Our Rules

Our Rules

by Jennifer Kacey

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ISBN-13: 9781786511478
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 04/25/2017
Series: Hot Wife , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 203
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. She’s the Amazon top seller and award winning author of the Elite Warriors, Members Only, Fantasies A-Z, and the Surrender Series along with quite a few standalone novels and novellas.

Everything she writes is a little bit dark and a whole lotta naughty! She pushes the boundaries in each of her books and hopes her characters stay with you long after the last page of each story is read.

The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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Copyright © Jennifer Kacey 2017. All Rights Reserved, Totally Entwined Group Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.


Tabitha’s urgent voicemail bled into Wes’ veins as he listened to it for the second time. Pumping hard, his heartrate jacked his need for her even higher. The hushed timbre of her voice never failed to call to him, plead with him.

“I need to see you tonight. I’ve been thinking about our date this weekend for days and I know I won’t be able to stop obsessing until I see you.”

Closing his eyes for a second, he pictured her cherry-red nipples hardening beneath her staid blouse. She was a CPA for a financial company and was always dressed so proper. He knew her pussy would be wet beneath her knee-length skirt. Her pupils would already be dilated, as if he’d been working her over for hours. Torturing her body with such exquisite pleasure it bordered on pain was something he needed. Something he craved. Something very few women had been able to handle more than once.

But his bottom Tabitha?

That sexy dynamo with her hair in a bun wore prim pinstriped skirts and could always take him. She craved him. Needed his dominance as if it was air. His cock jerked behind his slacks, more than ready to be let out to play.

Her breathing sped up on the message. “Please, Wes. I know we aren’t supposed to meet until Saturday night but I can’t wait. I’m so wet I’ve already had to go to the ladies’ room and clean up twice this morning. It’s only a few minutes past ten.” Her voice gained an octave at the end, clearly affected by her reaction to him.

As if he needed another reason to want to see her.

“I ache for you. Michael isn’t due back until nine tonight. Please,” she whispered, and abruptly the connection dropped.


Her husband.

Hunger ate at his insides. The need to control the beautiful woman who’d left the message grew with every second that ticked by.

As he opened his eyes, Wes stared out of the twenty-fifth story window of his office building in downtown Jacksonville, North Carolina. As he stood in the conference room before anyone else arrived, he barely resisted the urge to replay the message again. Instead he exited his voicemail and checked his watch.

It had already been one hell of a busy day. Half past one o’clock stared back at him from the face of his Breitling Chronomat 41. Didn’t take him thirty seconds to mentally run through the rest of his day and figure out what he could shuffle around to make room for…more pressing endeavors.

First, a meeting with his project managers on the new government contract they’d been awarded the Monday before was scheduled to start in just a few minutes. Then another consultation with his engineers in a couple of hours on a new drone prototype they were about to start work on. Then one last update with his board of directors, from which they were going to depart very happy.

He had plans with a buddy of his to catch a championship fight in Charlotte later that night. It wasn’t supposed to start until nine, but they still had to take the jet to get there. Hmm…

His dick pulsed again, reminding him that he’d already made the decision so he might as well move along with altering plans. Tabitha on her knees or bound beneath him, his handprint on her ass. Simplest decision he’d made all day.

She should already be back to work and unable to answer her cell at her desk if she’d left for lunch.


Pulling up her contact information, under Tabby Cat, took him about two seconds. He’d nicknamed her that for two reasons after the first time he’d fucked her.

One, because she had the prettiest pussy he’d ever seen. Small lips, super sensitive and one of the most gorgeous shades of fuckable he’d been able to lay his tongue on. And two, since she purred when a certain man had her.

His cock jerked.

Almost three years ago, he’d sunk inside her slick heat, and he still hadn’t gotten enough.

Being allergic to monogamy normally had him moving on, and quick. Even from women such as Tabitha who were otherwise spoken for.

But something about her called to him. Her ability to submit to him so effortlessly, maybe. Possibly her capacity to blossom beneath his command. Beneath his pain. His need to control her grew each time he laid eyes on her, and the ways she danced in his rope could fill a library of books.

Submission wasn’t something a person could learn. Nor was dominance.

Not in his way of thinking.

