Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease--Body, Mind & Spirit

Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease--Body, Mind & Spirit

by Katina I. Makris


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At the peak of her career, Classical Homeopath and health care columnist Katina Makris was stricken with a mysterious "flu". Only after five years of torment—two completely bedridden—and devastating blows to her professional and family life was Katina's illness finally diagnosed as Lyme Disease. But diagnosis was only the beginning of her journey toward healing.

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ISBN-13: 9781600700712
Publisher: Elite Books
Publication date: 10/15/2011
Pages: 250
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Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH, has been a Classical Homeopath for 26 years and a popular health columnist. She sat on the Board of the Council for Homeopathic Certification and currently works as a Lyme disease consultant and Intuitive Healer. She is a graduate of the Stillpoint Institute of Life Healing and holds a BA from Duke University.

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Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease--Body, Mind & Spirit 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
NND58 More than 1 year ago
This is a captivating "must read" for anyone struggling with chronic Lyme Disease or illness. As a health professional of 26 years and a chronic Lyme Disease survivor, Katina I. Makris shares her triumphant memoir and savvy healthcare knowledge in "Out of the Woods". This riveting story of perseverance, healing and hope will surely touch your heart, expand your mind, elicit your compassion and challenge your preconceived notions about healing mind, body and spirit. Readers have much to gain from immersing themselves in this compelling and transcending journey.
LonnyBrown More than 1 year ago
THE NEW PLAGUE Has the silent epidemic of Lyme disease impacted your life yet? Every year 300,000 people contract this insidious, life-destroying bacterial infection with "no known cure." You or a loved one may already be one of these statistics and not even know it. For anyone interested in "Lyme" (which should include everyone, given the rampant plague-like spread of the invisible invader), my first recommendation is to immediately arm yourself with the collected knowledge, experience, and hard-earned wisdom in Katina Makris' authoritative new book, "Out of The Woods." The last sixty pages alone comprise the most incisive, accurate, and comprehensive guide available to one of modern medicine's most destructive and evasive afflictions. GET HOLISTIC "Out of the Woods" is a particularly powerful endorsement of holistic health care. Subtitled, Healing Lyme Disease - Body, Mind and Spirit, it illustrates how mainstream allopathic medicine routinely overlooks the latter two domains of the triad that sustains human life. Hence, alongside a solid reliance on high-tech diagnostics and physical intervention, Makris also integrates a host of proven safe and effective "alternative" approaches, including homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, visualization, hands-on healing, spiritual counseling and energy medicine. Of particular significance are the intriguing revelations about Rife therapy, an old, maligned, nearly forgotten and newly revived technology that virtually electrocutes the invisible invaders where they hide in the blood stream. But, despite its eminent practicality, you don't have to have Lyme disease to benefit from - even enjoy reading - this unique book. The true heart of "Out of the Woods" is the author's engrossing personal account of her five-year battle and ultimate conquest over the life-threatening grip of the tenacious, all-pervasive Borrelia bergdorfori bacteria. Katina Makris' Lyme-specific struggle also stands well as a universal metaphor for the same existential dilemma presented by the great managerie of infirmities we all suffer throughout life. I benefited applying her encouraging examples of positive, sustained holistic self-care to a simple knee injury I was nursing during my reading. HOPE, HELP & HEALING "Kim" Makris is a 21st Century American mother, veteran alternative health professional, accomplished landscape artist, and gifted writer. Her first book is as gripping as a novel, smart as the best self-help manuals, and infused with sacred truth as well. This harrowing/triumphant tale of medical disaster and recovery is much more than exceptionally useful. The author's poetic writing style transforms an already excellent human-interest story into a fountain of profound inspiration. Thousands will read this book seeking information, and end up seeing life in a whole new, healing way.
khale46 More than 1 year ago
