Our Troth: Heathen History

Our Troth: Heathen History

by Ben Waggoner


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Our Troth is the single most comprehensive book ever published on the religious traditions of Heathenry: the pre-Christian religions of the Germanic-speaking peoples, revitalized as a living tradition for today. The third edition has been completely revised and updated from the book's original edition in 1993, drawing on the latest scholarship and on developments within the Heathen community. The first volume traces the history of ancient and modern Heathenry, from its most distant roots in the Stone Age, through the cultures of the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Migration Period, and Viking Age, to its flowering today.

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About the Author

The Troth is an international organization that brings together many paths and traditions within Germanic Heathenry, such as Ásatrú, Theodish Belief, Urglaawe, Forn Sed, and Anglo-Saxon Heathenry. We welcome all who have been called to follow the elder ways of Heathenry, and who have heard the voices of the Gods and Goddesses of Heathenry, our ancestors, the landvættir, and the spirits around us. To find out more about our organization or to join us, visit http://www.thetroth.org/, contact us at troth-questions@thetroth.org, or look for us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheTroth/ Ben Waggoner serves the Troth as its Publications Director, and is an independent researcher and translator of Old Norse texts.

Table of Contents

The Stone Age,The Indo-Europeans,The Bronze Age,The Iron Age,The Migration and Vendel Ages,The Viking Age,Medieval to Modern,Germanic Religion and the Nazis,The Heathen Rebirth

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