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About the Author

Cormac O’Brien is the author of The Forgotten History of America and Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents, among other books. He has been a featured speaker at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and a regular guest on National Public Radio. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

1 Salamis, 480 BCE 8

Greek Audacity and Courage Defy the World's Greatest Empire

2 Issus, 333 BCE 26

Alexander the Great Leads a Martial Storm into Mighty Persia

3 Cannae, 216 BCE 44

Hannibal's Masterpiece Thrashes Rome and Creates a Legend

4 Carrhae, 53 BCE 64

Roman Arms Become Trapped Between the Scorching Sun and the Wrath of Parthia

5 Alesia, 52 BCE 82

Caesar Shows His Enemies the Meaning of Roman Tenacity

6 Tricamarum, 533 98

Byzantium's Finest Take on the Germanic Corsairs of North Africa

7 Agincourt, 1415 114

French Chivalry Endures the Flight of the Bodkins on St. Crispin's Day

8 Narva, 1700 134

A King's Coming of Age Meets Sweden's Finest Hour

9 Leuthen, 1757 132

Frederick the Great Steals Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

10 Auerstadt, 1806 174

France's Iron Marshal Avenges the Disaster of Rossbach

11 Chancellorsville, 1863 190

Hooker Came, He Saw, He Got Conquered

12 Rorke's Drift, 1879 212

Modern Arms and Raw Nerve Achieve the Incredible

13 Tannenberg, 1914 230

Russia Is Impaled on the Spike of the Pickelhaube

14 Singapore, 1942 248

A Brilliant Japanese Gambit Steals the Gibraltar of the East

Bibliography 264

About the Author 266

Acknowledgments 266

Index 267

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