Outliving Your Ovaries - An Endocrinologist Weighs The Risks and Rewards of Treating Menopause with Hormone Replacement Therapy

Outliving Your Ovaries - An Endocrinologist Weighs The Risks and Rewards of Treating Menopause with Hormone Replacement Therapy

by Marina Johnson MD

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“Outliving Your Ovaries : An Endocrinologist Weighs The Risks And Rewards Of Treating Menopause With Hormone Replacement Therapy” is a long overdue guidebook with new, break-through research that helps women evaluate Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) so they can maximize their overall health and quality of life.

“Outliving Your Ovaries” is written by endocrinologist Dr. Marina Johnson, medical director of The Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine. Dr. Johnson, a pharmacist and a physician, describes a wide body of research showing that pharmaceutical topical bioidentical hormones are safer than the most commonly prescribed hormones. In her e-book, she gives poignant, clinical stories from her 29 years of clinical experience during which she has managed over 100,000 female patient visits. These stories depict the tragic consequences of estrogen deficiency and the joy of transformation that occurs when a woman is made whole again. This eBook helps a woman evaluate the risks and benefits of HRT in clear, easy-to-understand terms so she can better work with her own physician to determine what’s right for her.

It’s been estimated that 6000 women in the U.S. become menopausal every day. That is four women every minute. According to the US Census statistics, 50 million women are expected to be menopausal by the year 2020. In spite of these vast numbers, because every woman goes through menopause, it is often not even considered a medical problem. Fewer than 20 percent of American post-menopausal women take hormones. Of those women given prescriptions for hormones, half of them discontinue therapy after the first year.

Estrogen deficiency is associated with increases in heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and many other medical conditions that markedly affect both the quality and quantity of a woman’s life. Why do women deny themselves the benefits of hormones? Dr. Johnson contends it is fear and misinformation. While there are some risks from estrogen, it’s important to emphasize there are more risks from NOT taking estrogen. Heart disease kills more women each year (352,000) than the next 16 causes of death combined, including diabetes, all forms of cancer, AIDS and accidents.

Posted on Dr. Marina Johnson’s Facebook site, patients and celebrities of Dr. Johnson have come out in support of the release of her new eBook:

"Finally, a clear concise prescription for women as they navigate the challenges of menopause. Debunking misconceptions, Dr. Johnson provides a roadmap for health and vitality in what can be truly golden years." says Catherine Crier, Journalist, former Judge and best-selling author.

“There are perhaps only 1% in any given field that are truly the best at what they do and Dr Johnson is part of this elite group.” says Bill and Susan Casner, owners of Winstar Farms and this year’s top winners of the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes.

“A must read for all women!” says Joni Lamb, Host & Co-Founder of Daystar Television Network.

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ISBN-13: 9780615404172
Publisher: Eyesong Publishing
Publication date: 11/18/2010
Series: Outliving Your Ovaries , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Dr Marina Johnson, a UCLA/USC trained, board-certified endocrinologist, has been using bio-identical hormones since 1986 and has managed over 100,000 female patient visits.

Before attending medical school, she was a pharmacist and served as an Assistant Editor for the American Hospital Service Drug Information (AHFS-DI), a non-commercial, unbiased, drug reference book published by the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists. Dr Johnson’s role was researching the medical literature and preparing comprehensive monographs on each drug. AHFS-DI is recommended by the American College of Physicians as part of a library for internists.

Dr Johnson sees pre-and postmenopausal women, many of whom are accomplished CEOs, professionals and celebrities who want to be proactive about achieving optimal health. The majority of her patients are in Texas, but she also sees women from all over the country and four continents. While she has a special interest in menopause, she also treats women and men with disorders related to thyroid, growth hormone, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), testosterone, and elevated cholesterol. Dr Johnson’s background in endocrinology and pharmacology gives her a solid foundation for developing and prescribing sophisticated hormone protocols that are personalized to each patient. She believes in staying abreast in her field and routinely attends five times the amount of yearly requirement for continuing medical education.

The Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine is a unique, medical practice that takes the principles of endocrinology, and applies them to preventive medicine and healthy aging. As Medical Director, Dr. Marina Johnson's patients benefit from her innovative approach to hormone management and cardiovascular prevention.

The Institute is a fee-for-service medical practice and does not belong to any managed care insurance plans. Our patients are sophisticated health consumers who are very proactive about their health. They have high expectations and recognize the value of this type of medical care. We provide a medical setting where patients can receive evidence-based solutions for their health problems; compassionate, personalized care; patient advocacy and education in an elegant, comfortable environment.

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