Other Oceans: Book Two of the Hook and Jill Saga

Other Oceans: Book Two of the Hook and Jill Saga

by Andrea Jones


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ISBN-13: 9780982371404
Publisher: Reginetta Press, LLC
Publication date: 09/15/2012
Series: Hook and Jill Saga , #2
Pages: 640
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 2.00(d)
Age Range: 17 Years

About the Author

Andrea Jones is the author of Hook & Jill, a serious parody of Sir James Barrie’s timeless tale, Peter & Wendy. Her debut novel, Hook & Jill won five literary awards, among them the Gold Award for Adult Fiction and Literature in the 2010 Mom’s Choice Awards, and Best New Fiction in the 2010 International Book Awards.

Jones graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she studied Oral Interpretation of Literature, with a Literature Minor. In her career in television production, she worked for CBS, PBS, and corporate studios, also performing as on-camera and voice-over talent.

Jones’ work is informed by a broad range of thinkers and writers, among them Carl Jung, Patrick O’Brian, and, of course, Sir James Barrie, who created the modern mythology of the Neverland and its endearing, enduring characters.

Andrea Jones is known around the world as Capitana Red-Hand of the web-based pirate brotherhood, Under the Black Flag. She is also a member of the reenactment troupe, the Brethren of the Great Lakes.

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After all his worries to the contrary, she was easy to find.

She was burning.

The smoke wrapped around the ship like a shroud, visible for miles. The stench of it crept across the waves. To LeCorbeau’s beaky nose it stank worse than death. It reeked of missed opportunity.

He cursed. Some pirate had gotten to her first!

“Raise the colors! Our own French flag! We will come to her, eh…aid.” He dropped his voice. “Maybe there is something left.” He cursed again, and paced in his small, quick steps, his hands locked together behind him. He eyed the smoke furling and unfurling like sails in the rigging. His own agile ship, the privateer L’Ormonde, glided closer.

“Renaud, the spyglass!”

Renaud, a model of his captain’s taste, more slim than tall, hastened to his master’s side to hand the instrument over. LeCorbeau yanked the spyglass from his mate, jerked it to its full length, and raised it to a beady eye. He made out men rushing about topside. The ship was burning, but only above. The deck and hull were untouched. Not a wisp of smoke bellied up from below decks.

She was still seaworthy. LeCorbeau searched for the name to be sure. It was painted on the bulky bow: Julianne. She bobbed on the brine, her hold obviously empty. Slowly, he lowered the spyglass. Squinting now, Captain LeCorbeau formed a suspicion in his mind. It wasn’t difficult; he was a suspicious man.

He spoke under his breath. “Who would attack her, and take such care to leave her floating?” Which scavenger of the sea would ensure that her crew lived to tell his story? “There is only one so arrogant.” LeCorbeau was too familiar with his methods. Only one captain was so self-assured. One pirate! LeCorbeau’s lip curled.


He spat. Renaud hunched over and grasped the spyglass as it slammed into his skinny belly. His cocky captain stamped his foot while the first mate refilled his lungs and lifted the glass to scan the horizon. Renaud had an ache in his gut, and it wasn’t from the impact of the spyglass.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Disappointment Chapter 2: Captain’s Treasure Chapter 3: Signs of Weakness Chapter 4: Captivation Chapter 5: A Company of Gentlemen Chapter 6: Old Acquaintance Chapter 7: Honorable Intentions Chapter 8: Visions and Voices Chapter 9: Feinting Away Chapter 10: Pains and Needles Chapter 11: Dangerous Truths Chapter 12: Guilty Parties Chapter 13: The End of the Game Chapter 14: Deep Waters Chapter 15: A Change of Plan Chapter 16: First, Last, and Always Chapter 17: Coming to Terms Chapter 18: Ups and Downs Chapter 19: A Comparable Captain Chapter 20: Surrender Chapter 21: Prisoners of Love Chapter 22: Dreams Come True Chapter 23: To Have and to Hold Chapter 24: Satisfaction Chapter 25: Findings and Takings Chapter 26: A Last Supper Chapter 27: The Making of a Mistress Chapter 28: Genuine Insincerity Chapter 29: A Communion of Men Chapter 30: Turning Tides Chapter 31: Deal with the Devil Chapter 32: The Last Moment Chapter 33: Flights of Fancy Chapter 34: A Parting Word Chapter 35: Lies and Loyalty Chapter 36: Treasures Returned Chapter 37: Other Islands

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