Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows

by Ashlee Nicole Bye


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From the streets of Melbourne to the bowels of Westminster, the delicate balance between life and death that is so painstakingly maintained by the reapers of The Order of Dark and Light is being tested by the return of an ancient threat. Tensions are rising within the hidden world of The Shadowlands and if this threat is not contained war will be inevitable. And the destruction of the human world is bound to follow in its wake.

Amidst this tension, eighteen year-old Sachi Manning is struggling to cope with the grief and guilt that has plagued her ever since her best friend was murdered six months earlier—that is, until she spots him seemingly alive and well and being held at scythe point by a hooded figure who looks more like a GQ model than the Grim Reaper.

Sachi shouldn’t be able to see through the glamours that shield Shadowlanders from the human world, so the reaper in question wants some answers. And so begins the craziest couple of weeks of Sachi’s life as she is drawn into a world of mysteries, magic, monsters, and mayhem, encountering dragons, faeries, soul-sucking demons, not-so-grim reapers, and even the Horseman of Death.

With a mix of heart, humour and hair-raising action, Out of the Shadows is the adventure of an afterlifetime, perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare and Paula Weston.

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ISBN-13: 9780648107804
Publisher: Ashlee Nicole bYe
Publication date: 06/14/2017
Series: Shadowlands , #1
Pages: 418
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.93(d)

