Other Voices: The New Journalism in America

Other Voices: The New Journalism in America


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Other Voices: The New Journalism in America by Everette E. Dennis, William L. Rivers

Conflicting journalistic voices that were raised in the past have become such a jumble that merely identifying them is difficult. Dennis and Rivers define, categorie, present, and examine the voices that contributed to what became known as "the new media" environment in the 1970s. This new journalism came about as a result of dissatisfaction with existing values and standards of the early 1960s style of journalism.

The authors are comprehensive in their concerns, as reflected in the national scope presented. They cover developments in the major cities, on both coasts, in the Middle West and South—in every major region of the United States. Most of the research required travel and interviews; all of it required reading almost endlessly and watching the video productions of journalists who built the structure of alternative television. Dennis and Rivers offer a representative view of forms and media, as well as the people who fashioned the new orientation.

The authors claim that the wrangling over objective and interpretative reporting misses the main point, which is that neither is in close touch with reality. The best objective report may cover all surfaces of an event, the best interpretative report may explain all its meanings, but both are bloodless, a world away from the experience. Color, flavor, atmosphere, the ultimate human meaning—all these, the new journalists contend, are far beyond the reach of traditional models of journalism. This is one of the central reasons for the emergence of different forms and practices in our time. This volume will help younger scholars understand the sources of quasi-journalistic practices extant today, including blogging and electronic-only publications.

Everette E. Dennis is Felix E. Larkin Distinguished Professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business, where he serves as chair of the Communication and Media Management Department and as director of the Center for Communications. Some of his books include Beyond the Cold War, Justice Black and the First Amendment, and Radio—The Forgotten Medium.

William L. Rivers, who is now deceased, was Edwards Professor Emeritus of Communication at Stanford University. He worked as a journalist in many newspapers before he began teaching including State-Times, News Herald, and The Morning Advocate. Some of his writings include Writing: Craft and Art, Finding Facts, and Broadcast Newswriting.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780063825628
Publisher: Canfield Press
Publication date: 01/01/1974
Pages: 218

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Transaction Edition vii

Preface xi

1 A Coalescing of Forces 1

Reportage: The New Nonfiction

Alternative Journalism

Journalism Reviews

Advocacy Journalism

Counterculture Journalism

Alternative Broadcasting

Precision Journalism

2 The New Nonfiction: Brain Candy and Beyond 14

Tom Wolfe and Pop Culture

Lillian Ross: Unobtrusive Observer

Gay Talese and the Interior Monologue

Jimmy Breslin and the Little People

Capote and Mailer: From Fiction to Nonfiction

And Others

The Editors

The New Nonfiction: An Example

3 The Modern Muckrakers: Alternatives in Traditional Markets 51

The Parochial Alternatives

Cervi's Rocky Mountain Journal

The San Francisco Bay Guardian

The Oregon Times

The Village Voice

The Maine Times

The Texas Observer

The Intermountain Observer

Point of View

Other Alternatives: The Shoppers

Alternative Journalism: An Example

4 Guarding the Guardians: The Journalism Reviews 82

The Chicago Journalism Review

The Unsatisfied Man

The St. Louis Journalism Review

The Hawaii Journalism Review

The Philadelphia Journalism Review

(More)-A Journalism Review

Some Other Reviews Appraisal

An Example

5 The Advocates 104

Advocacy in the Newsroom

The Newsroom Revolution

Nicholas von Hoffman, Maverick

Gloria Steinem, Feminist

Pete Hamill, Brooklynite

Jack Newfield, New Leftist

James Ridgeway, Investigative Advocate

Implications of Advocacy

Radical Papers

The "Jesus Papers"

The Environment Press


The Feminist Press


An Example

6 Covering the Counterculture 136

First Stirrings

Changes in the Underground

Colliding with the Law

Three Papers and How They Grew

The Los Angeles Free Press

The Berkeley Barb

The Great Speckled Bird

The St. Louis Outlaw

Counterculture News Services

High School Undergrounds

Rolling Stone

The Underground Press in the Military

The Employee Underground Press

"It Will Never Last"

An Example

7 Alternative Broadcasting 173

Open Channel-Public-Access TV

Viewer Sponsored Television

Johnny Videotape

Top Value Television (TVTV)

Underground Radio


An Example

8 Precision Journalism 186

Philip Meyer, a Precision Reporter

Precision in the News Magazines

Precision Journalism in Broadcasting

Survey Research Problems

An Example

9 The Future of the New Journalism 203

New Nonfiction

The Alternative Press, the Journalism Reviews, the Advocates, and the Counterculture Press

Alternative Broadcasting

Precision Journalism

Diversity: A Question

Afterword 209

Annotated Bibliography 213

Index 219

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