Our X Factor

Our X Factor

by Xavier Van De Lanotte


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Among the many things that people aspire for, one that most people have in common is to be happy. Some go to great lengths just so they can secure happiness for themselves, but they often mistake transient pleasures and lofty achievements for happiness, not realizing that being happy is more a choice and a process than an end product. Author Xavier Van de Lanotte takes on the noble task of guiding the perennial seeker of happiness or success to the right path, which is paved with moments of self-examination, life-changing decisions, and questions that will haunt you until you are able to put things in perspective: "What makes you happy? What do you want to achieve in your life? How do you feel about the direction you are on? Are you confident with your choices and pleased with your success every day?" If you are groping for answers and yearning to live your life to the fullest, this may be the book for you.

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ISBN-13: 9781628388572
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 06/30/2014
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Xavier has worked, lived, and studied in several countries and held a variety of management positions in education, sales, marketing, public relations, strategy, finance, and corporate development and training. His focus is on understanding people in their environment and, from there, identifying the least resistant path to developing effective and collaborative approaches for success.

He is devoted to improving people's lives and also provides strategy development consulting services, catering to companies whose environments evolve at high velocity or seek to operate with greater efficiency. He is published in leading professional publications, both in his name and as a ghost writer for a Dow Jones-listed company.

Xavier raises three teenage children in southern Florida. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, sailing, music and photography, teaching tennis, and writing novels as well as about emerging issues.

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