Outdoor Recreation in America - 6Th / Edition 6

Outdoor Recreation in America - 6Th / Edition 6

by Clayne Jensen
Pub. Date:
Human Kinetics Publishers
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Outdoor Recreation in America - 6Th / Edition 6

Outdoor Recreation in America is back—fully revised and updated, with significant new material based on current statistics from a number of sources, including the latest U.S. Census Bureau and the latest National Survey on the Environment. Now in its sixth edition, this book continues to lead the way in its comprehensive coverage of issues in this growing field.

First published in 1970, Outdoor Recreation in America has had a major impact in the classroom and in the field's scholarly and professional literature. Author Clayne R. Jensen is a noted authority and pioneer in the field, and in this latest edition he is joined by Steven P. Guthrie. Dr. Guthrie is a founder and past president of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education and a member of the editorial committee for the Journal of Experiential Education. Together the authors take this classic text into the new century by

-enabling readers to understand the value and challenges of preserving and properly using existing resources for present and future generations;

-providing a balanced perspective between the outdoor recreation interests of individuals and the management of natural resources used for recreational purposes; and

-presenting timely information and discussion questions to challenge students about American outdoor recreation.

The following are significant additions to this edition:

-New data and figures

-Greater emphasis on outdoor recreation leadership

-Discussions of funding sources for natural resource protection and parks

-Expanded chapters on wilderness, the national park system, national forests, and education for outdoor recreation and professional development

-New or greatly revised chapters on concepts and terms, participation, history, the national park system, national forests, other land or water management agencies, state and local involvement, the role of private commercial and nonprofit providers, environmental quality, and concepts and challenges in resource management

-Attention to information and trends for adventure education, programming, and leadership; outdoor environmental education; and interpretation

-New student-friendly features including key points and discussion questions at the end of each chapter to help students grasp key concepts and expand their critical thinking on the issues

-Extensive current references and Web sites that provide additional information and extend the learning for readers

Part I presents the meaning, concepts, history, benefits, and values of outdoor recreation. It also looks at influences and trends in participation and explores the issues and impact that lifestyle trends have on outdoor recreation. Part II focuses on natural resources, including land, water, and wildlife, and considers concepts of resource management.

Part III examines the roles of state and federal agencies, including the National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, federal land and water management systems, and numerous state agencies. Part IV details the impact of local government and the private and nonprofit sector on outdoor recreation. Part V provides a synthesis of the challenges for the 21st century in the area of resources, planning, environmental issues, and the role of outdoor education.

Outdoor Recreation in America, Sixth Edition, is an essential introductory text for university courses in outdoor recreation and natural resource management. Written in a friendly style, the book includes more than 180 photos, maps, charts, graphs, diagrams, and tables. It provides both theoretical foundations and practical information so that students can gain an expansive awareness of, and insight into, the impact and role of outdoor recreation from its beginnings in America to the present.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 2900736042139
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
Publication date: 12/13/2005
Edition description: REV
Pages: 384

Table of Contents


Part I. The Basis for Outdoor Recreation
Chapter 1. Outdoor Recreation Meanings and Concepts
Defining Leisure
Defining Recreation
Defining Outdoor Recreation

Chapter 2. History of Anglo-European Outdoor Recreation
Ancient History of Outdoor Recreation
Development of Conservation Attitudes and Land Management in the United States
Land Preservation Gains Focus: Mid-1800s
Beginning of Conservation and Management as National Policy: 1890s to Early 1900s
Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Protection Flourish: 1960 to 1980
Later 20th Century: The Move to Privatization and Commercialization
Start of the 21st Century

Chapter 3. Benefits and Values of Outdoor Recreation
Benefits of Outdoor Recreation
Objectives of Outdoor Recreation Professionals

Chapter 4. Participation in Outdoor Recreation
Recent Participation Trends
Assessment of Trend Predictions

Chapter 5. Lifestyle Trends and Influences
Population Growth and Demographic Changes
Demographic Groups and Outdoor Recreation
Geographic Factors
Transportation and Motorized Recreation
Technology and Media Growth

Part II. Natural Resources
Chapter 6. Natural Resource Base for Outdoor Recreation
Land Resources
Water Resources
Wildlife and Plant Resources
Historic and Cultural Resources
Availability of Outdoor Recreation Lands

Chapter 7. Wilderness and Wildlands
Development of Wilderness Protection
National Wilderness Preservation System
Wilderness Concept Today
Wilderness Management
Chapter 8. Resource Management Concepts
Conservation, Preservation, and Wise Use
Use Concepts
Impact and Use Concepts
Ecosystem Management

Part III. Involvement of State and Federal Agencies
Chapter 9. National Park Service
Origin and Development
National Park Service Today
Recreation Involvement of the National Park Service
National Parks in Other Countries

Chapter 10. USDA Forest Service
Origin and Development
The USDA Forest Service Today
The National Forest System
Recreation Resources, Facilities, and Programs
USDA Forest Service Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Chapter 11. Other Federal Land Management Systems
Bureau of Land Management
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Other Federal Agencies
Special Federal Systems
Miscellaneous Federal Designations

Chapter 12. Federal Water Resource Management
Army Corps of Engineers
Bureau of Reclamation
Tennessee Valley Authority
Natural Resources Conservation Service
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Environmental Protection Agency

Chapter 13. The Roles of State Agencies
History and Governing Authority
State Land Management Systems
Protection, Funding, and Acquisition of Lands for State Use
Sample State Agency Organizational Systems

Part IV. Local Governmental and Private Sector Impacts
Chapter 14. Local Government Participation
Legal Authorization
Local Management Structures
Park Development for Outdoor Recreation

Chapter 15. Economic Factors in Outdoor Recreation
Funding for Federal Programs
Financing for State and Local Programs, Facilities, and Land
Economic Concepts
Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation

Chapter 16. Commercial Recreation, Private Recreation, and Nonprofit Organizations
Commercial Recreation
Private Recreation
Private Nonprofit Organizations

Part V. Human Interaction with the Environment
Chapter 17. Resource Management Challenges
Challenges to Public Land
Human Issues
Environmental Resource Issues
Planning for Ecological Sustainability and Recreation

Chapter 18. Planning
Principles of Planning
Nationwide Planning
State Planning
Local and Regional Planning
Site Planning

Chapter 19. Education for Outdoor Recreation
Professional Strands for Outdoor Recreation
Preparing for a Career
Preparing Professionals

Chapter 20. Environmental Quality
Environmental Degradation and Protection
Potential Solutions
Are We Progressing?

Chapter 21. A Look at the Future
U.S. and World Trends
Trends in Outdoor Recreation
Issues and Needs in Outdoor Recreation Leadership
Future Leadership Needs

Appendix A. Nonprofit Organizations Involved With Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resource Protection
Appendix B. Legislative Acts Affecting Outdoor Recreation
Appendix C. Federal Financial and Technical Assistance Programs for Outdoor Recreation
Appendix D. Federal Agencies Involved with Outdoor Recreation
Appendix E. State Outdoor Recreation Offices

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