Outback Exodus Collected Edition

Outback Exodus Collected Edition


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Outback Exodus the Collected Edition contains all the Outback Exodus books in the best order to read them.

Dawn Millen takes you on a journey through the outback of Australia after a catastrophic earthquake. On this journey you will meet the wonderful people of Australia, who offer friendship, support and help to the travellers. The journey takes them from a tiny outback town across devastated country to the beautiful coast.

Although there is also damage to the coastal community our weary group of travellers find a welcome and a new home on the coast.

Their adventures continue throughout the five volumes which cover fifty years, while they rebuild their lives, homes and futures.

Come on in and get to know the wonderful people Dawn Millen has created in her imagination, join their struggles and celebrate their triumphs.

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ISBN-13: 9781511588041
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/03/2015
Pages: 652
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.31(d)

About the Author

Dawn Millen was born in North Wales UK has lived for long periods in New Zealand. She now lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands area of New South Wales, Australia. Dawn is a parent, grand parent, gardener, dog lover and an observer of humankind. You never know what will inspire her to write or who she will blend to become one of her characters. For 25 years Dawn cared for her disabled husband and after his death resumed writing again after many years break.
"Outback Exodus" is Dawn's first venture into publishing her fiction work and the story has been written with a deep love of Australia that expands across the vast Outback and culminates on the beautiful East Coast Flood Plains of New South Wales. "Outback Exodus" was published in early April 2013. A sequel to "Outback Exodus" called "Settled on the Coast" was published in late May 2013. "Settled on the Coast was quickly followed by "New Generations" which is set 50 years in the future and describes the settlement of Gordon at that time. Dawn then completed "Gordon Under Attack" which is book four in the Outback Exodus Series and describes the settlers desperate battle for their homes and lives against the roaming gangs of thugs from the destroyed cities. The "Outback Exodus Series" concluded with the release of Sloan, Sloan is an avenger and is ready to destroy the gangs in payback for the death of his wife.
Dawn now moves forward to a new series of books about the alternate reality after the earthquakes of 1 January 2013. The new Series is called The Southern Settlements; the first book is to be called The Long Road South. Sloan again comes to the fore and stars in the first book of the second series.
Dawn's first book, "Widowhood 101" was published in May 2012 and quickly followed by "Widowhood 102 - The Diary Entries" and "Widowhood 103 - Tears Grief". These three books form part of a series of books describing Dawn's journey through the death of her husband and the first year of widowhood. There are more books planned for the series over the coming years as the changes wrought by the loss of her much loved husband become apparent.

Poetry is a major part of Dawn's life and her writings of the bush and the world around her take you on a fresh journey with each poem.

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