Out with the Ex, In with the New: An utterly perfect feel good romantic comedy

Out with the Ex, In with the New: An utterly perfect feel good romantic comedy

by Sophie Ranald

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‘LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! After months of struggling to find another author I love as much as I love Sophie Kinsella I have found her! Could not put this book down. Ended up sneaking a few lines in here and there, even in a lift whilst shopping!... Fab read, funny and LOL.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

You know when you sleep through your alarm, trip over running for the bus, and then someone points out that your dress is stuck into your hotdog-print knickers? That’s basically my life right now.

Gemma didn’t expect her life to look like this. She’s still living with her mother, who steals her leggings and tells her off for leaving crumbs in the butter. After twenty failed interviews she thought she’d bagged her dream job as a journalist – except it turns out to be writing articles about cats that look like George Clooney. Luckily she has her wonderful boyfriend, Jack, to help her forget just how rubbish things are.

Then Jack dumps her out of the blue. With nothing but her childhood teddy bear, Stanley, and a whole heap of heartbreak, Gemma resolves to turn things around. She throws herself into her new job and soon she’s hanging out with cheeky, golden-haired hunk Charlie, eating in swanky restaurants and sipping trendy cocktails – and her old life seems like a distant memory.

But it’s not long until her shiny new world starts to lose its sparkle – and Gemma misses the days of wearing battered pink converse and eating peanut butter on toast in bed. Then Jack turns up, backpack in tow, and things start to go wrong with Charlie. ‘Out with the old, in with the new’, the saying goes. But what happens if neither one is quite right?

This laugh-out-loud romantic comedy is for anyone who’s ever cried their eyes out to love songs after a break-up or accidentally drunk-texted their ex. Fans of Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk will love this unmissable read which is all about falling in love with the most important person: yourself!

This book was previously published as the Truth About Gemma Grey.

Readers absolutely love Out with the Ex, In with the New:

Laugh-out-loud goodness!... If you are looking for something to devour over a few days check this one out!!... I could not stop reading.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

Made me literally laugh out loud and I lost count of how many times I lol’ed!Steph and Chris Book Review

Perfect!... Lots of fun, lovable and well-drawn characters, witty and pacy. Read it in one sitting and now going to read the Sophie Ranald back-catalogue!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

Oh my goodness, I enjoyed this book!... I highly recommend it!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