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Out of the Shadows 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was fantastic and promises to be a brilliant series. It is a delightful read full of page-turning action and intriguing characters with a hefty dose of humour. A feisty heroine, hot guys, demons, reapers…. Out of the Shadows has it all! The further that I read into the book, the more intrigued I became and the more I fell for the characters, the LOL humour and the incredible Shadowland world. By the 30% mark, I was totally hooked and ignoring my family and other responsibilities altogether. I found it to be a rewarding read, well written, and entertaining. It is a delicious blend of mystery, romance and action, and I laughed out loud at some of the clever moments and one-liners. I’ve fallen for these characters and their paranormal world, and I cannot wait to continue on with this series
ScaroletEllis 6 months ago
Out of the Shadows by Ashlee Nicole Bye is a wonderful story that I have read. This is a wonderful start to a brand new series that I fell in love with and I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about action in their stories, I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I'm new to this author, but look forward to reading more of their work. This had a rather complex storyline with a lot of different characters that I found slightly confusing at first to grasp, especially as there was rather a lot of information early on. But once I grasped who the main characters were, and what they were it was easier to follow. I found it an enjoyable book which draw me in and made me want to just keep reading one more chapter. It was well written with depth and well developed storyline, with different and interesting characters. Some humorous dialogue, plenty of intrigue, plus it was also a great long length. Looking forward to next instalment.
Literary_Titan More than 1 year ago
I recently read Out of the Shadows by Ashlee Nicole Bye and was immediately hooked by the first chapter. The prologue to the book, which I admittedly skip over, caught my eye and sets the scene for what is a very interesting concept and well written novel. We meet Julian, who we learn is not from this world as he uses ‘humans’ and as you read on, you learn that he is way older than he appears to be. Although his age isn’t described until later, you know he’s old because his eyesight has been bestowed to him almost a century and a half ago. Clearly, he’s seen some things. I really enjoyed this book. Maybe it’s because I’m Australian as well and we rarely get treated to books that are supernatural AND also mention state capitals that we know (such as Melbourne), but it was immediately easy to immerse myself into this world that Ashlee has so lovingly created. The characters, such as Sachi, are so well written that you can feel their pain, anguish and confusion as Sachi is thrown into a world she’s not entirely sure about. Sachi’s best friend was killed by the ‘Melbourne Slasher’, but it’s not until she ventures out after months of solitude that she sees things that were definitely not there before. As the book goes on, Sachi and Julian’s worlds become intertwined as we learn that Julian and his friend Moss are a part of a secret society of reapers (which explains why he’s over a century and a half old) called the Order of Light and Dark, who are tasked with finding out what the Melbourne Slasher is and how they plan on stopping it. This book also brings into play a very interesting idea that you can play with. The Order of the Light and Dark, and their jobs as reapers, means that they control who dies, when they are supposed to die and what manner they are supposed to die in. This ‘melbourne slasher’ is throwing everything out of balance and is throwing the reapers off schedule. It brings a concept forward that can make you feel at peace; your death has been scheduled and you are going to die when you are supposed to. For a control freak like myself, I really liked this concept. I really ejoyed Sachi and her strong banter with the other characters within the book. I love that strong female leads are becoming the norm (thanks, Gone Girl!). I feel like without the banter and the wit of Sachi, this book would have been a bit difficult to read. She definitely made me laugh a fair bit. Another thing I enjoyed were the chapter names. The first one had me snorting with ‘It’s too damn hot for a monster to just be walking around’. Ashlee really nails how Australians tend to describe things and this definitely comes forth in the chapter titles. They were descriptive and funny and accurate.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This fantastical book has action, suspense, and mystery. I loved it. It is wonderfully done. The human world collides with a supernatural world in a gripping story that has you turning the pages. While the supernatural can keep hidden with their glamours Sachi can see them. Why can this eighteen year old girl see what others cannot? That is a mystery to solve. She is devastated when her best friend Gabe is brutally murdered and completely shocked when she sees him alive. As she is introduced into this world of unseen creatures she finds herself facing beings she never thought she would like dragons.Can this balance of the worlds be kept intact? You will keep reading this gripping adventure to discover the true evil they face. The characters were easy to understand and get involved with. I highly recommend this book to those seeking a good, entertaining adventure story to lose yourself in.
CrossroadReviews More than 1 year ago
If you loved the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare then Out of the Shadows is the title for you! Its book one in the Shadowlands series by Ashlee Nicole Bye and man it was great. This is a debut that you wouldnt think it was one. The book is beautifully written and told and I couldnt put it down. The world building was great and you could see how much time the author had taken to create this world and story. This book is set in Australia and the characters were great. At times I was laughing my butt off and others I was so scared for them. This was a wonderful mystery with a killer on the loose and murder. The play on different dimensions was out of this world as well. I dont want to say to much because it will start going into spoilers. But pretty much the Shadowlands holds every nightmare creature you could even dream about. Not a place I would want to visit. This one has it all for the reader and I really cant wait to grab the next book. Mystery, Murder, Fantasy, and a little romance too.
Francine1440 More than 1 year ago
Out of the Shadows is a supernatural/fantasy novel aimed at young adults and older. Before reading this book, I read the reviews which mentioned that Ms. Bye wrote a lot like the fantastic YA author Cassandra Clare. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this comparison rang true. Ms. Bye has created an amazingly entertaining fantasy world called the Shadowlands. The many different species of creatures that live there (dragons, faeries, brownies, Reapers, etc.) can travel into our world via the shadows. They exist among mortals by using glamour that hides their true look except for those that were once human and don’t need to hide their true selves, such as Reapers. The story revolves around a young human female, Sachi, whose best friend Gabe is murdered while out with her one night. More people are suspiciously slashed to death which leaves citizens believing there is a serial killer lurking the in the shadows. Julian and Moss, two Reapers, suspect something else is going on. They also suspect that Sachi is right in the middle of it, considering that she was the person who was supposed to die the night of Gabe’s death instead of him. Out of the Shadows is everything that young adults look for in books these days. Due to short chapters, lots of pop culture references and a sharp wit, this book is a fast paced and entertaining read. The characters are very well written, each with his or her own distinct traits that make them interesting and memorable. One of the small details that added to the humour of the book is the titles of the chapters. I’m not usually someone who really pays attention to chapter titles and I usually find them to be a needless waste of text. However, with titles such as “A Knee to the Groin is Always a Safe Bet” from Chapter Nine and “A Dead Girl Walking.AndTalking.And Breathing” from Chapter Twenty-two, I really enjoyed them in this book. The only thing that occasionally interrupted the flow of the story was the constant references to pop culture but I’m sure this wouldn’t bother younger readers at all. This is the first book in a series and it ends with a bit of a teaser about the upcoming story as it continues, which seems like it will be another great read. I read this in digital format and it translated to my ereader well. The cover is attractive but I’m not sure how eye-catching it will be for YAs
RozzieReview4You More than 1 year ago
Out of the Shadows is a beginning to a whole new world of fantasy that is like a clash of everything colliding with an average normal chick. This story was pretty fantastic. It has its flaws but for now I I would like to chalk that up to the fact that it is the first book in the series. The main story itself with Sachi and what begins to happen to her and where her life is going to go even beyond this book is written very well. There is a little make-out which you look forward to, and there is a make-out that you almost wish was there too. Yep, I'm talking the love triangle. But that is only speculation on my part. I'll have to read the next book in the series to know for sure. There are so many authors that I can think of in the same genre of this book, and I feel like this book fits in great with all of them. All the different characters, all the mystery back plots, totally remind me of Karen Chance's Cassie Palmer series. Ashlee Nicole Bye has written this book with many different points of views that are constantly changing to give you a full perspective of the world. Although at times it seems like you are meeting new characters and then they get discarded right after that scene, you get a really good idea of an actual world beginning to be built. I didn't care for the end, and you will see why. It's another scene with a couple of random characters get dropped into your lap, and then it is THE END. I feel like this would be something to tack on after the book is over. Like a beginning to the next book. BUT, even with all that, it is a great story.
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
After her boyfriend Gabe is brutally murdered, Sachi starts having nightmares. For the next six months, she becomes a hermit, until her friend Olivia talks her into going out to a local club for a night out. While there, Sachi discovers Gabe, apparently alive, being held at knife point by Julian, who she later finds out is a hacker for the Order of Dark and Light. This Order is tasked with maintaining the balance between life and death. Julian can’t understand why Sachi can see through the glimmer that he surrounds himself with to keep him out of sight of humans. This leads him to take extreme measures to try to find out why Sachi is so different, but still human. This story was fast paced and very interesting, which was good since it was extra long. I was totally engrossed and couldn’t put it down. I liked this cast of characters a lot. It was easy to understand why everyone was so secretive, with all that was going on. This was worth reading for the humor alone. I mean, who would have imagined Beelzebub as rad and Facebook friendly. And all the t-shirt maxims were hilarious. This is the first book that I have read by this author, but it won’t be the last. I like that this is a series and that these characters will continue on.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! A fantastic read! Vampire Diaries meets Mortal Instruments! The storyline is unique but blends just enough similarity so you have a basis of connection. The bonds and relationships between the characters is one you can see yourself instantly being a part of. Sachi's character is one you can visualize immediately. You can relate to her outsider-ness, and connect with her feelings . The instant connection with her and Julian is palpitating, and the whole book had me on the edge of my seat wondering if or when something was going to happen to solidify actionable content . Moss adds an enjoyable fun quirky-ness to their trio. The book does an excellent job explaining the other worlds with descriptions that leave you visualizing exactly what is taking place. I enjoyed the cliffhanger ending, and think the story has a lot of different angles it can go to truly crate a saga of adventure, and I look forward to reading more!