulum
36. Hip
37. Femur
38. Distal Femur
39. Knee
40. Tibia
41. Distal Tibia Fractures
42. Ankle
43. Calcaneus and Talus
44. Foot
45. Fracture Dislocations: Cervical Spine
46. Fracture Dislocations: Thoracolumbar Spine
47. Principles of Pediatric Fractures
48. Upper Extremity
49. Lower Extremity
50. Spine and Pelvis

Section 4 - Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
51. Medical Aspects of Sports: Epidemiology of Injuries, Preparticipation PE, Drugs in Sports
52. Special Concerns of the Female Athlete
53. Therapeutic Modality/Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete
54. Injuries to the Muscle-Tendon Unit
55. Overuse Injuries Including Stress, Fractures, Exertional Compartment Syndrome
56. Shoulder Problems in Athletes (RTC, AC, SC, Scapulothoracic)
57. Shoulder Instability/Labrum Injuries: Diagnosis, Including Diagnostic Test Example MRI
58. Shoulder Instability: Surgical Indications, Techniques Including Labrum (Slap Lesion)
59. Painful Elbow Enthesopathy, Entrapment Neuropathy
60. Elbow Injuries in the Throwing Athlete Including Instability Osteochondral/Chrondal OCD, Panners Disease
61. Knee Ligament Injuries: Epidemiology, Mechanism, Diagnosis, Including S-Ray, MRI, KT-1000
62. Knee Ligament Injuries: ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL Surgical Indications/Techniques
63. Chondral/Osteochondral Injuries of the Knee Including OCD Lesions
64. Meniscal Injury
65. Anterior Knee Pain/Patellofemoral Joint Instability
66. Foot/Ankle Problems

Section 5 – Infection
67. Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Infection
68. Pediatric Osteomyelitis and Septic Arthritis
69. Adult Osteomyelitis and Septic Arthritis
70. Infected Fractures and Nonunions
71. Hand Infections
72. Spinal Infections
73. Infected Total Hip Arthroplasty
74. Infected Total Knee Arthroplasty
75. Necrotising Fasciitis and Opportunistic Infection
76. Orthopaedic Aspects of HIV and the Immunocompromised Host

Section 6 - Arthritides Arthropathies
77. Overview of Arthritis
78. Osteoarthritis
79. Inflammatory Arthritis
80. Crystalline and Other Arthropathies
Upper Extremity Recount
81. Neuropathic Arthropathy
82. Shoulder Arthritis
83. Arthritis or the Elbow
84. Arthritis of the Hip
85. Osteonecrosis
86. Osteotomy/Arthrodesis/Resection
87. Primary Hip Arthroplasty
88. Revision THA: Femur
89. Revision THA: Acetbulum
The Knee
90. Arthritis of the Knee
91. Osteotomies About the Knee
92. Knee Arthroplasty
93. Revision TKA
94. Management of Complications After Joint Arthroplasty
95. Particulate Disease

Section 7 - Musculoskeletal Tumors
96. Pathophysiology
97. Biopsy
98. Irradiation
99. Chemotherapy
100. Presentation/Evaluation
101. Benign Bone Tumors
102. Malignant Bone Tumors
103. Management/Surgery
Soft Tissue Tumors
104. Presentation and Evaluation
105. Benign Soft Tissue Tumor
106. Malignant Soft Tissue Tumor
107. Management/Surgery
108. Pathophysiology/Evaluation
109. Non-Surgical Management
110. Surgical Management of the Spine
111. Surgical Management of the Upper Extremity
112. Surgical Management of the Pelvis
113. Surgical Management of the Lower Extremity

Section 8 – Spine
114. Disc Pain Mechanisms
115. Adult Scoliosis
116. Spondylolisthesis
117. Cervical Disc
118. Thoracic Disc
119. Low Back Pain/Sciatica
120. Spinal Stenosis
121. Whiplash
122. Chronic Low Back Pain
123. Complications of Surgery
124. Spine Mechanics
125. Spine Fusion: Biological and Mechanical Considerations

Section 9 - Paediatric Orthopaedics
126. Congenital Failure of Formation, Upper and Lower Extremity
127. Congenital Longitudinal Deficiencies
128. Traumatic, Amputation and Prosthesis
129. Genetics I
130. Genetics II (Osteopetruso)
131. Metabolic Conditions
132. Hematopoeitic Conditions
133. Inflammatory Arthritides, JRA, Sero Negative, Hemophilia, Transient Snovitis
Upper Extremity Axial Skeleton
134. Upper Extremity (Acquired ERBs Madelung)
135. Congenital Hand
136. Scoliosis – Idiopathic
137. Scoliosis - Congenital Neuromuscular
138. Cervical - Klippel-Feil, Tortocollis
139. Kyphosis
140. Embryology and Anatomy
141. Diagnosis and Treatment in the Non-Ambulatory
142. Diagnosis and Treatment in the Ambulatory
143. Complications in the Treatment of Hip Displasia
144. Legg-Calves-Perthes
145. Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphyses
Lower Extremity
146. Congenital Deformities of the Knee
147. Knee Disorders in Adolescence
148. Leg Deformities
149. Club Foot
150. Vertical Talus
151. Tarsal Coalition
152. Flat Foot Serpentine, Metatarsus Adductus
153. Bunions
154. Limb Length Discrepancy

Section 10 – Neuromuscular
155. Cerebral Palsy: Overview and Management of Spinal Deformities
156. Cerebral Palsy: Lower Extremity
157. Cerebral Palsy: Upper Extremity
158. Friedrich Ataxia and Rett Syndrome
159. Disorders of Anterior Horn Cells
160. Myelomeningocele
161. Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathies ‘
162. Muscular Dystrophy (Cuchenne and Other Muscle Disorders)
163. Neurofibromatosis Type I
164. Arthrogyposis
165. Stroke and Closed Head Injury
166. Spinal Cord Injury: Long-Term Management

Section 11 - Foot and Ankle
167. Ligament Injuries of the Foot and Ankle
168. Ankle Arthritis
169. Tendinopathies of the Foot and Ankle
170. The Rheumatoid Foot and Ankle
171. The Diabetic Foot and Ankle
172. Nerve Problems of the Foot and Ankle
173. Acquired Adult Flat Foot
174. Midfoot Instability/Arthritis
175. Disorders of the First Ray
176. Problems of the Lesser Toes
177. Orthotics

Section 12 - Hand & Peripheral Nerve Soft Tissue and Bone Injuries
178. Nailbed and Fingertip Injuries
179. Flexor Tendon Injuries
180. Extensor Tendon Injuries
181. Tendinitis
182. Wrist Instability
183. Nonunion of the Scaphoid
184. Metacarpal and Phalangeal Nonunion
185. General Aspects of Microvascular Tissue Replanation
186. Regional Flaps
187. Distant Flaps: Pedicle and Free
188. Rheumatoid Arthritic Hand
189. Osteoarthritis
190. Post-Traumatic Thumb Reconstruction
191. Gamekeepers Thumb
192. Arthrodesis
193. Tendon Transfers
194. Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors
195. Kienbock's Disease
196. Dupuytren's
Congenital Deformities
197. Radial Club Hand
198. Syndactyly
199. Thumb
Nerve Compression and Injury
200. Peripheral Nerve Injuries
201. Brachial Plexus
202. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
203. Nerve Physiology
204. Median Nerve Compression
205. Radial Nerve Compression
206. Ulnar Nerve Compression

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