Our Interplanetary Future: A UFO Primer for Skeptics

Our Interplanetary Future: A UFO Primer for Skeptics

by Milton E. Brener


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For many decades there have been detailed reports of sightings of unfamiliar crafts in the sky and sometimes resting on the ground. The reports come from airline and military pilots, astronauts, law enforcement officers and other respected persons of all walks of life, from about 60 nations. These objects have often been tracked on radar, and frequently photographed. The speed, maneuverability and other performance attributes of these craft has far exceeded anything within the capability of any entity on Earth. There have indeed been many mistakes and a few hoaxes, which does not affect the efficacy of the others. Though our government has denied their existence, they have confiscated every scrap of physical evidence, and conducted extensive research in an attempt to duplicate the crafts' performance. We all hope they succeed. But, this book argues, there is no need to deny to the civilian population the other benefits to be gained, that are of no interest to the military.

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About the Author

Milton Brener was born in New Orleans, and graduated in 1952 from the Tulane University School of Law. He then served three years in the Judge Advocate General's Corp of the Army, and saw duty as a military trial lawyer in Korea and Okinawa. Uon discharge he entered the private practice of law, which he pursued in New Orleans for thirty three years. He retired in 1991, and attended the Tulane Graduate School, where, he earned a Master's Degree in Anthropology. Mr. Brener is the father of four grown children, born of his first marriage, and two grandchildren. His first wife died in 1982. With his second wife, Eileen, he has recently moved to New York City. He is the author of seven published books on various topics, including a controversial investigation of the Kennedy assassination; private flying; Grand Opera (2); and the rise of Greek civilization (3), all of which have been favorably reviewed by prominent journals.

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