Our 70 Years With Kitchen Remedies: The Most Effective Remedies: Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Vinegar, Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables

Our 70 Years With Kitchen Remedies: The Most Effective Remedies: Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Vinegar, Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables

by Thelma Layco Escobar Matta


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Our 70 Years With Kitchen Remedies: The Most Effective Remedies: Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Vinegar, Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables by Thelma Layco Escobar Matta

First of all, I would like to mention our parents. Even they were already in their 60s, I never saw them suffer even from Acid Reflux at all, 'never heard them complain about arthritis, either.
I was only in grade three when I started using remedies. I am 50 years old on October 2012
but I am not taking any prescription medicines for 12 years already. I never was in pain for prolonged time because of these. Also, I didn't go through the pain of menopause at all and never had even a single appointment for a Mammogram. Even these days, I only see doctors for employment purposes and to know what is bothering me. They always gave me prescriptions but I never brought them to the drugstore.
In Philippines, men soak this remedy for few days in a jar of another remedy to prolong erection. It got rid of Stomach Ulcers in only three days. Adding this remedy in our daily cooking rebuilt the tissues of my brother's lungs when he had Tuberculosis in only few weeks. It dried up Chicken Pox in only four days. It rebuilt tissues on two huge and deep Bedsores. It cleared severe diaper rash in only five days. It got rid of severe Fungal Infection in only four days. It closed my Dad's wound inside his face in less than three weeks. It cleared severe wheelchair sores in only eight days. I recommended it to Salve to help her from Heart Disease.
I used this remedy to dry up wounds in only three days. I started using this remedy again in 1996 when I was suffering from Food Indigestion; it was gone in less than five seconds. It removed Body Odor for only few days, and Winter Itch in only four days. It stopped Skin Allergies in only five days, it cleared Sore Scalp in four days, and Food Indigestion was history in only few minutes for others, too. It stopped Insulin for my Dad in only two days; it helped to get rid of Palmer Hyperhidrosis in just four days. It cleared Flesh-Eating-Disease in six weeks. It removed Kidney Pain in only few hours to two days. It stopped Severe Hemorrhoid in two days. It improved my Dad's and Mom's Appetite, and gives me Energy since 2000 until today.
These remedies added to Jean's food got her out of Emphysema.
This remedy got rid of Fever in three hours. It got rid of Cholera in four days which bothered me for sixteen months, and got rid of Chest Pains in less than three weeks. It got rid of Food Allergies in three days. It dried up Skin Cancer in only three days. Removed Back pains in few hours. Removed Arthritis in only three days. Stopped severe Cough in less than thirty minutes. Adding six pieces of the same remedy stopped Fever and Pneumonia in three hours when my Dad was in the ICU (I have all the pictures of this ordeal). It stopped Diarrhea in less than thirty minutes. It removed Breathing Difficulty caused by medicine in more than one minute. Gout was gone in few hours and Inflammation gone in more than a day. In 2011, it got rid of Asthma in few hours. It stops my Leg Cramps since 2011 in few days until November 2012.
In 2005, this combined juices from fruits and vegetables removed my Dad's Urinary
Retention in only few hours, for Annette in 2002 and her slight Edema in two days. A daily glass keeps Constipation away. In 2004, it got rid of severe Edema in less than two months for Annette's husband. Just one glass relieved me from Hot Flashes in few minutes and it never bothered me the next three weeks. It removed Dad's Insomnia in few hours.
This vegetable stopped Congenital Heart Disease in less than three weeks for our son who was two years old.
These two remedies combined cleared my Hypertension (173/145) in 2001 and (203/177) in
June 2012 in only more than 10 days (I was checked at Cook County Hospital).
Few of this fruit get rid of severe Cold in less than 12 hours.
Two remedies combined clear Sore Throat in two days, Tonsillitis in four days.
This fruit keeps Osteoporosis away, and this for your vision.
So read on and learn how to live from diseases all your days. To your health!

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