often get books to review about topics in the medical field and was excited to read this book regarding one woman's journey with Lyme disease. Living in a heavily wooded area where Lyme disease is a real daily concern, it definitely hit close to home how important it is to stay on top of protection and routine checks after any outdoor activities. Out of the Woods: Healing Lyme Disease--Body, Mind & Spirit by Katina I. Makris is an in depth look at one woman's struggle with Lyme disease, the health problems, the effects on her family, her income and every aspect of her life. Lyme disease is very prevalent in wooded/southern/warmer states, but can also affect any area with mountains, deer, woods and larger wild game. Katina shares how her family was affected but also how to deal with both the little issues and the big issues that change with this diagnosis. Although I had some interest in the subject matter, it was not an item I felt compelled to read about "just for fun". That said, I found the book informative and fairly easy to read although a bit on the heavy side with adjectives/descriptions. It has a wealth of information for someone newly diagnosed to aide them in where to go, what to do and how to cope. Katina also has more than enough to share and assist those that have suffered for years as well. I think this would be a great gift item for anyone you know is recently diagnosed with Lyme disease or even a book to grab and read at leisure for information purposes.
Becca71 More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Story ~ Yes I'm at it again another book read and very well written. This book was a very good one it was really inspiring as someone who suffers from a disease with no cure it was very uplifting to hear a story that had a good ending. This book is about Katina who falls ill to Lyme disease and spends years suffering not only from the disease but from the personal trauma it inflicts. This book is very inspiring as well as very insightful as to how a person feels when they are crippled by a disease or illness. I definitely recommend this book and will probably read it again when i find myself lingering in a dark mood one day.
kim0712 More than 1 year ago
This was a very personal story to me because I have a very good friend that was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease – but not until after several years of sickness that no one seemed able to explain. The author, Katina Makris, shares her own personal story of her fight with Lyme disease in her book “Out of the Woods“. When my friend was going through her illness, well before she was ever diagnosed, it was hard to imagine that she could have so many things wrong with her at one time. Doctors told her that every thing was in her head, take this pill, take that pill, she got called a hypochondriac, and the list just goes on. In Out of the Woods, Katina explains how one day her life was busy and fulfilling as a successful Homeopathic Healer. Most people would assume that as a healer, if something started to go wrong in her body that she would be able to fix it. But her quality of life started to dwindle little by little, year by year, until she was struggling to keep her marriage and career – while trying to find out what seemed to be destroying her body from the inside out. When she finally finds a doctor that recognizes that what she has is Lyme Disease, she is able to start turning around her health, body, mind and life and restore the health that she felt before. In this book, she chronicles her very tough and moving story from its start until she has completely restored her health. Through her words you “hear” the pain and defeat that this disease had on her, but you also “hear” the elation that follows once she has healed herself! I highly recommend this book to anyone that is struggling with disease, especially one that no one seems to be able to fully diagnose. By holding true to what the author knew was going on in her body, she was able to finally get that diagnosis and heal her body and life. Very heartwarming story!
kgaines More than 1 year ago
About the book: At the peak of her career, Classical Homeopath and health care columnist Katina Makris was stricken with a mysterious "flu". Only after five years of torment--two completely bedridden--and devastating blows to her professional and family life was Katina's illness finally diagnosed as Lyme Disease. But diagnosis was only the beginning of her journey toward healing. Twenty thousand cases of Lyme Disease are reported annually, with thousands more still undiagnosed or mistreated due to faulty testing protocols. This infectious disease can create gaping physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds, leaving tens of thousands of people in progressive states of illness, collapse, and financial ruin. Yet, Katina Makris' vivid story offers practical information for diagnosing and treating the bacterial invasion, as well as powerful guidance for mending the broken spirit. Rooted in personal recovery experience, a deep understanding of alternative medicine, and a poetic connection to nature, Out of the Woods transcends the boundaries of any one disease to reaffirm the power of hope for anyone grappling with life-shattering chronic illness. My review: I loved this book and I never thought about intuitive healing and it seems like a good thing. I felt bad for her and I am glad of how she handled it. I am not giving any other details away sorry but that's not what I am here for. Even though I loved this book I am still not giving it five stars because it is not a book I would have picked up in the store. She is a great author just not my favorite. Stars I give this book: **** (4 Stars)
Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
