Our Marriage Contract:

Our Marriage Contract: "Expecting leads to Disappointment.... Disappointment leads to resentment..... Resentment leads to Failure"!

by Taylor M. Fletcher


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Whether you're just beginning to contemplate a serious relationship, becoming engaged, planning on getting hitched, or even if you've been married for years, a marriage contract will work wonders for your relationship. If you're currently in a super fantastic relationship or marriage, my congratulations to you and your significant other. This book is not written for you. I wrote this book for the rest of us, those of us who struggle from time to time in our relationships as the stress and strain of living together on a daily basis take their toll. When I first had the idea to write this book, I started discussing the notion of a marriage contract with my friends. At first, most of them would chuckle about it and maybe even roll their eyes at me, incredulous. But their interest was piqued when I mentioned that not only did my wife and I have a marriage contract, we were actually enjoying it. As I began to describe the actual terms of the contract that my wife and I have between us, their eyes would light up, and they would say to me, "Tell me more. Tell me more." So I thought to myself, maybe I have something here. Maybe I can share about the things that make my marriage so wonderful and worthwhile in the hope that others can begin to experience more harmony and understanding in their relationships, too. This book will teach you how to create the content for your contract that suits the two of you exactly. You'll be guided through the steps, and you'll even be encouraged to include the fun things like date nights and shopping time and sports time. I do realize that some people might find the idea of a contract with the person they love most in all the world a little off-putting at first. It may not sound romantic at all, but I urge you: Don't be too hasty. A successful marriage contract can lead to more romance, not less, in your relationship.

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ISBN-13: 9781478754336
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 04/29/2015
Pages: 68
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About the Author

Taylor M. Fletcher is the Managing Partner at The Law Offices of Kawalski, Fletcher & Kirkpatrick, P.C. Mr. Fletcher has more than ten years' experience as a corporate law attorney, an attorney consultant, and an expert legal volunteer for various public and private non-profit organizations throughout the Tri-State area. He has experience with securing capital financing, custom legal contracts, litigation representation, mergers and acquisitions, complex litigation, commercial real estate transactions, landlord and tenant matters, partnership disputes, and client mergers. Mr. Fletcher proudly serves on the boards of The Children's Aid Carson Valley Schools and North Central Victim Services, and as Chairman of the Board for Universal Technology Learning Centers, Inc.

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