Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged

by Laura Young


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ISBN-13: 9781570722813
Publisher: Overmountain Press, The
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Pages: 202
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.52(d)

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Otherwise Engaged 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kate Kelly¿s cousin Adam wants her to pose as his friend Brett¿s fiancée for a weekend at Brett¿s family Kentucky horse farm. Brett¿s mom is throwing him an engagement party, but his real bride-to-be has disappeared. She is a travel reporter and the magazine agrees to pay her expenses and those of a photographer so she can write about her experiences. Kate begins to think she made a mistake in agreeing, even as soon as moments after she has agreed. Soon after arriving at Blue Grass Winds, his family¿s horse farm, a car blows up. There was someone inside, but they can¿t identify it immediately as it was too burned. The police begin investigating, but the family, including Brett, is not very helpful. Kate soon discovers that someone is trying to scare her into leaving. They are using pranks, sometimes nasty or dangerous, but still just pranks. Brett keeps disappearing and she can¿t figure out what is going on. His mother is mentally unstable and is against the marriage. Kate decides she¿d better figure out who is behind all of this and what is going on before her life is in real danger. This is a fabulous mystery. I laughed out loud many times. Some of the situations seem so unreal, but yet you know they could happe,n and they make you laugh. I hope there will be more Kate Kelly mysteries. I would love to read them. I highly recommend this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Call it Terror Incognita. Travel writer Kate Kelly has visited some strange places on her beat, but none as bizarre as the Lexington, Kentucky horse farm where she finds herself one weekend, pretending to be engaged to a dim-witted underwear model she'd met only a few hours earlier. He needs her services, he explains, because his real fiancee has gone missing at the last minute, and he dare not disappoint his mother, who, although she has never met his betrothed, intends to make his impending engagement party the social event of the season. Kelly is dragooned into this slippery charade by her cousin, Adam, a restaurant consultant and former schoolmate of the faux bridegroom. The groom's family is a real can of mixed nuts. Besides the loony mother, there's a flinty, all-business father and a jealous, horse-obsessed older sister, who treat Kelly like a cold sore. Every ingredient is in place here to spark murder - not to mention cluster bombs of situational and sardonic humor. Kelly hasn't even unpacked at the Bluegrass Winds farm when the first killing occurs, and it's not long before someone starts trying to kill her. While she's activating her reporter's skills to find the murderer, she's equally busy keeping up the pretense that started the plot rolling. As in all good mysteries, the author provides plenty of suspects. Apart from the sinister family members, there's a villainous veterinarian, a chip-on-the-shoulder trainer, a ubiquitous and pushy photographer and a flamingly gay party planner, each of whom seems to be operating on a short fuse. Kelly's only moorings in this storm of conflicting personalities are Adam, who's accompanied her on this fool's errand, and her chain-smoking editor and best friend back in Washington, DC. The author, who's worked as an assignment editor in the newsroom of Louisville's CBS affiliate and is now a writer and award winning video producer for an independent public relations firm, tells this story in first person, a device that lays bare the heroine's wry outlook on her own credulity and on the patent insanity of the world around her. Otherwise Engaged moves along swiftly and believably. But, the bubbling in Kelly's mind is just as fascinating as the shock-a-minute plot. - Edward Morris / ForeWord Magazine / October 2004
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kate Kelly, beautiful young travel reporter, falls for a sob story spun by her cousin and his friend, Brent King, about Brent's fiancee running away and how he can't tell his emotionally fragile mother until after the huge engagement party she has planned with all of the upper crust horse crowd of Kentucky. So, Kate agrees to pretend to be his fiancee, figuring that at the very least she would get to weekend at the beautiful Bluegrass Winds horse farm in Lexington and spend the weekend among the rich and famous. Little did she know that shortly after her arrival, murder would rear its ugly head and that his family would be less than pleased to meet her. Kate suspects the victim is Brent's errant fiancee and soon realizes that she could be next. Kate begins to suspect that more is going on than just dissatisfaction with Brent when his family reacts oddly to the news that their best hope for a Derby entry is injured and has to be put down, that they're hiding a secret they are willing to kill for. Kate is a quick-witted, smart, and sassy heroine who you will quickly learn to like. Not since Jessica Fletcher have we met an amateur sleuth who is so thoroughly captivating and who possesses the ability to see past all the red herrings and arrive at the solution, all the while leading us on a happy romp through a society that most of us only get a glimpse of on Derby Day. Set against the backdrop of Kentucky's beautiful horse country, it just might make a horse racing fan out of you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Her cousin Adam wants to take Travel Adventures reporter Kate Kelly to lunch, an event that fills her with trepidation because she knows from past experiences that he needs a favor from her. Sure enough, he wants her to pose as his friend Brett¿s fiancée for a weekend at his family Kentucky horse farm because his mother is throwing them an engagement party and his real bride-to-be disappeared. Against her better judgment she agrees to do it and the magazine is paying her expenses and that of a photographer because they want Kate to write a story about her experiences................................... When they arrive at Blue Grass Winds, they are looking in a barn when they hear an explosion. A car blew up with someone inside but the body is too burned up for an immediate identification. While the police are going about their investigation, someone is trying to scare Kate into leaving through nasty and sometimes dangerous pranks. Her first thought is that it could be her supposed mother in law who is mentally unbalanced and doesn¿t want anyone marrying her precious son. When someone starts shooting at Kate, she decides to investigate even if it places her life in danger.............................. Laura Young has a wicked sense of humor that she imbues into the storyline. Even thought the plot is deadly serious, readers will find themselves laughing at slapstick and farcical scenes. The protagonist is a strong willed woman who makes her own decisions but isn¿t afraid to admit when she is wring. OTHERWISE ENGAGED is a cheerful book that stars quirky and humorous characters in a dangerous scenario.................................... Harriet Klausner