There was something about how his Tabby Cat knelt naked at his feet he couldn’t ignore. Wouldn’t ignore. But this was the first time she’d called up out of the blue to meet with him. ‘Dates’ were normally planned at least two weeks in advance. Sometimes he met her at her house and sometimes at a hotel of her choosing.

Both places were equally intense and turned him on so damn fast. Normally, by the time he closed the door he had to fuck her, before they ever made it to a bed.

She liked it dirty.


And she was his to command.

That she’d called him up in the middle of the day to meet that night probably should have made him pause, but it didn’t. Life was too short for too much thinking about certain details. Sex with their kind of power exchange definitely fell into that category for him. Tabitha was so hot and he was so horny for her that he was game as soon as he’d seen it was her who had left a message. Her desire raced beneath his flesh and his cock twitched again.

Hearing people exit the elevator at the far end of the floor, he swiped the screen of his phone to place the call and grinned when her voicemail picked up immediately. Good. And he hoped she saw it was him calling. Anticipation turned her on something hardcore. Lucky girl. Because he was ready to play and ‘aggressive’ was going to be the main attraction.

Her bouncy voice reached him through the phone. “Hi! This is Tabitha. Leave me a message and I’ll call you back. Byyeeeeee.”


“Pink fuck-me heels, black garter, black thigh-highs and no panties. Nothing else. I want your hair up in the bun you wore for work today. I’ll take it down when I decide to. At half past eight I want you on all fours on your husband’s bed with your pussy and ass facing the door. I’ll let myself in downstairs with the spare key. Your fingers on your pussy to get your slit nice and wet for me. Understand? Text me back the only two words I want to hear. Gonna use each hole. Hope you’re ready.”

Just as he hung up, voices in the hallway reached him. Stepping up to the head of the table to hide his hard-on, he took a seat. Eleven of his top project managers filed into the boardroom. He set his phone in front of him and switched it to silent.

“Of course, he’s already here,” Sinclair, one of his newest hires, confirmed with a grin as soon as he sat. “Wes, do you ever sleep?”

There were rumors going around the office that all Wes did was work. If they only knew the half of my extracurricular activities. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

Everyone chuckled as they got settled and most of them picked up the thick packets of information already sitting at each of their locations.

“Let’s go ahead and get started. Contrary to popular belief, I actually have plans tonight that do not involve business. I can’t miss them, so let’s get right to it.” He hoped they could be professional and focus, but…no such luck.

“Oh, my God. I hope someone was secretly videoing that,” Sinclair mock-whispered.

“We could win the pool if we prove he’s actually human,” a smiling woman on Sinclair’s left mumbled behind her hand. Ericka had been with him for almost five years. She was loyal, wicked smart and can’t wasn’t in her vocabulary when he brought a project to her he wanted handled.

He grinned. “Guess you’ll all have to be faster on the draw next time.”

“Dammit,” an older gentlemen on his right cursed as he set his phone back down. “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog, too.”

Everybody laughed, including Wes. “Hector, you just nominated yourself to turn the lights off.”

The man stood with mock outrage. “You’re only trying to keep my people down.”

“What people?” somebody else joked. “Your family’s been here longer than any of ours.”

Another woman, sitting next to him, shooed him toward the door. “I’ve been to your houses. Both of them. You have a housekeeper. So, shut it!”

Everyone else heckled him as he headed toward the set of light switches by the door.

“Ericka,” Wes spoke her name softly as the jabs continued.

His other project manager, set to lead the meeting, swiveled around and faced him. “Yeah, boss?”

“They’re all yours.” He slid the remote control across the table. “Bring them up to speed on Phase I and I’ll fill in anywhere you need me to.”

She petted the remote. “My precious.”

“Oh, Lordy. Ericka has the remote.”

“Save yourself,” Sinclair added.

Wes shook his head and smirked one more time. “It’s a wonder you guys get anything done.”

Hector pointed to his chest. “That hurts right here.”

Ericka laughed and brought up the first slide on the projector that shone on the wall ahead of Wes. Everyone chuckled, faced that direction, and finally got down to business. They might play hard but they worked hard, too. Wes, of all people, could respect that.

Twenty minutes later, Wes’ phone display lit up, signaling he’d received a text message. Licking his bottom lip, he could almost taste Tabitha’s sweet juices on his mouth. He ran his thumb across the screen and pulled up his messages.

Yes, Sir.

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