Overcoming Lyme Disease Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (2/12) When a healer and a health care columnist spends several years completely baffled and in absolute torment, chances are that her mysterious flu-like illness is something that is truly difficult to diagnose. It took Ms. Makris five years to receive a correct diagnosis, and a long time to even partially recover from it. Her journey is described beautifully in “Out of the Woods,” which encompasses both her memoirs and an eye-opening “Nuts and Bolts” section on signs, symptoms, and available treatments for Lyme disease. There were many valuable lessons to be learned from this beautifully written book. Some were rather obvious ones about cherishing what we have, since it could so easily be gone the very next moment, the importance of having a good support system and the need to work with one’s doctor(s). Then there were those that should be obvious, but many times are not, like the importance of being persistent in trying to get your point across to the doctor when one does not feel that the real issue is being addressed. Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves, and nobody else can say with more certainty whether something is working for us or not. Perhaps the most important issue was the holistic view of treatments – it is vitally important that all facets of the issue are addressed adequately, since good results simply can not be achieved without proper balance. Many of us would do well to read – and reread – the section on importance of real, true rest to the healing process. It might sound limiting and difficult to achieve, but Ms. Makris illustrated really well how essential it was to her effort to get well again. And let’s not forget the “there are no coincidences” factor – if one even remotely believes that, one would be hard pressed to find a more fitting story to exemplify it. I wish this book would have been published years ago, when several people close to me were diagnosed with Lyme disease. They were lucky to have at least received the correct diagnosis rather early, yet their recovery was difficult and very lengthy in each of the three cases that I know of. I am certain that quite a lot of the information from the Part Two of this book would have been a great help to them, and I am simply grateful that the book is available to anybody who needs it now. “Out of the Woods” by Katina I. Makris should be required reading not only for patients struggling with the Lyme disease, or those who suspect that Lyme might be the cause of their problems, but also anybody who has been struggling with any debilitating chronic disease, as well as for those who provide care for such patients, regardless of whether they do it in a professional or amateur capacity. Ms. Makris’ descriptions of her struggles with even the simplest tasks were frighteningly eye-opening to me, and I can only hope they will make me more understanding and more tolerant in the future. Moreover, I greatly enjoyed Ms. Makris’ writing and her vivid descriptions of things, people, and events in her world. She made it come to life in full color.
Starry_Skies More than 1 year ago
What an incredibly moving book; part memoir, part travel guide of a journey to wellness, I was engaged from the first page. Once I started reading this book I couldn¿t put it down and once I finished it, I wanted to share it with everyone I knew who has this devastating disease. It¿s a must read for anyone who has had Lyme¿s disease touch their life, especially if they have an interest in Complementary Medicine. It will move and inspire you in your life¿s journey whether you have Lyme¿s or not.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SueS13 More than 1 year ago
Out of the Woods is a compelling story of the living nightmare of Chronic Lyme Disease from which the author awakens with hope and determination to get well. Kim writes as beautifully as she paints! Each page is a landscape of colorful, descriptive words that take the reader by the hand on her personal journey of healing. Makris paints a descriptive and passionate account of heartbreak, pain, confusion, loneliness and despair. She shares her experience, strength and hope with her readers, after rising like a phoenix from the ashes of devastation into the arms of her Spiritual, intuitive self. As a chronic Lyme sufferer, Kim's book brings me so much hope and determination. I highly recommend this book to anyone affected by disease in his or her own life or someone they love.
BarbieGeorge More than 1 year ago
Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Kim is hurled through her own tornado to another land...and must find her way out of OZ and back home. I spent 3 hours reading the book from cover to cover. The season of giving is just around the corner...this would make a wonderful gift in so many ways, and on so many levels.
rickRC More than 1 year ago
A beautifully written book about the author's tragic puzzling illness. A once vibrant professional healer was driven to the depths of despair until she realized she was suffering from Lyme Disease. She finally triumphed due to the help of many other healers and her own courageous inner spirit. This book gives hope to the thousands also caught up in this heretofore vastly unrecognized plague.
janlyme More than 1 year ago
She gives me hope to overcome Lyme Disease. The book is beautifully written.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Though there may be important information in this book, it's buried in tiresome, maudlin descriptions and emotional, unfocused prose. I fully appreciate how challenging living with this disease can be, but I didn't find this memoir helpful.