Loved it!!’ Goodreads Reviewer

Funny, relatable and just totally fabulous

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ISBN-13: 9781838882471
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication date: 12/03/2019
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
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Out with the Ex, In with the New: An utterly perfect feel good romantic comedy 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
gaele 26 days ago
Gemma is 24 and lives at home, but is hoping that will change with her new job and her now 4-year relationship. But, when her boyfriend trumps her news of a new job and the ability to move out of her mother’s house with his own plans to travel, without her but bringing his friend Olivia along, things take an unusual twist. With a new house share in London with a married couple and another single like her, she’s expecting great things – and along with her new job and new outlook, she’s going to put more emphasis on her vlog and see where that leads. Then the totally unexpected (to no one BUT her) letter from the boyfriend arrives, confirming he’s moved on without her – and she’s devastated. Taking to her vlog – she vents – and the vlog takes off. Gemma was more than a bit naïve and uncertain at first, and a bit star-struck when her vlog took off, with a few nicely placed warnings in actions about the lure and dangers of social media and deciding about motives when one is surrounded by other ‘influensters’ with big followings. Sure, with two boys that are interesting and only one seeming to share her ‘place’ in the vlogosphere, along with the ‘celebrity’ culture that is celebrated (or shot down) with the ‘ever on’ reality bent of the script – it’s going to take far more thought and consideration, and a removal of a bit of her innocence before she actually starts to grow and see potential – the real and the false – in her newly defined life. Heavily peppered with YouTube culture and references, the perils and alure of social media, and quite a bit of missteps from Gemma – it will take some unexpected events to be thrust in her face before her choices become clearly evident, and besides being a cause celeb for herself, she throws herself into a true cause that she cares about. Again, like Sorry not Sorry the promise of “laugh out loud” was a bit overstated, and this felt more chick lit than rom com – even with the happy for now ending. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Jihan1281 3 months ago
Big Thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review. As usual, I was deceived by the nice cover. The cover for me seems refreshing and I was hoping that it could give me that vibe. First, I did not expect that the story is going to be about a rising YouTube vlogger. Had I known, I would not have expected too much from the story. The plot is kind of weak. It just revolved around the daily struggle of Gemma who was recently dumped by her long-time boyfriend. She was getting over him by keeping herself busy at work and posting vlogs on Youtube. The story kind of bored me a little. There are lots of characters but they are not well developed which made them uninteresting. I find the story kind of shallow, but I appreciate that towards the end the character became mature enough by doing something worthwhile. I would have enjoyed this book more if Gemma had developed a deeper relationship with some of the characters.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I had a really hard time deciding between three and four stars for this book. Overall, I liked it! I loved how the main character, Gemma, really developed throughout the book. It was great to see her grow up and find herself. I thought the book was very relatable in some ways- Breakups, careers, moving, finding yourself. I wonder if I might have liked it a bit more if I had more of an interest in the YouTube culture. It was very interesting to learn about how those YouTube careers work. I did love how the book dove into more serious issues like domestic violence, which in my opinion aren't discussed enough. Thank you for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this title in exchange for my honest review. These opinions are my own.
SaraOxo 4 months ago
Out with the Ex. In with the new Sophie Ranald a four-star read that will surprise you. I nearly gave this three-stars but went with four as overall it was well written, it just lacked in a few places. Gemma is a great character, you will love her, and you will want to shake her, but most of all you will want to hug her and make it all right for her. This was a sweet story, but it does have its moments, one in particular about domestic violence that may upset some, but overall, I liked the theme of the story and Gemma as a character. It was just that there were chunks that could have been removed and the story would have been better as it wouldn’t have dragged so much.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Although the premise for this story is typical for the usual chick-lit book, 'Out With the Ex, In With the New' is anything but typical. In the span of five months, Gemma gets a new job, a new home in London, a new career path, and most of all, a new sense of self. After Jack and Olivia's betrayal, Gemma finds herself alone and depressed, trying to get her professional and personal life back on track. However, as her vlogging career becomes more successful, along with her new relationship with Charlie, Gemma soon discovers some home truths about the pitfalls of stardom, young love, and denying your true identity. Yay, Stanley! Wrapped up in an at-times quirky, lighthearted prose, 'Out With the Ex, In With the New' is a smart and poignant coming of age story not to be overlooked. Highly recommended. Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture, and Sophie Ranald for an ARC of 'Out With the Ex, In With the New' in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.
MKF 4 months ago
When Jack breaks up with Gemma, her rant on her vlog goes viral and, much to her surprise, leads to an incredible uptick in her activity. All the sudden she's a star, reviewing makeup and clothes, and being sponsored and so on. That doesn't mean she's really happy, btw, but then she meets Charlie. He's also an influencer and soon the two of them are the hottest thing out there. Then Jack comes back from his travel and Gemma has to make some decisions. What's right for her might not be right for everyone but she does it with humor. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. This is a tad shallow at times but it is topical re the vlogging and there's a classic romantic challenge.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Three and a half stars. Gemma thinks getting a job at Clickfrenzy as a junior writer is the start of all her dreams coming true. Finally she'll be able to leave home and get a place in London with her long-term boyfriend Jack. But when she breaks the good news to Jack he tells her that he's resigned and is going to travel the world with his friend Olivia. Suddenly all Gemma's hopes and dreams are left for dust in Jack's wake, made even worse when he dumps her via email and announces that he and Olivia are an item. Gemma tries to make the best of things, vlogging about hair and make-up to her small group of followers, coming up with imaginative posts about cats for her job, and feeling desperately alone in a house-share in Hackney, until her tearful rant about being dumped by Jack goes viral and opens up a new world as a minor celebrity vlogger. Soon she's dating another vlogger, visiting the latest cocktail bars and endorsing products from carefully selected partner brands. But is the social media lifestyle any more fulfilling than meeting her mates down the pub? And when Jack comes home with his tail between his legs will Gemma choose her old life over the new? This is a bit of a bildungsroman, Gemma starts out as a naive young woman, her hopes and dreams are all built around her life with Jack and her unrealistic expectations that once she got a job she would be living like a character from Love Actually or Bridget Jones. Then she gets swept into the artificial world of vlogging, whilst doing her day-job, but the quest for posts at the expense of integrity feels false. Is Jack's return a wake-up call? Will Gemma choose celebrity romance with fellow vlogger Charlie or normality with Jack? Or is there a third way? I enjoyed this novel, I liked the side plots and stories, in fact although there is romance it is definitely subservient to Gemma's voyage of self-discovery, the romance is almost an afterthought. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.