Outremer I

Outremer I

by D. N. Carter


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Who Controls The Past Controls The Future

An epic love story must overcome religious divide and a plot to eradicate two blood lines, as the Crusades and the search for the ancient mysteries of the Holy Grail gather momentum.

Raised by his father in La Rochelle, France, Paul Plantavalu is known for his artistic nature, inquisitive mind and Christian faith. He also has an unshakable love for his Muslim childhood friend, Alisha al Komaty. Courageous and outspoken, she returns Paul’s love. But their path is paved with obstacles; religion, war, political chaos and a mysterious enemy determined to destroy their family lines.

Sometime between 1110 AD and 1120 AD in the aftermath of the first crusade, a small band of nine knights — the founding knights Templar — recover ancient precious artefacts left by a former, advanced civilisation, beneath the City of Jerusalem. Ruthlessly guarded, the secrets revealed by this discovery are highly prized by powerful and dangerous forces far and wide; the repercussions of their capture are inextricably linked to Paul and Alisha. As Paul starts to experience dark and vivid dreams and the fragile balance of peace starts to crumble, it will fall to an enigmatic man known as Kratos and his female warrior protégée Abi Shadana, to safeguard Paul and Alisha.

Paul and Alisha’s love story weaves between the threads of our reality and other realms — from the Druids to the Sufi mystics, the Magi of the East, the secret political arm of the Knights Templar and the Isma’ilis, the Assassins. Knights and pilgrims alike will witness some of the darkest battles ever fought. The discovery of a unique sword’s lethal power and whispered connections to King Arthur and the Holy Grail lead Paul and Alisha to question if their lives ever be the same again.

The first of a four-part series, Outremer is an historical epic, which sweeps across England, Scotland and France, to Syria, Jerusalem and Egypt. Discover the truth — and crack the ancient code — behind the great mysteries of the High Middle Ages for yourself.


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ISBN-13: 9781911525257
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Publication date: 05/09/2017
Pages: 658
Sales rank: 932,729
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 1.45(d)

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Outremer I 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
This is the story of Paul Plantavalu, his best friend, Taqi al Komanty, and Taqi’s sister Alisha. The three grew up around each other but after some time apart Paul and Alisha find that they are in love with each other. But Paul is a Christian and Alisha is Muslim. At first the father’s try to break them apart, but they realize that this is not going to stop either Paul or Alisha. This part of the story is beautiful, but wrapped around it is the story of the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, and advanced civilizations. Paul and Alisha become wrapped up in everything and span realms and realities. I thought this book sounded good and couldn’t wait to read it. Of course I was a little shocked at how huge the book was but once I start reading I couldn’t put this book down. There is so much to this story but hard to really talk about without giving too much away. It is clear that D.N. Carter took the time to fully research everything in this book. You feel right there alongside of Templars and Assassins. You will learn about numerology and astrology and other beliefs from ancient times. And I love how you learn the meanings of so much. I love stories that teach along with entertain. This is an amazing start to this series. I can’t image four parts to this series but if they are as good at this one I have no problem digging into them too. I received Outremer from the 12 Days of Clink Street from Authoright for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.