Out of Misery

Out of Misery

by God Forbid



Out of Misery originally appeared in 1998 as God Forbid's debut. Though it fell out of print, it's been reissued in the wake of the band's signing to Century Media and the subsequent release of the Determination LP. This new version augments the original EP's six tracks with live material from a CBGB's date. Musically, the most striking thing about God Forbid is its ability to unite thrash and black metal with the tenets of hardcore while keeping one wary eye on -- can it be? -- real melody. It's not melody in a pop sense, but cuts like "Habeeber" and especially "Madman" execute furious tempo and thematic shifts, screeching technical solos, and Byron Davis' anguish-to-a-bellow vocals with a precision that turns each stuttering moment into a barbed hook. "Nosferatu" is metalcore perfection, rocking double-time verses in the midst of headbanging choruses and an extended bout with brotherly guitarist mayhem courtesy of Doc and Dallas Coyle. The live material sounds great as well, with a massive bottom end and a load of atmospheric ambience -- "N2" actually succeeds in translating the club's claustrophobic environs to record.

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Release Date: 09/25/2001
Label: We Put Out
UPC: 0711574443826
catalogNumber: 2

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