Outperforming the Market: Everyone's Guide to Higher-Profit, Lower-Risk Investing

Outperforming the Market: Everyone's Guide to Higher-Profit, Lower-Risk Investing

by John F. Merrill


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"A masterful job of capturing the ingredients of long-term investment success. "—Jean-Marie Eveillard,Manager SoGen Funds. The best investment portfolios perform consistently,not just for one year but over decades and even generations. John Merrill's Outpouring the Market focuses on the best long-term portfolios for any investor,examining the track records of 13 asset classes since 1926. It is packed with historic data and startling research-supported conclusions,including: Despite the risk,micro cap stocks off the best returns of any asset class; Gold is the worst possible investment; Through indexing various asset classes,any investor can regularly beat the S&P 500.

"Merrill's book helps investors cut through the noise of the market and take informed action. He offers readers a systematic,disciplined approach to long-term investing in order to build predictable long-term portfolios. " - James O'Shaughnessy,Author,What Works on Wall Street. "An important addition to our understanding of how investments should work together. A must-read for serious investors. - Charles Schwab,Chairman,The Charles Schwab Corporation. "Perception and context form the base for making the best investment decisions. John Merrill's book provides both in a clear,concise format. It is well worth reading. " - Daniel Fuss,Manager,Loomis Sayles Bond Fund,Morningstar's 1995 Bond Fund Manager of the Year. "You can squeeze more risk out of your total portfolio,and this book shows you how to do that. " - Shelby Davis,Manager,Davis N. Y. Venture Fund,Morningstar's 1996 Mutual Fund Manager of the Year. "A masterful job of capturing the ingredients of long-term investment success." - Jean-Marie Eveillard,Manager,SoGen Funds. "Merrill's book breaks entirely new ground by integrating the long,rich history of the various asset classes with the challenge and rewards offered by mutual funds. " - Foster Freiss,Manager,Brandywine Funds.

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ISBN-13: 9780070419797
Publisher: McGraw-Hill School Education Group
Publication date: 06/01/1998
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 7.61(w) x 9.58(h) x 1.06(d)

Table of Contents

Section I: Your Wealth and Retirement Portfolio.
Section II: Financial Asset Classes.
The Impressive Record of Domestic Stocks.
Attractions and Drawbacks of Domestic Cash and Bonds.
Domestic Stocks and Bonds: Retail Returns in the Inflation Era (1960+).
Comparing Risks and Rewards of Domestic Stocks and Bonds.
Added Complexities of International Investments.
Tangible Investments: Gold and RETTs.
Comparing Risks and Rewards of Major Asset Classes.
Section III: Asset Allocation Policies.
Creating Predictable Long-Term Portfolios.
The Best Performing Portfolios.
The Ultimate Test: The Great Depression.
The Right Portfolio For You.
Maximizing Your Retirement Income.
Section IV: Three Portfolio Strategies: Executing Your Asset Allocation.
The Certainty of Index Funds.
Managed Funds: Adding Value to Your Asset Allocation.
A "One Decision" Strategy that Works.
The Not So-Secret Key Ingredient.

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