Our Next Billion Dollar Killing: Leveraging Global Economic System Dynamics By The Financial Elite

Our Next Billion Dollar Killing: Leveraging Global Economic System Dynamics By The Financial Elite

by Robert Law


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George Soros applies his concept of Reflexivity. John Paulson uses Event-driven Timing. David Tepper picks the Inflexion Point. What is common to these members of the financial elite is that they understand the dynamics of macroeconomics and financial system in ways that theoretical economists and ideologists do not. Most importantly for the elite, they understand these dynamics in terms of their ability to generate financial killings in the billions.
Government and central bank forecasts in recent decades have been built on models using assumptions of intrinsic economic system stability. The financial elite look past these models and see the underlying cyclical forces that lead to turbulence. These forces can lead to price spikes and collapses in prices of products and assets. Sudden changes in value of financial assets generate large movements of wealth.
Our Next Billion Dollar Killing offers diverse examples of financial killings by the elite and the types of financial instruments they select to capture the money flow. Our Next Billion Dollar Killing looks past outdated economics and political spin and describes what is really happening beneath the surface of the global economic and financial systems that allows the elite to make fortunes while many in the market lose. It shows how economic systems have an inherent tendency to instability, which many economic theorists choose to ignore.
They are the elite because they have an intuitive grasp of financial system dynamics that theorists would need complex math to explain. They see the underlying composite cycles that lead to a financial asset price change before the actual price change occurs. They target a sector where those composite cycles will produce large and sudden value shifts. They pick specific companies in that sector which will incur the biggest price movements for selected securities.
Our Next Billion Dollar Killing also identifies how increasingly rapid technology change impacts on financial stability through its impact on investment cycles. It identifies how increasing geoeconomic changes impact on financial stability through their effect on trade, company viability, currency values, interest rates and real estate prices. It highlights why these increasingly rapid changes in technology and geoeconomics can help generate larger and larger killings for those who are suitably prepared.

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