Ottoman Lyric Poetry: An Anthology

Ottoman Lyric Poetry: An Anthology


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The Ottoman Empire was one of the most significant forces in world history and yet little attention is paid to its rich cultural life. For the people of the Ottoman Empire, lyrical poetry was the most prized literary activity. People from all walks of life aspired to be poets. Ottoman poetry was highly complex and sophisticated and was used to express all manner of things, from feelings of love to a plea for employment.

This collection offers free verse translations of 75 lyric poems from the mid-fourteenth to the early twentieth centuries, along with the Ottoman Turkish texts and, new to this expanded edition, photographs of printed, lithographed, and hand-written Ottoman script versions of several of the texts—a bonus for those studying Ottoman Turkish. Biographies of the poets and background information on Ottoman history and literature complete the volume.

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ISBN-13: 9780295985954
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Publication date: 02/28/2006
Series: Publications on the Near East Series
Edition description: Expanded
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Walter G. Andrews holds a research professorship in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at the University of Washington. Najaat Black is a poet and fiction writer. Mehmet Kalpakli is assistant professor of Ottoman culture and literature at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey.

Table of Contents

Preface to the 2006 Expanded Edition
Poet’s Preface
A Note on the Pronunciation and Transcription of Turkish

Ottoman Lyrics: Introductory Essay
The Gathering of Desire

1. Oh my idol

Ahmed-I Dai
2. The torture of the beloved

3. Your sun-face
4. It’s the season of spring

Ahmet Pasha
5. Ask about my wailing
The Mejlis: Gathering of Desire
6. Is there any heart

7. Those glances rain down arrows
8. The heart is pleased
9. Those tulip-cheeked ones
10. Spiraling, the sparks
Iskender/Alexander, Hizir, and the Fountain of Eternal Life

Mihri Hatun
11. I opened my eyes
12. At times, my longing
13. My heart burns

Zeynep Hatun
14. Remove your veil

15. What do you say

16. Yesterday I saw

17. Oh heavens, why do you cry
The Pleasantries of Zati

18. We are not the slaves of Suleyman

19. My sad heart is burnt black
The Cosmos and the Earth
20. Your kiss does not satisfy

21. The arrow of your glance

22. They do not know how to search
23. We are among those
24. When dawn hennas her hands
The Story of Leyla and Mejnun

25. Oh God, don’t let anyone
26. If my heart were a wild bird
27. For long years
28. The pointed reproach of the enemy
Husrev, Shirin, and Ferhad

29. We are the Mejnun
Fabulous Birds

30. We don’t need the cup of pleasure
31. Help me, oh sapling

32. That tyrant
33. Oh beloved, since the origin
34. The fountain of my spirit
35. If only the bud would open
36. Sparks from my heart
37. Your rebellious glance

Yahya Bey
38. Come wander through the city
39. Poetry holds the written veil

40. Curse the thorns of fate

Sheyhulislam Yahya
41. Saki, offer the cup
42. Let the hypocrites
43. Is there no heart
The Down on Your Cheek

44. That black drunken eye
45. Those who painted my portrait
46. The heart is both the cup and the wine

Sheyhulislam Bahayi
47. Oh cry, what are you doing

48. When we watch the spinning of the sky
49. In the garden of time and destiny
50. At the gathering of joy
Rumi’s Mirror

51. We are the snake
52. My tears became desire
53. Since the thunderbolt of disaster
54. What witch are you
Poetic Parallels

55. We are desire
56. You’re gone – I’m alone
57. The sky’s face has turned dark

58. At the gathering of desire
59.When the east wind
60. As the morning wind blows
61. Take yourself to the rose-garden
62. Delicacy was drawn out

Koja Ragib Pasha
63. Dark thought is revealed

Rasih Bey
64. Don’t lower your languid eyes

Fitnat Hanim
65. In a heart

Esrar Dede
66. In the ruins
67. You left, but don’t forget
The Indian Style

Sheyh Galib
68. You are my effendi
69.I won’t abandon you
70. To me, love is the flame

Sunbulzade Vehbi
71. Oh east wind, come

Enderunlu Vasif
72. The gazelles have bound their hearts

Izzet Molla
73. Everyone knows
74. I am a nightingale

Yenishehirli Avni
75. Don’t think we came to ask

The Poets
Ottoman Turkish Texts
Ottoman Script Texts

What People are Saying About This

Victoria Holbrook

This is the finest literary translation of Ottoman Turkish lyrics ever done and will shape the reception of the poetry from now on. The selection is excellent—-aesthetically superior, historically representative, and stylistically coherent.

From the Publisher

"This is the finest literary translation of Ottoman Turkish lyrics ever done and will shape the reception of the poetry from now on. The selection is excellent—-aesthetically superior, historically representative, and stylistically coherent."—Victoria Holbrook, Ohio State University

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